How Megan overcame years of symptoms and fell pregnant in just a few short months

stewart1Megan, pictured here with her Mum, had been struggling for 18 years with more than a dozen unpleasant and seemingly random symptoms.

They seemed to develop following a vaccine she’d had when she was just eleven years old.

After just 5 months, Megan’s health was truly transformed, and she finally falling pregnant.

I hope her story inspires you and engenders belief that you, too, can overcome your symptoms, even if you’ve been told nothing can be done

Megan’s initial symptoms were:

  • A low body temperature
  • Sneezing and a runny nose after eating certain foods
  • Chest pain that seemed to increase with stress
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Low appetite
  • Strange weight loss and gain throughout the year
  • Asthma (developed two years previous)
  • Skin condition (eczema since 2yrs of age)

As many women do, Megan was also unnecessarily experiencing PMS symptoms.

These included mood swings, cyclical bloating and pain in her legs due to water retention.

This was no way for any human being to be feeling, let alone a 28 year old in the prime of her life.

Megan was very concerned about improving her hormonal health before attempting to start a family.

Megan’s action steps

We coached Megan to alter her eating and lifestyle habits.

She removed bad foods, replaced them with good foods, ate at more frequent intervals and was careful to get to bed on time to get her circadian rhythm and hormones in better balance.

We then added some functional lab testing.

Megan’s initial stool test revealed H. pylori, which was likely causing her chest pain and contributing to her digestive symptoms.

stewart2A simple finger prick blood test for thyroid function showed her thyroid gland was not making adequate hormones (hence her cold temperature).

Note the low T4 and high TSH levels, indicating a case of what’s called primary hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism explained Megan’s low body temperature and probably her PMS and low appetite.

Your gut affects your thyroid function, and your thyroid affects your gut.


If you have problems with both, it’s important to learn how to deal with them and correct their function.

You do NOT necessarily need thyroid medications – your thyroid function can be rejuvenated naturally with the correct lifestyle changes and nutrition/supplement protocols.

The data gathered from her testing showed us the direction we needed to take.

Megan ran natural protocols to address her H pylori and thyroid imbalances, in addition to taking care over her nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Megan noticed improvements in the following areas:

  • No sneezing or runny nose
  • Completely normal and pain-free bowel movements
  • Vastly improved overall digestion
  • Complete elimination of chest pain
  • Improved appetite
  • More robust to new job workload (managed stress more effectively)
  • Improved body temperature

Megan’s “PMS” symptoms improved to the point where she only had a little mild bloating.

Following the work she did with us, Megan also fell pregnant.

A subsequent test showed that H pylori had been cleared from Megan’s stomach, and it’s almost certain this was one of the main reasons she felt better.

The process was simple: we helped Megan remove bad stuff from her body and replaced the necessary good stuff needed to optimize her body’s function.

Not quite perfect

We didn’t quite manage to make inroads into Megan’s asthma and eczema – this probably needed some more in depth work.

But was Megan complaining?

No – she worked hard, followed the programme step-by-step and achieved some wonderful improvements.

Beat your symptoms, starting now

Perhaps you are struggling with similar symptoms to the ones Megan used to have?

If so, great health and vitality might well be within your reach.

In fact, it may well be much closer than you think.

It’s all about getting rid of bad stuff from your body and then replacing the good stuff.

In addition to changing your lifestyle habits and foods, the first step is to get a stool test done.


If you have digestive symptoms, or symptoms related to your energy, mood, digestion, skin and sleep, it’s highly likely you have a faulty digestive system.

A faulty gut can also lead to problems with fertility and pregnancy.

Your digestive system is the interface that helps you get all the good stuff into your body it needs.

It also does its best to keep the bad stuff out.

But when it’s not working properly because of bad foods, bad bugs and bad toxins you can end up with all manner of symptoms – just ask Megan!

And don’t forget, a stool test is done in the privacy of your own home – you just send off a sample in the packaging provided.

What’s more, if it comes back blank, you get a full refund.

You can find out more about a stool test, or arrange one, here.

I’m biased, but there’s no way I’d have achieved my health improvements without a stool test, and Megan would likely say the same.