This Inexpensive Home Urine Test Helps Remove Bloat, Gas and Pain, Improves Energy, Focus, Clarity, Mood & Skin

  • Do you have unexplained digestive symptoms like bloating, gas, bad breath or irritable bowel syndrome?
  • Have you also experienced a drop in energy or mood, or maybe some headaches, joint pain and skin problems?
  • Are you looking for a quick and easy test and some professional help that doesn’t break the bank but gives you a stack of helpful action steps to feel and look better again?

If so, I think I can help (and it’s not a stool test)…

Home Stool Testing is a fantastic tool for assessing your digestive health

at home and uncovering reasons why you have energy, mood, skin and other problems.

But I’m sensitive to the fact that stool testing can be expensive. That’s why I am pleased and excited to introduce a great digestive health test that’s a little easier on the wallet.

Some doctors I know rate this test even more highly than a stool test because of its simplicity and lower cost.

Introducing the Organic Acids Test

By providing a single urine sample firs thing in the morning, you can check for a whole host of different problems in your GI tract.

I regularly use organic acids tests with my clients to uncover hidden root causes of why they’re not feeling and looking themselves.

This test is quick and easy to do that I am shocked it is not included in standard medical care.


“I understand if the organic acids test fails to reveal meaningful results, you’ll refund me in full and the consultation and recommendations are still mine to use.”

Most Underrated Lab Test For Gut Issues

This lab test is easily the most underrated lab for looking at the deepest root cause level of why you’re not feeling well.

It’s great for checking whether you have bacterial imbalances and a leaky gut, and why you’re feeling tired, moody and achy.

The reason it’s not used more is because it’s not well understood by most health practitioners unless you’ve had extensive training interpreting the results.

Luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough to be trained by arguably the #1 doctor in the US regarding Organic Acids Tests, so now I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you how powerful a healing tool this lab test can be.

How Can this Lab Test Help You?

Thousands of people have come to us with digestive problems over the years, and we consistently find their symptoms are caused by common food allergies and chronic digestive infections.

The Organic Acids Test can help you identify which “bad bugs” are lurking in your digestive tract.

These bad bugs irritate and inflame your digestive system, ferment your food and make a lot of toxins that can cause major problems.

If you have any of the symptoms below, it’s highly likely that you have some kind of bacterial or fungal problem in your GI tract:

  • Heartburn, Bloating, Gas or Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Bad breath or Body Odour
  • White Coated Tongue
  • Chronic Urinary Tract Infections (especially women)
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Chemical Sensitivity
  • Immune dysfunction – Frequent Colds
  • Allergies
  • Dandruff or Fungal Toe/Fingernails
  • Dark Circles Under Your Eyes
  • Mind fog and Poor Concentration
  • Behavioural Issues – ADD/ADHD
  • Poor Mood for no reason – Anxious, Irritable, Feeling Down
  • Poor Sleep

This test helps you uncover which specific bad bugs you have so that you can adjust your diet and follow a targeted supplement program to overcome these symptoms and feel and perform at your best again.


What are Organic Acids?

Your body makes lots of organic acids from its natural processes. But bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites in your digestive tract also make organic acids.

It is the organic acids from your gut bacteria and yeast that we are interested in with this simple lab test.

Bacterial overgrowth, true bacterial infections as well as yeast, fungal and mold overgrowth will show up in your urine via organic acids.

Different organic acids tell us about specific bad bacteria, Candida, mold organisms such as Aspergillus, and even Clostridium difficile infection.

Other organic acids tell us about your “good” bacteria levels – these are the little guys you need plenty of in order to be healthy.

Sample Report & Case Study #1


Simple Home Lab Test

As well as scientific accuracy, I choose all my labs for ease of use. This means we can mail out a test kit in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, or anywhere else.

You can usually complete your Organic Acids Test and send it back to the lab in the very same week.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions:

You simply put the provided freezer pack in your freezer the night before and collect your first morning urine in a small container.

Then, you just mail it back in a prepaid envelope. The whole collection process takes less than 5 minutes.

The results take 3-4 weeks after you’ve mailed your test kit. At that time you will receive a full PDF of your results.

This Test is Great for Kids

Because the sample collection process is so easy, this test can easily be done with kids.

I have found that children with allergies, digestive trouble, behavioural and mood symptoms often have a lot of imbalances in organic acids testing.

Candida and bacterial overgrowth can cause symptoms all around the body, and children are particularly susceptible.

Using a Organic Acids Test we’ve been able to detect the underlying reasons why children have had ADD/ADHD, allergies, headaches, bad tummies and even tics and psychological symptoms.

Sample Report & Case Study #2



Sample Report & Case Study #3



A Healthier and Happier Life is Easily Within Your Reach

Functional medicine lab tests put the power back in your hands by helping you discover the underlying reasons you are not feeling well.

It is only when you deal with the underlying symptom triggers that you are able to boost your energy and mood, achieve lasting wellness, get enhanced performance and have peace of mind.

The Organic Acids is a brilliant tool for helping you quickly find out why you or someone you care for are struggling with nagging health complaints, or even serious ones.

If I had to choose one test to use with my loved ones, this would be the one because of its efficiency and low cost.

Case Review & Results Consultation

Your Complete Organic Acids Test Package

As with all our services, I want to make sure you get the most you possibly can from working with my team.

Your wellness is important to me, which is why I include a complete case review and consultation to discuss your results.

This ensures you understand your test results in the context of your history and symptoms, and helps us clearly communicate the simple action steps that are going to help you feel and look great again.

Your Organic Acids Test is not easy to interpret, so you’re your personalised package includes:

  • Health history, family history and symptoms analysis.
  • Current food journal analysis.
  • Biomeasures analysis to see if we can spot any helpful patterns.
  • Interpretation of your organic acids test results.
  • 45-60min Phone or Skype consultation to explain the findings.
  • Customised supplement guide based on your test results

Access to the health history forms and food journal are provided as soon as you have ordered your organic acids test. You simply complete the forms and submit them online.

We contact you to arrange your consultation as soon as your test results are received, and we are usually able to accommodate you within just a few days of receiving your results.

My Cast Iron Money Back Guarantee

I truly want the best for you and your family, and I want to make sure finances do not get in the way of your wellness.

Like our stool tests and all other lab test packages, your Organic Acids Test Package is 100% risk free.

If your food sensitivity lab test fails to reveal any meaningful results, I will refund every penny of your test fee.

We very rarely have to refund our customers or clients, but I want you to know that your purchase is completely backed by my word and guarantee.

It’s Time to Take Back Your Body and Heath!

The time is now and the first step is simple. Order your Organic Acids Test today and we’ll do the rest.

You will receive your test kit in just a few days and you’ll be able to return it back to the lab the very next day.

After your purchase, you will be able to access all your health history and case review forms, which you can complete at your convenience so we have your information before your consultation.

Remember that your order is 100% risk free. If your Organic Acid test fails to reveal meaningful information, I will refund every penny of your test fee.

I speak for everyone here when I say I can’t wait to help you rejuvenate your body and mind!

How To Place Your Order

Ordering your test is simple. Simply click the “Buy Now” button and you will be taken to a secure order form where you can place your order.

“I understand if the organic acids test fails to reveal meaningful results, you’ll refund me in full and the consultation and recommendations are still mine to use.”

Please contact us immediately if you experience any technical problems whatsoever, or if you have any general questions about this product. We are here to help.


Dave Hompes.