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5 ways H. pylori and gut problems cause depression

When I had H. pylori, one of the main symptoms I experienced was wildly fluctuating moods.

One moment I’d feel okay, then the next I’d feel low and depressed.

At the slightest annoyance, I’d become super-irritable and lose my temper, and often felt anxious about little things that, truth be told, didn’t really matter.

I wish I’d known then, what I know now, because it robbed me of my health for four years.

Here are 5 eye openers:

1.     H. pylori can reduce your stomach acid levels and when this happens, vitamin B12 may not be absorbed properly. B12 deficiencies cause depression in many people, as well as many other symptoms.

2.     H. pylori can lead to iron-deficiency, which in turn can cause fatigue and depression.

3.     Parasites, yeast and fungal overgrowth and other bad bacteria can prevent the digestion and absorption of many nutrients because they damage the intestine. As well as B12 and iron, nutrients such as magnesium, fatty acids and amino acids can become depleted, leading to depression in some folk.

4.     Inflammation in your intestine from eating bad foods such as gluten, along with having bad bugs in your tummy, can directly lead to depression. In fact, research shows that inflammation is the root cause of pretty much every symptom and even serious disease.

5.     Inflammation caused by the likes of H. pylori and gluten causes changes in hormones, which are powerful mood chemicals. Poor gut function can directly lead to low thyroid function, as well as adrenal fatigue and alterations in testosterone and progesterone levels. Mood changes are inevitable when this happens.

But how do you find out what’s going on in your gut? The simple answer is through a stool test (when I did one, it transformed my health because I could treat the cause, not just the symptoms).

And to treat the cause, you’ve got to:

a)    remove the bad stuff that shouldn’t be there (bad foods, bad bugs and bad toxins) and…
b)    replace the good stuff that should (good foods, good bugs, good stomach acid, good enzymes)

This is easily done, but only if you know what to remove and what to replace.

That’s why a comprehensive stool test is the very best way to kick-start your journey back to health and vitality because it identifies what needs removing and what needs replacing.

Thus, it saves time, energy and money by removing all the guesswork.

Our expert consulting service ensures your test results are properly interpreted and explained to you so you know exactly what to do, in simple steps, to restore your gut health properly.

If you have symptoms in any of the seven areas of health – digestion, sex, energy, achiness and pain, mood, sleep or skin – fixing your gut is the most essential part of your journey back to wellbeing.

And don’t forget, stool tests are done in the privacy of your own home, you just send off the sample in the packaging provided.

The results are emailed to you, and then our consultancy will get to work on the cause of your problems.

It’s powerful stuff. After four years of ill health, I was fighting fit in just under two months of my stool test. With a little ‘know how’ it transformed my life.

What’s more, if the test comes back blank, you’ll get a full refund.

You can find out more about a test, or arrange one, here.