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5 ways to halt osteoporosis


I’m working with a lovely lady in New York at the moment. She has osteoporosis and her situation reminded me to write an article on the subject of bones.

As they move into the fifth and sixth decades of life, many of our female clients raise concerns over osteoporosis, where bones lose their density over time.

This loss of bone density can lead to an increased risk of fractures, which can be extremely debilitating.

Bones don’t just wither away without reason, and osteoporosis is certainly not an “anti-osteoporosis” drug deficiency.

Your gut is enormously important to the health of your bones – in fact, poor gut function can actually be one of the main reasons why bones lose their density in the first place!

Five reasons why osteoporosis develops

First, Stress – when your body is under stress, it makes higher levels of stress hormones, especially cortisol and adrenaline.

Cortisol stimulates the break down of bone. Thus, the more stress your body is under, and the more cortisol your adrenal glands make, the more your bones will be broken down.

Note: one of the major “stressors” we see in people is inflammation in the gut, caused by foods such as gluten, and bad bugs such as H. pylori, Candida and parasites.

It is VERY stressful to your body to have a ton of bad bugs and inflammation in the gut.

Second, the more stress your body is under, and the more cortisol it makes to deal with that stress, the more of your sex hormones will be lost.

You see, cortisol is made from a hormone called progesterone, and progesterone stimulates bone growth. The more cortisol your body makes, the less progesterone there will be and the more likely you are to experience bone loss.

Note: this is also one major reason why women develop PMS and menopausal problems. Progesterone also stimulates thyroid, energy production and digestion.

Third, estrogen – another sex hormone – prevents bone loss.

As your body makes stress hormones to help deal with your stress load, another sex hormone – estrogen – may also decline.

Whereas progesterone stimulates bone growth, estrogen prevents bone loss. Thus a decline in estrogen can also lead to bone loss.

Note: it’s common for doctors to prescribe “HRT” to help reduce bone loss in menopausal women, but the HRT has many possible harmful effects.

Fourth, nutrient protein and mineral deficiencies can cause bone loss

Your bones are made from protein, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals.

Your gut is the place where your body allows these nutrients into your body so they can be used to build healthy bones and other tissues.

If your gut isn’t working properly because of bad bugs, inflammation, damage, etc. then you won’t absorb the necessary nutrients to help build healthy bones.

Protein deficiency is very common in our clients, usually due to inadequate protein intake, combined with low stomach acid and digestive enzyme levels.

The low stomach acid and enzyme levels are often the result of bad bugs inhabiting the gut and damaging the digestive process.

Fifth, vitamin deficiencies can lead to bone loss

We also frequently see low levels of other important bone nutrients such as vitamin D and vitamin K.

Vitamin D is needed to pull calcium into the body and vitamin K is needed to take the calcium to the bones (that’s a simplified explanation).

If you’re not digesting food properly, you don’t have a hope of getting enough nutrients to optimize bone health.

Take away points:

You can see from this short article that your gut is tied to all five reasons for bone loss.

1. It’s one of the main areas where your body experiences stress and inflammation from bad foods and bad bugs.

2. This stress leads to increased cortisol levels, which slowly dissolves bone.

3. Excess cortisol “steals” sex hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, which stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss, respectively.

4. Gut damage and low stomach acid & digestive enzymes from bad bugs and bad foods prevent proper digestion, leading to protein deficiency and a lack of nutrients to build bone.

5. Gut damage and low stomach acid & digestive enzymes from bad bugs and bad foods prevents the proper absorption of vitamins such as D and K, which are essential for bone health.

Thus, it’s nigh on impossible to have healthy bones if you don’t have a healthy gut.

I’m currently working through the process of helping my lovely client in New York remove her bad bugs, optimize her diet and digestion and restore proper hormone balance.

It’ll take time, but I know for sure we’ll arrest her bone loss and improve all other aspects of her health in the process.

Of course, she’d never have known where to start had she not run a comprehensive stool test, and that’s where I recommend you start, too.

Don’t forget, a stool test is done in the privacy of your own home – you just send of a sample in the packaging provided.

And if it comes back blank, you get a full refund.

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