"Twelve simple steps to dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease in 90 days...

...and how to rejuvenate, optimize and maintain your
health for the rest of your life"

You're about to see... Did you know there are 25 different risk factors that doctors don’t talk about when it comes to heart disease?

These factors are all simple and innocent enough – but together they cause a dangerous cocktail that lifts your chance of heart disease dramatically.

What are they? And how are they slipping through the net unnoticed? Well believe it or not, simple things like eating too many vegetable oils, simple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, oral infections and hormone imbalances all contribute to your risk factors.

Heart disease is the western world’s number one killer

It's time the truth was told about the reasons for heart disease so you can protect yourself from the western world’s number one killer disease.

By understanding the basic, simple information in my new book, H. pylori: From Heartburn to Heart Attacks, I know you’ll gain a significant advantage in reducing your risk from developing heart disease. What's more, it'll also protect you from a whole range of other symptoms and conditions too.

Why I Have Written This Book?

I’ve written this book because I care deeply about helping you make decisions about health based on balanced information.

Unfortunately, when it comes to cardiovascular disease - which includes high blood pressure, angina, heart attacks and strokes - you’re only told a tiny fraction of the truth, and the information is certainly not balanced.

Heart disease, you’re led to believe, is because you have high blood cholesterol, because you smoke, or because you eat too much saturated fat. Some of this information is plain wrong, and some of it is only partially true.

You’re never taught that cardiovascular disease is actually just an end result of two main factors:

The scientific evidence is there for everyone to see, and the really smart cardiologists and doctors all use an integrative approach that involves optimizing food, digestion, detoxification and hormone balance to get the best results for their patients.

Ever since I wrote The H. Pylori Diet back in 2008, I’ve had a calling to write a book about heart disease because it’s the number one killer in the western world and, in my opinion, it’s totally avoidable.

In 2008 I came across a wealth of research indicating a role for H. pylori infection in the development of heart disease and I couldn’t believe why nobody was talking about it.

I found that certain strains of H. pylori can influence the following cardiovascular disease risk factors by:

Increasing blood pressure

Increasing insulin resistance

Increasing oxidative stress

Increasing homocysteine

Increasing c-reactive protein levels

Altering cholesterol profiles in favour of “bad” cholesterol

Increasing Lp(a)

…and more. Sure, there’s some technical jargon here, but it’s very simple to explain in layman’s terms, which is exactly what I do for you in the book.

As I investigated heart disease causes in more and more depth, I came across information about other possible causes that were so basic and so easy to avoid or deal with that I just had to share the information with you.

So, since 2008, I’ve painstakingly pulled together vast amounts of information on heart disease from some of the world’s leading doctors, cardiologists and researchers, including Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD, Dr. Mark Houston, Dr. MD, Sherry Rogers, MD and Dr. Tom Levy, MD.

I hope and believe this book will help you, your family and countless thousands of other people, reduce your risk for developing heart disease.

What you'll get from this book

I want to make it clear that anyone and everyone can benefit from this book - whether you have H. pylori or not.

Although H. pylori is a major part of the book, the information extends to how you can protect yourself from heart disease and all its complications in many other ways.

A Snapshot of What You’ll Learn In This Book

H. Pylori: From Heartburn to Heart Disease teaches the following concepts, which will help you minimize your risk of developing the western world’s most deadly disease:
What Exactly is H. pylori and Why Should You Care?

In this section we start with a quick summary of H. pylori. We’ll look at: Understanding H. pylori transmission, symptoms, tests and treatment in a little more detail is very important if you want to make sure you successfully eliminate and stay free from it.
The Hompes Method

Once you’re familiar with our old “friend” H. pylori, in this section I introduce you to The Hompes Method – the health rejuvenation system I’ve created to help you overcome symptoms in what I call the Seven Areas of Health: I teach you how H. pylori and other bad bugs, along with bad foods and bad toxins create these symptoms and why, if they’re left unchecked, you may find yourself in a position where a more significant condition is diagnosed.

Once you’ve read this chapter, you’ll understand how and why pretty much any and every symptom in your body ends up developing, whether it’s fatigue, anxiety, irritable bowels, bloating, headaches, skin or sleep problems!

How Cardiovascular Disease Starts
and How It Develops

It’s the bit that doctors never tell you about, but it’s the most important information you need to understand if you’re to reduce your risk of developing the western world’s number one killer disease.

In this section I teach you how your arteries become damaged in the first place and how cardiovascular disease develops.

It has nothing to do with high cholesterol in your blood.

It’s to do with everything we talked about in the previous Chapter where I explain Hompes Method to you in terms of having too much bad stuff and not enough good stuff in your body!

This explanation the scene for me to explain how H. pylori can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and how bad foods, other bad bugs, bad toxins and a lack of good nutrients also cause cardiovascular disease.

H. Pylori Influences AT LEAST 50% Heart Disease Risk Factors

It’s really important for you to know that H. pylori infection has been shown to influence MORE THAN HALF of the recognized heart disease risk factors!

So once I’ve taught you how your arteries get clogged up, in the next section we look at the main factors that according to the medical system increase your risk for the clogging.

I don’t want you to worry too much about the technical jargon as I break it all down into simple terms. Heart disease risk factors influenced by H. pylori are:

High blood pressure


Metabolic syndrome

Cholesterol levels

Chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammatory diseases


C-reactive protein




How H. Pylori Causes Heart
Disease – The Evidence

Once you know how arteries get blocked and what the risk factors are, I’ll teach you how H. pylori is related to more than HALF of those risk factors. In this section You’ll learn how and why: At the end of this chapter, you’ll be absolutely no doubt whatsoever that H. pylori can have a profound influence on your cardiovascular system and you’ll understand the importance of a) knowing what strain you have and b) making absolutely sure you eradicate H. pylori successfully.

The Cholesterol & Heart Disease Scandal

For many years you’ve been told high cholesterol is the culprit, and that eating saturated fat causes high cholesterol.

But what if I told you neither of these assumptions is true and that cholesterol and saturated fat are actually your friends?

Well, in this section I set the record straight when it comes to saturated fat and cholesterol by showing you:
How Statin Drugs Can Hurt You

Statin drugs are big business, but a growing body of evidence is revealing that they do not actually reduce heart disease and worse, may cause other problems! In this critically important section of the book, you’ll learn:
25 TRUE Causes of Heart Disease

My research into heart disease uncovered a number of very important factors that can come together to create cardiovascular problems.

I’ve painstakingly pulled together a vast amount information from some of the world’s leading doctors, cardiologists and researchers, including Stephen Sinatra, MD, Mark Houston, MD, Sherry Rogers, MD and Tom Levy, MD.

For your convenience, I’ve broken down the scientific and medical jargon into a simple and easy to understand section highlighting the TRUE underlying causes of heart disease, termed by two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling as the “Unified Theory”.

I’ve listed no less than 25 underlying factors that undoubtedly contribute in various combinations to the western world’s number one killer disease:

1. High blood triglyceride level

2. Low HDL cholesterol level

3. Dietary deficiency of saturated fats and cholesterol

4. Excessive consumption of vegetable oils

5. Excessive intake of sugar and processed carbohydrates

6. Chronic oral infections, including root canals and cavitations

7. Chronic viral infections

8. Chronic digestive infections, focusing on H. pylori, of course

9. Heavy metal toxicity, especially mercury and lead

10. Pesticide, solvent, PCB and other toxins

11. Thyroid insufficiency

12. Excessive oestrogen levels

13. Testosterone insufficiency

14. Excess stress hormone levels – adrenaline and cortisol

15. Excess insulin levels

16. Inflammation and oxidative stress in your arteries

17. Mental and emotional stress

18. Excess prostaglandins

19. Excess calcium levels

20. Vitamin C deficiency

21. Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid deficiencies

22. Amino acid deficiency, especially carnitine

23. Magnesium deficiency

24. Co-enzyme Q10 deficiency

25. Trace mineral deficiencies

Some of the underlying causes of cardiovascular diseases are so simple to avoid and correct that it makes you wonder why ALL OF US don’t know about them.

Fortunately, it’s very simple to minimize, avoid and correct these underlying factors, and in the process vastly reduce your chances of developing heart disease.

The Top 15 Steps You Can Take TODAY To Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk

And finally, I’m going to give you 15 POWERFUL yet simple steps that may help you to begin reducing your heart disease risk right away.

I’ve pulled these 15 steps together from the work of leading doctors, cardiologists and nutritionists from around the world.

For your convenience I’ve laid out the recommendations in an easy-to-follow sequence to enable you to implement them in a stress-free way.

These steps involve simple diet and lifestyle changes, supplement recommendations and specific laboratory tests to check your level of risk.

Some brief examples – presented in much greater detail within the book - include:

Steps such as these not only improve your cardiovascular health, but also your health in general.

You’ll feel more energized, have better moods, improved sleep and less aches and pains by removing bad stuff from your body and replacing the good stuff.

In short this book will show you the principles to rejuvenate, optimize and maintain your health for the rest of your life.

It doesn't matter whether you’re interested in your heart health, energy, sleep, mood, skin, digestion, sex drive or sports performance – this book will transform your health.

Perhaps that sounds like a bold claim. Personally, I think it is. But I make it with complete confidence:

If you're not entirely satisfied with this ebook, tell me and I'll refund you in full, with no questions asked. All it takes is one email and I'll do the rest.

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