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Book A Consultation Thanks

Thank you for requesting a consultation

In order for the consultation to be as effective as possible, we need some information from you:

1. Please complete our Health History Form by clicking here (please note that you will receive a copy by email upon completion)

2. Please complete out Health Assessment Questionnaire by clicking here

As soon as we have received your forms, we will contact you to arrange your consultation.

Before your consultation can take place we will also need the following information from you. (This information helps your Practitioner to understand the unique circumstances of your situation, this enabling them to be more specific in their interpretation of your results and provision of recommendations)

3. 3-5 days of a food diary. We need to understand what you are eating and drinking and when throughout the day. Please download the template from here, complete it and email it to us.

4. 3-5 days of bio-measures. We need your temperature and pulse taken upon waking before rising. Instructions and a collection template should be downloaded from here. Again please complete and email to us

Please remember that we require these additional items at least 24 hours before your consultation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to submit your paperwork by emailing

We look forward to working with you!