How Brooke beat 10 years of digestive trouble

“I never want a single person out there to ever feel the way I did if I can help it. Thanks to you I can finally take on the world and finally start living again.”

Brooke from Victoria in Australia contacted us because she felt truly awful. Her story is an inspiring one and I hope it empowers you to take action and not put up with feeling under the weather for a day longer.

It had been years since Brooke felt well and she intuitively felt it was time to find out why she’d been so under the weather for so long.

That is until she took the plunge to take a stool test and finally uncover why she felt so ill.

10 years ago after an emergency C-section, Brooke began getting diarrhea.

Since that time, her stool had been a yellow colour and along with her bowel movements came fatigue and a general feeling of malaise and ‘unwellness’.

She’d previously been diagnosed with and treated for H pylori, but this didn’t improve the way she felt at all.

The docs also found gallstones, with one stuck in Brooke’s bile duct. The doctors decided to remove Brooke’s gallbladder.

Unfortunately, even with this surgery, Brooke was not able to make any progress and her symptoms remained.

As we frequently do when people are in this kind of situation, we asked Brooke to complete a stool test.

She jumped at the opportunity because she was determined to find out what was going on.

Brooke’s stool test results

The stool test revealed some critically important information, as you can see here:


Put simply, Brooke’s test revealed the following:

  • H. pylori was still there
  • She had a strong yeast and fungal overgrowth
  • She had pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis)
  • The lab also found an unidentified parasite

In addition to the ‘bad bugs’ in her stomach and intestine, Brooke also had a very high fecal sIgA, which showed that her immune system was over-active, resulting in irritation and inflammation.

  • Her anti-gliadin sIgA was also elevated, indicating that she was suffering from gluten sensitivity.
  • Finally, Brooke’s total fat and cholesterol levels in the stool were too high, showing she wasn’t digesting dietary fat.

The stool test explained Brooke’s symptoms!

It was no surprise that she had been struggling for so long.

She had a lot of bad bugs in her gut, her immune system was reacting strongly, and she wasn’t digesting her food properly.

On top of that, she clearly had trouble with gluten, which even in the absence of all the other test findings could explain all her symptoms.

How did we help Brooke?

Brooke worked with one of my clinicians, Jack, who helped her gradually adjust her diet and eating patterns so she was completely gluten-free.

She also avoided other common foods that trigger digestive symptoms, including undercooked green veggies, processed vegetable oils, milk and soy.

Brooke then followed a series of 30-day herbal protocols to remove H. pylori, yeast and fungi, and parasites.

Brooke also took specific nutritional and herbal supplements to support her liver and gallbladder, whilst at the same time ensuring she digested her food properly.

The liver and gallbladder support component of Brooke’s program was ultra-important given that she’d had her gallbladder removed.

With careful ongoing support, troubleshooting and ‘hand-holding’ from Jack, Brooke steadily improved until she had made a full recovery.

Here are the kind words Brooke sent across:

“Hi Jack,  I am fantastic!  Since speaking with you last I have become a qualified personal trainer and have never felt more alive and confident. The knowledge I was given/taught from yourself and Dave about nutrition/exercise and just the human body in general inspired me to want to help others.

I never want a single person out there to ever feel the way I did if I can help it. Thanks to you I can finally take on the world and finally start living again.  I still have a long way to go and so much to learn.

I want as many people as possible to know you don’t just have to pop prescription pills to get better.  More people need to be informed that food can be our medicine along with an active lifestyle. I am living proof of it :)”

We’d love you to be the next success story

If you’ve been feeling unwell for a while and you’re not sure where to turn, don’t worry because the solution might be much easier than you think.

Some simple diet and lifestyle changes combined with the right testing may be all you need to beat months, years or even decades of ill health.

Whether it’s resolving digestive symptoms, improving energy, skin, sleep or mood, or even overcoming chronic pain, we can help you.

Brooke bit the bullet and got herself tested, and her reward was the complete elimination of symptoms in a short period of time.

If she can do it after 10 years of feeling poorly, I’m certain you can, too.

We don’t think it’s rocket science, and we see these health improvements all the time, but we do need to know what’s going on before we can help you.

Stool tests are done in the privacy of your own home – you just send off the sample in the packaging provided.

What’s more, if it comes back blank, you get a feel refund.

You can learn more about a stool test, or order one, here.