When Carol approached us for help, her digestive discomfort was such that she was afraid to eat food, or even drink water.

She was also very tired, struggling with pain and nausea, suffered mood swings, felt tearful and had poor quality sleep.

This wasn’t surprising given the fact that she had relatively few fluids and nutrients entering her body.

She worked with Jack Walton, one of our “Hompes Method Master Practitioners” and achieved extraordinary results. She recently contacted us to say:

“I feel symptom free. Jack has put my life back on track and you can’t put a price on that. I hope to work with the team again in the future to continue to have the best health possible.”

Carol was one of the most dedicated people we’ve worked with and committed whole-heartedly to her programme.

Three months and a handful of consultations after Jack and Carol begin working together, it was fantastic to hear Carol state emphatically that her symptoms were virtually gone.

Here’s how she did it:

First, she began following a finely tuned eating plan to take stress away from her digestive system.

She then ran a comprehensive stool test to find out whether she had any ‘bad bugs’ in her gut.

You can see from her test results that Carol was harboring H. pylori and two parasites – Cryptosporidium and Blastocystis.

On their own, any of these bugs can cause major problems, but added together, they’re a massive burden for anyone’s digestive system to handle.


No wonder Carol felt unwell!

We immediately began using very specific herbal protocols to knock out the bad bugs, a process that took around 90-days.

Carol’s symptoms improved significantly.

Her body had been so full of bad bugs that it had lost tolerance for food and even water.

A good analogy would be to say that Carol’s “gut tolerance bucket” was already ¾ full because of all the bad bugs, and any time she tried to eat or drink, her bucket overflowed.

By removing the bad bugs, she emptied her gut tolerance bucket, which means that now, when she eats or drinks, there’s no danger of it overflowing and causing problems.

Once Carol could drink water and eat food without discomfort, she was able to rehydrate her body, repair tissues, make energy, sleep better and stabilize her mood.

Soon she was going from strength to strength and achieving her big goal of achieving optimal and preventative levels of health, which is a step beyond simply overcoming symptoms.

You can achieve the same results as Carol

It’s not uncommon to find three, or even more, bad bugs in a person’s digestive tract.

These critters can and do cause all manner of symptoms, ranging from digestive discomfort to mood, energy, sleep problems, and more.

Some of them can even cause disease, which makes it really, really important to find out if you’re playing host to them.

There’s just no way of knowing which bad bugs you have until you get tested.

Carol bit the bullet and got herself tested, and her reward was the complete elimination of symptoms in a relatively short period of time.

We don’t think it’s rocket science, and we see it all the time, but we do need to know what’s going on before we can help you.

And don’t forget, the tests are done in the privacy of your own home – you just send off the sample in the packaging provided.

What’s more, if the test comes back blank, we’ll refund every penny.

Learn more about a stool test, or order one, here.