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Thank you for your order…and Congratulations!

Thanks so much for choosing to investigate the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Your stool test results are going to shed light on why you’ve been feeling under the weather and you’ll quickly be able to follow a health rejuvenation plan that’s truly tailored to your specific, individual requirements.

So what happens next?

Your Order

Your test kit will be dispatched to the shipping address you provided within 24 working hours, or next working day if you’ve placed your order at the weekend.

Important: Should you wish to change the delivery address for your order, please email h.pylori@hompesmethod.com as soon as possible.

We will be in touch when we have dispatched your test kit to provide tracking details (international orders only)

Receiving Your Results

Once you have collected your sample and returned the test kit, it will take the Lab about 10 working days to process your order (although this is subject to change due to volumes).

Results will then be emailed to us (this can take a day or two due to time zone differences) and will be forwarded to you within 24 hours by email.

Your Consultation

As you know, your package includes full test interpretation and a Special 60min Professional Results Interpretation Consultation.

We’re very excited to have the opportunity to speak with you and be of assistance.

In order for the consultation to be as effective as possible, we need some information from you:

1. Please complete our Health History Form by clicking here (you will receive a copy by email upon completion).

2. Please complete our Health Assessment Questionnaire by clicking here (you will receive a copy by email upon completion)

As soon as we have received your stool test result along with your completed forms we can book your consultation into the diary.

Before your consultation can take place we will also need the following information from you.

This information helps us understand your unique situation a little better and helps us make sure we’re giving you the most accurate recommendations possible.

3. A 3-5 day food diary. It really helps if we know what you are eating and drinking, as your foods may be affecting your symptoms. Please download the template here, complete it and email it to us at h.pylori@hompesmethod.com.

4. 3-5 days of “bio-measures”. Your waking temperature and pulse really helps us understand how well your body is making energy, which is crucial to helping you feeling healthy. Instructions and a sheet to record your results can be downloaded here. Again, please complete and email to us at h.pylori@hompesmethod.com.

Once your test results are returned, we’ll be contacting you to arrange your consultation, so it really helps us if you can send across your forms as soon as possible.

The more information we have from you, the easier it is for us to explain what’s happening in your body to make you feel unwell.

We can’t hold your consultation until we have your forms, so please bear this in mind

Thanks so much for your help with this – it’s greatly appreciated!


For any other questions or queries, please email us at h.pylori@hompesmethod.com