Everything You Need To Know About H Pylori Symptoms, Tests, Diet & Treatments & Eradication In One Convenient  Easy To Watch DVD

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h-pylori-dvd-set-300x272Having had H Pylori myself – between 2004-2007 – I know firsthand how this common infection can play havoc with your health. I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with H pylori sufferers for more than 3 years and have acquired a detailed understanding of how it can cause:

  • Stomach pain and gastritis
  • Burning
  • Embarrassing wind and bloating
  • Diarrhoea or Constipation (or both!)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Rosacea
  • Hives
  • Ulcers
  • Stomach Cancers
  • …and possibly even Heart Disease

Recently I was privileged to present a one-day seminar on London on the topic of H pylori and digestive infections. Because the seminar was held in London and many people could not attend from other parts of the country and across the world, we decided to film the event and edit it into the FIRST EVER H Pylori DVD set.

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I recently ran some market research to find out what YOU really want to know about H pylori. I received over 700 questions!

The H Pylori Secrets Seminar was designed to answer ALL these questions so that you are in absolutely no doubt about what H pylori is, what it does to you and how you can beat it faster and with less wasted time, energy & money.

During the Sessions One and Two, I answered the following important questions:

    • What is H pylori exactly?
    • Where does H pylori live in your body (clue – it does not just live the stomach!)
    • How is H pylori transmitted from person to person (it’s critical to know this so that you don’t pass it to your spouses & children)
    • What Symptoms can H pylori cause…(there are lots of symptoms both inside your digestive system and outside that can be caused by H pylori)
    • How can H pylori cause symptoms like fatigue, depression and skin problems such as rosacea and hives?
    • How do doctors treat H pylori?
    • Why don’t medical treatments work all the time?
    • Why do medical treatments sometimes make your symptoms worse?
    • How might H pylori cause stomach and intestinal ulcers in some people?
    • How is H pylori associated with stomach cancer?
    • Can strains of H pylori cause heart disease?
    • What are the main types of testing for H pylori?
    • How accurate are these testing methods?
    • Why doesn’t my doctor know all this?
    • …and MUCH more!

In the Third and Fourth sessions, I covered how to alter your diet to reduce your symptoms and provide exact details on which foods and herbs you can use against H pylori

    • Which foods should you avoid when you have H pylori?
    • Why omitting these foods can often lead to bigger improvements in your symptoms than dealing with the H pylori itself!
    • Are there any common, supermarket foods that can actually help to inhibit H pylori?
    • What is the difference between you inhibiting H pylori and eradicating it?
    • What herbs have been scientifically shown to inhibit or kill H pylori?
    • What is the difference between in vivo and in vitro studiesand why is this important for you to understand?
    • What exact protocols and specific products will help you  beat H pylori quickly and how do you use them?
    • Can removal of H pylori lead to yeast and fungal overgrowth and what symptoms are associated with this? Which other bacteria & parasites can cause similar symptoms to H pylori and may slow your healing? Hint: When I ran statistical analysis on 12 month’s lab test results I found that 53% of people with H pylori also had other gut  infections! If you are one of these people, your symptoms may  not clear up until the other bugs are considered!
    • What are the most effective and accurate lab tests for looking  for these parasites and bacteria?
    • How can you know H pylori has been killed?
    • How should you test to see if H pylori has gone?

“Incurable” Just Means “Curable From Within”

If you have been told there’s nothing you can do about your H pylori infection or any of your symptoms, apart from taking antacid drugs like Nexium and Zantac for the rest of your life, that’s just NOT TRUE. I’ve worked with hundreds of people who’d been told just that and yet we were able to reverse most or ALL their symptoms relatively quickly, using the tips and tactics revealed in the H Pylori Secrets DVD!


You Deserve A Life Free From H Pylori,
Stomach Pain, IBS & Fatigue!

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