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Do you feel tired or have energy slumps?

Even though we do a lot of work with digestive symptoms, by far the most common symptom people complain of when they begin working with Jack or me, is “low energy”.

We’re always hearing:

“I can’t get going in the morning”
“I feel tired all the time”
“I have energy slumps in the afternoon”

Well, if you have a faulty gut, fatigue and energy ups and downs are virtually guaranteed.

Your body is like a car when it comes to energy:

Step One

You take your car to the gas station – but you have to put the right fuel in (a diesel engine won’t run on petrol, for example).

This is where your food choices come in – if you make the wrong food choices, and put petrol in your diesel engine, your body won’t work properly – it’s that simple.

If your gut isn’t working properly, you can’t get nutrients (fuel) into your cells (fuel tanks).

Bad bugs such as H. pylori, parasites and fungi stop you digesting your food and absorbing fuel, even if you eat the very best, most nutritious diet.

So do low levels of stomach acid and digestive enzymes, which we frequently encounter in our clients.

Step Two

Once the car has fuel in the fuel tank, it has a fuel injection system that transports the fuel into the engine.

In your body, certain nutrients such as B-vitamins, carnitine and minerals are needed to transport sugar, fats and amino acids from the fuel tanks in your cells, and into your cell engines so they can make energy (cell engines are called “mitochondria”)

Some cells, like heart cells, contain hundreds or even thousands of these tiny engines, telling you how important they are).

If your gut is not working properly, you won’t be able to get the fuel injection nutrients into your body and, once again, we frequently see B-vitamin and carnitine deficiencies in our clients.

Step Three

In a car, once the fuel reaches the engine, the engine has to have the right components and working parts, otherwise it won’t be able to “burn” the fuel to make energy, and the car will be very inefficient.

It’s the same in your body – if the cell engines don’t have the right components (or nutrients, in this case – coenzyme-Q10, iron and amino acids and others) they won’t be able to make energy properly.

Step Four

To get your car to move, you have to switch on the ignition.

Once the engine is running, energy can be made.

In your body, it’s thyroid hormone (and some other hormones) that switches on the energy production process.

We have a society-wide epidemic of under-active thyroid glands, and poor thyroid hormone metabolism (much of which comes from eating the wrong foods and having a faulty gut).

So what?

Steps 2, 3, 4 in your body’s energy production are all very important, but if step one (food choices and digestion) isn’t working properly, none of the others can possibly function correctly.

It’s just impossible.

Given that every single function in your body needs energy, you can see why a faulty gut can cause any and every symptom.

This is why I place so much importance on choosing the right foods and working towards a healthy gut.

If you have bad bugs in your gut, if you’re not digesting your food, if you’re not absorbing your nutrients, you’ll never improve your energy levels.

Furthermore, if your immune system is fighting bad bugs in your gut, you’ll use up even MORE energy that could be diverted to doing other things in your body.

Your gut is critical in helping you feel energized and full of vitality.

Can you see why it’s so important to get a “Digestive Health MOT”?

A Digestive Health MOT includes a detailed questionnaire to help us see exactly what your main health challenges are, how they came about, and how they could relate to your lifestyle and family history.

When we combine such a detailed analysis with a comprehensive stool test, and a 60min follow-up consultation to help you understand the results, it’s virtually impossible not to get you feeling better in a relatively short space of time.

Of course, I’m biased, but getting your energy and health back all starts with a simple stool test.

They are done in the privacy of your own home – you just send a sample off in the packaging provided.

And if the test comes back ‘blank’ you get a full refund.

You can find out more about a test, or arrange one here.