How Tim went from desperation to great health in only 5 weeks…

Now and again, I work on a case where we see almost miraculous results. Not everyone can expect to achieve results as quickly as this, but Tim’s story shows how rapidly you can feel better once the root cause of the problem is uncovered.
Tim is a golfing professional in the UK. He contacted us complaining of the following symptoms, some of which had been hanging around for three years:

  • Digestive problems – a lot of wind and constipation
  • Food allergies
  • Feeling tired – before the program, Tim’s energy levels, in his words, were approximately a 2 or 3 out of 10 and to the point where he couldn’t get out on the golf course to play the game he loves.
  • Quite debilitating headaches that were causing all manner of problems
  • Eczema and a rash on his chest
  • Patchy sleep
  • Back ache
  • Feeling “spacey” with “brain fog”
  • Feeling a little shaky
  • Feeling irritable
  • Cravings for sweets

Quickly tallied together, you can see eleven separate symptoms here. On his initial client paperwork, Tim wrote the following goal:

“To Feel energized and be able to lead an active life with a balanced diet, allowing for the occasional treat.”

Well, as it happens, most of these symptoms were gone within only FIVE short weeks of commencing a rejuvenation program with us.

As we do with most folk, we had Tim run a comprehensive stool test to gain some clues as to how many of these symptoms were coming from his gut.

His stool test result tells its own story.

You can see, below, that he was carrying a whole gamut of bad bugs, including H. pylori, Campylobacter, a yeast and fungal overgrowth, Blastocystis hominis and Dientameba.


This is enough to make anybody’s stomach churn!

On receiving these results, and having analyzed Tim’s food diary, I immediately began coaching him on some key nutritional changes that I felt needed to be made.

Tim wasn’t eating enough high quality, whole food carbohydrate (such as rot vegetables), so his body didn’t have the right fuel to make energy.

Furthermore he was eating far too many nuts, seeds and green vegetables, all of which suppress energy production in the body if the body is already under undue stress.

(I realize this might surprise you, but time and again when we take folk off nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and green veggies, their symptoms dramatically improve).

We also placed a great deal of focus on having Tim eat balanced snacks between meals to restore his blood sugar balance.

Tim was already moving forward: his energy level began increasing and some of his digestive symptoms began to improve.

I then introduced a potent, all natural anti-parasite and anti-fungal program to begin the removal of Tim’s enormous burden of bad bugs.

His program also included some liver support as it can be quite a toxic process when we begin “knocking out” so many bad bugs at the same time.

Finally, I added some digestive support to help Tim digest his foods more effectively whilst we got the bad bugs out of the way.

Adding these steps into Tim’s program helped him feel better.

How does Tim feel now?

Tim’s journey began around 5-6 weeks ago.

By his own rating, Tim states his energy levels are now at a 9 out of 10 and he’s back on the golf course (remember they were only at a 2 or 3 when we started).

We’ve introduced some great snacking strategies to help him keep his blood sugar stable while he’s playing and his energy levels are stable.

He’s sleeping much better, his backache has gone, he has no headaches, he doesn’t feel shaky and spacey any more and his sweet cravings have gone.

He has no digestive symptoms and through trial and error, we know that certain foods trigger symptoms, one of which is coffee, which seems to trigger Tim’s skin rash.

So Tim’s goal, “To Feel energized and be able to lead an active life with a balanced diet, allowing for the occasional treat” is now a reality and we’ve already been adding some “treats” into his regimen in the form of healthy “gummy squares” made with pure gelatin and fruit juice.

All in all, it’s been phenomenal progress and it just goes to show how important food, bad bugs and overall gut health truly are when it comes to overall well-being.

Your digestive system is linked to all the other systems in your body, and if it’s not working properly, it can create virtually any and every symptom in what I call the Seven Areas of Health:

1) Digestion, 2) energy, 3) mood, 4) aches & pains, 5) reproduction & sex, 6) sleep and 7) skin, hair and nails.

Now I can’t guarantee that your progress will be as spectacular as Tim’s, but what we can guarantee is that no matter what symptoms you have, if you remove the bad stuff from your body and put the good stuff back, you will feel better.

Just like I did with Tim, we can help you remove the bad foods and eat more good foods – that’s easy.

But the real magic comes in the comprehensive stool tests because we can see what bad bugs are living in your gut, whether you have enough good bugs, and whether you’re digesting your food properly.

Once you fix this, the rest can be plain sailing.

And don’t forget, a test is done in the privacy of your own home. You just send of a sample in the packaging provided.

It’s analysed by a professional lab and the report is emailed to you.

What’s more, if it comes back blank, you get a full refund.

You can arrange a test, or find out more about them, here.