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Gluten DVD

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It’s True.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s DVD teaches you why Gluten is one of the leading causes of ill health on the planet and why you are 70% likely to reap tremendous health benefits from understanding it and eliminating it from your diet.


“One of the most important and helpful health DVD’s you will ever watch”

In sensitive individuals, gluten sensitivity triggers Auto-Immune Diseases, Attention Deficient Disorders, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and more. During this seminar, learn how all may be related to gluten sensitivity.

– Dr Tom O’Bryan.

Dear friend,

Gluten is primarily found in wheat, rye and barley. It is therefore in bread, pasta, cakes, pastries, muffins and many other foods. It causes more health challenges than practically anything I know and yet doctors don’t teach you about it when you have all the common symptoms it can cause!

The first dietary change I recommend in my H Pylori Diet book is to avoid gluten. I’ve been teaching this principle with great success for many years and, to this day, it is the recommendation that brings some of the best improvements in health over the shortest time in my clients.

I thought I knew a lot about gluten until I spent a day at London’s Royal Society of Medicine, with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, early in 2011. I came out with a 260-page manual jam packed with scientific studies showing how some of the most commonly eaten foods in our diet cause the most common symptoms and diseases. I was shocked.

Tom’s seminar blew me away and helped me understand how gluten can cause not only the same digestive symptoms as H pylori infection, but also brain degeneration, diabetes, autoimmune disease, liver problems, infertility and so many other common problems that don’t respond well to medical treatments.

I bring this DVD to you with urgency and implore you to watch it as soon as possible. The benefits you can gain from watching this DVD are simply too long to list on this page.  But it is fair to say that your quality of life, and possibly even the length of your life, could be vastly enhanced!

So please, watch the DVD and remove gluten from your life PERMANENTLY. Tom O’Bryan is a master teacher, and I guarantee that this DVD is one of the most important, yet enjoyable, you’ll ever watch.

In health,

Dave Hompes.

In this DVD, You Will Learn:

Part One – The Gluten Epidemic That Nobody Is Talking About, with Dr. Thomas O’Bryan:

  • The hard facts on gluten sensitivity and its surprising variety of symptoms inside AND outside the intestines.
  • How up to 70% of us are gluten-intolerant.
  • How gluten damages your digestive system and leads to bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, wind and other common symptoms.
  • How gluten can cause gallbladder and liver disease.
  • How gluten can cause nutritional deficiencies such as iron-deficiency anaemia and vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • How gluten can cause skin disorders, including dermatitis.
  • How gluten may affect your brain, causing depression, brain fog and memory problems.
  • How gluten can lead to behavioral disorders in children, and even schizophrenia in all age groups.
  • How gluten can cause autoimmune diseases like thyroiditis, pancreatitis, MS and fibromyalgia, mostly in women.
  • How gluten can cause infertility.
  • How gluten can lead to the development of osteoporosis.
  • How gluten may increase the risk for certain types of cancer and even heart disease and stroke.
  • A special focus on the brain and nervous system, the discussion in this DVD will make sense as to why headaches, migraines, ADHD, depression, anxiety and even epilepsy may be the only symptoms you see!

Part Two – Gluten-Free Master Chef & Author, Sueson Vess Explains How You Can Easily Avoid Gluten & Teaches You What To Eat Instead!

  • How to identify hidden sources of gluten in your food supply!
  • Handy tips for wheat and gluten-free shopping!
  • Where to find gluten free pasta, bread and other common foods!
  • Which flours to use if you enjoy baking!
  • Gluten free recipes that the whole family can enjoy!

…plus much, much more.

Going Gluten-Free is an Inexpensive Solution To So Many of Today’s Health Challenges.

Whilst we can’t guarantee that going gluten-free will resolve ALL your health challenges, we CAN guarantee that many of you will NOT get better unless you are eating a gluten-free diet, even if you do safely eradicate H pylori and other digestive invaders.

Over the last decade, I have seen such remarkable improvements in my clients’ symptoms that I simply will not work with anyone who doesn’t eat a gluten-free diet. It is THAT important.

There’s simply no point spending lots of money on fancy supplements and laboratory testing if the root cause of the problem is in the food that you’re putting in your mouth three, four or even five times a day.


More Reasons For You To Stop Eating Gluten NOW:

  • Gluten sensitivity and Coeliac Disease are among the most common lifelong disorders in both Europe and the US.
    NEJM. 2002; Jan 17, 346 (3): 180-8. Review Huffington Post January 2, 2010.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine listed 55 “diseases” that can be caused by eating gluten.
    NEJM 348; 25, June 19, 2003.
  • All children clinically diagnosed with ADHD or their parents report a significant improvement in their behavior and functioning after 6 months on a gluten-free diet.
    Journal of Attention Disorders, March 2006, 1-5
  • Originally considered a rare malabsorption syndrome of childhood, Coeliac Disease is now recognized as a common condition that may be diagnosed at any age and may affect many organ systems.
    NEJM; 357;17 Oct 25, 2007.
  • Gluten sensitivity can affect ANY and EVERY tissue in the body.
  • Emerging findings suggest that dietary factors play major roles in determining whether the brain ages successfully or experiences a Neurodegenerative disease. National Institute on Aging, Annals of Internal Medicine. 139; 5 2003, 441-444


It is your right to understand the truth about the food you eat so that you can not only conquer your own health challenges, but spare your children and loved ones from them too.

If you are not completely happy with our Unlocking The Mysteries Of Wheat & Gluten Sensitivity DVD, you can simply send us an email within 28-Days of your purchase and we will promptly provide a courteous refund with no questions asked.


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