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Grab A Copy Of My “Gut Buddies” Ultimate Digestive Health Package at LESS THAN HALF PRICE! (While We Have Stock!)


I’ve created this package from my own products along with the brilliant Karen Maidment to bring you a package that takes your knowledge and health to a completely different level!


The benefits of upgrading your order are as follows:

  • You’ll understand all the possible causes of digestive symptoms so that you are in complete control of your health for the rest of your life.
  • You’ll be able to implement the H Pylori Diet recommendations in a more organised and stress-free way.
  • You’ll learn how to prepare a huge range of gluten free and dairy free meals for the whole family so that you save time and money and ensuring the health of your family.
  • You’ll be truly motivated to make permanent changes to your lifestyle so that you stay pain-free, full of boundless energy & motivation, have glowing skin and feel effortlessly happy!


The H Pylori Secrets DVD – Online Streaming – IMMEDIATE ACCESS (usual price $29.95 + shipping)

  • The H Pylori Secrets DVD is a recording of the public seminar I held in London on June, 2010.
  • This 2-DVD set provides more detail than the book on how H pylori AND other digestive infections such as parasites, bacteria and fungal overgrowth cause such a wide range of symptoms.
  • Also included is a detailed discussion of all the natural products we use in our practice to help work against H Pylori and heal the gut.
  • It also introduces you to the concept of “Stress” and how your body reacts to the stress, leading to symptoms such as depression, chronic fatigue, weight gain menstrual/sexual health problems.
  • It is PERFECT for sharing with your friends and family to help educate them on why they may be experiencing symptoms or poor health.


Karen Maidment’s IBS Digest-Ease Recipe & Cookbook – PDF download – IMMEDIATE ACCESS (usual price $24.95)

As easy as it may seem, implementing a gluten, cow’s milk, soy free diet (along with minimal sugar and the right fats and oils) can be pretty tough. I am not a chef. Karen is. AND she also had H pylori.

Karen has created a wonderful recipe and cookbook that contains all the meal ideas, recipes and shopping guidelines that you could possibly want or need to make sure that you follow the recommendations I make in The H Pylori Diet in an organized and stress-free way!


What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Parasites E-book – PDF download – IMMEDIATE ACCESS (usual price $14.95)

In The H Pylori Diet book, I briefly mention that H pylori is just one of more than 30 other digestive infections that can get into your body and cause problems.

When I looked at all the stool tests I’d run with clients in 2010, 52% of them had parasites, other bacteria and yeast/fungal overgrowth AS WELL AS H pylori.

Why does this matter?

Well, it matters because if you get rid of H pylori, your symptoms may not budge if these other critters are present!

Some of the ‘Big Players’ are E coli, C difficile, Campylobacter, Blastocystis, Giardia, Candida, hookwormÉyou get the picture.

The What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Parasites e-book teaches you everything you need to know about these bugs and also provides detail on why they’re not considered in Western Medicine.

If you truly want to recover from your symptoms long term, this is a must read.

My 30-Day 100% Money-back Guarantee

I know you’ll love the “Gut Buddies” Ultimate Digestive Health Package but I don’t expect you to take my word for it.

If at anytime within one full year after purchase you decide you don’t want it, simply return the products and get an on the spot, no-hassle, no-obligation, no-questions-asked 100% refund.

I want you to try this full programme at absolutely zero-risk


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I’d love you to have:

  • Digest-Ease Gluten Free Recipe and Cookbook, by Karen Maidment
  • What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Parasites e-book, by Dave Hompes
  • Online access to the entire H Pylori Secrets DVD footage.

All this for just $29.95 (about £21) – saving 57%.


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