Is H pylori harmless?

There’s something called an “asymptomatic” (no symptoms) H pylori infection.

It leads to some doctors claiming H pylori is completely harmless.

BUT this isn’t true and I’d like to teach you why.

To watch the video, click the little triangle at the bottom left of the video window and make sure you’re sound is turned up.

You have to ignore what’s on the Internet and realise that your relationship with H pylori is unique to you.

Don’t let your doc bully you and tell you it’s harmless, or that you HAVE to take antibiotics to get rid of it.

You can grab the H pylori Diet ebook to get really clear about H pylori.

Then if you want to use antibiotics or a natural program, you have an informed choice.

OR, if you’re unsure why you’re not feeling well, get a stool test from your doc, or check out this one.

Fire me your questions so we can find your individualised solution.