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H pylori diet easter special

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***Special Easter Saving – Save 50%***


Get Your Instant Download of The H Pylori Diet E-book at Half-Off & STILL receive my Better Than Money Back Guarantee!

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In The “H Pylori Diet” E-Book You Will Learn:

  • The exact natural supplement protocols that have helped thousands of our customers safely eradicate H pylori (pages 169-180).
  • How & why common foods such as bread and milk can significantly WORSEN your symptoms and how you can replace these foods with tasty and healthy alternatives (pages 99-110).
  • Which foods to avoid if you want to remove stomach pain, sometimes a matter of just a few days (pages 111-115).
  • How removing these common but dangerous foods could clear the majority of your symptoms before you have even treated H pylori (pages 116-119).
  • Why the ad hoc use of natural supplements against H pylori usually doesn’t work, even if the correct supplements are used (pages 171-178).
  • A number of simple supermarket foods that can help you keep H pylori at bay and even kill the bacteria (page 151-155).
  • How an Iranian medical doctor cured thousands of stomach ulcers at absolutely zero cost using nothing by water (page 164).
  • The inexpensive tricks you can use to reduce the side effects of triple and quadruple therapy antibiotic treatments (page 183).
  • How to use a simple supermarket item to do exactly the same job as antacid medications such as Nexium, Prevacid and Zantac (page 187).
  • Discover the most powerful natural herbs that have the ability to wipe-out H pylori within 30-days (pages 173-174).
  • Why medical drugs & even certain popular natural remedies can make symptoms much worse for some people (pages 68-72).
  • Which H pylori tests to use & when to use them in order to confirm that H pylori has been eradicated (pages 186-188).
  • How and why H pylori can return, plus what you can do to make sure you keep it away permanently (pages 188-189).
  • What to do if your symptoms do not go away even if you successfully eradicate H pylori (pages 189-190).
  • How to deal with Candida overgrowth that can develop when H pylori is treated using medical drugs (page 185).

Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee

Despite the 50% discount, I am still offering my better than money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your H Pylori Diet e-book, I will give you FREE access to my 12-week online program – Health Freedom Secrets – which we usually sell for $147.00.


Hurry – the special 50% Discount is only available until Midnight on Easter Monday!



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