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The H Pylori Diet Is The Only Book In The World Specifically Designed To Helping You Understand H Pylori Infection, Its Many Symptoms & How To Safely & Effectively Eradicate It Using Antibiotics Or A Natural Diet & Supplement Protocol.”

  • Have H Pylori Treatment failed for you?

  • Are you experiencing unpleasant side effects using antibiotics?

  • Or do you simply want to avoid conventional H Pylori Treatment with
    antibiotics and use a complete, proven natural Diet and Supplement
    programme to you’re your symptoms instead?

Dear Friend: we can help you!

The sad fact is that Triple Therapy H Pylori Treatment is not working as well as it used to. I’m not saying these treatments don’t work at all, but the latest research clearly shows that cure rates are now quite low.

In fact, a recent study showed that standard Triple Therapy was only 55% effective. But what do you do if standard H pylori treatment doesn’t work for you, or you can’t tolerate the medications due to side effects?

Fortunately, having worked with countless hundreds of H pylori patients around the world over the last four years, I’ve learned many tricks to help ensure that you eradicate H pylori quickly, easily and inexpensively.

The H Pylori Diet contains ALL the secrets I’ve uncovered through eradicating my own H pylori infection (twice) and four years of trial and error combined with the teachings of some of the greatest natural and integrated medicine doctors in the world.

I invite you to read the book at your earliest convenience as it provides all the missing jigsaw pieces you need to overcome your symptoms faster and with less wasted money!

Wishing you the very best of health,

Dave Hompes.

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“What Problems Does The H Pylori Diet Solve For You & Your Family?”


The H Pylori Diet is specifically designed to help you safely eradicate H pylori using a 100% natural programme.

The book has been written to solve all the problems my clients have faced and all the questions they’ve asked when dealing with H pylori. It teaches you:

  • How and why H pylori can cause you to feel tired, or even exhausted when you’re infected.
  • The research that reveals a strong association between H pylori and skin diseases like rosacea, urticarial, hives, dermatitis, chronic ITP, prurigo and psoriasis.
  • How H pylori infection can cause depression and anxiety.
  • How the inflammation caused by H pylori can extend to other areas of your body and potentially lead to changes that results in insulin resistance, high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Exactly how to test for H pylori if you don’t actually know whether you’re infected yet, even if your doctor refuses to test you.
  • How to minimize your chances of developing ulcers simply by staying well hydrated.
  • Exactly how H pylori is transmitted and why you must consider the whole family if you’re infected.
  • The reasons why Triple Therapy is not working so well anymore and how to ask your doctor for Sequential or Quadruple Therapy, which may be more effective.
  • Why the long term use of PPI and antacid medications can stop you digesting food, lead to nutritional deficiencies and make you feel exhausted.
  • The exact herb and supplement products and protocols to help you inhibit and eradicate H Pylori bacteria.
  • Where to source suppliers in the UK from whom you can order any or all these products.
  • Exactly how much of each product to take.
  • Exactly when to take the products (and whether to take it with or without food).
  • How long to take them to ensure that the programme is not cut too short to be effective.

These recommendations are specifically designed to ensure that you not only work against H pylori, but also begin to heal any damage to your stomach & intestines caused by H pylori, resulting in quicker recovery from pain and other symptoms!


Which Symptoms Does The H Pylori Diet Help With?


Because H pylori can cause or contribute to so many symptoms, we’ve seen remarkable improvements in a wide range of situations.

Also, because the book teaches you how to follow a proven, anti-inflammatory diet to reduce stress in your digestive system, you can expect to see improvements in many other symptoms.

  • Heartburn & Acid Reflux can be extinguished in a matter of just a few days and antacid medications may no longer be required.
  • Stomach Pain is often reduced quickly, especially if it is begin caused by the food you’re eating.
  • Constipation & Diarrhoea is often resolved within only a few short weeks without the need for laxatives and other medications.
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can calm down without the need for
  • · Anaemia may improve with the eradication of H pylori and the healing of your stomach and intestines.
  • Energy levels often skyrocket on this programme as you learn which foods give you energy and which ones take it away from you!
  • Anxiety and Depression often improve when problem-foods are eliminated and H pylori is successfully eradicated.
  • Headaches are one of the main symptoms we see improve dramatically.
  • Sleep patterns often improve as inflammation in your digestive system calms down.
  • Rosacea can be caused by H pylori, so when you eradicate the bacteria, the rosacea can disappear quickly.
  • Urticaria and Psoriasis may improve in similar ways to rosacea.
  • According to the medical literature, removal of certain foods – such as gluten – in addition to the successful treatment of H pylori reduces your risk for developing:
    • Autoimmune Diseases
    • Stomach Cancer
    • Peptic Ulcers
    • Dementia
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Pancreatitis
    • Thyroid Disorders
    • Liver Disease
    • Insulin Resistance
    • Type II Diabetes
    • Heart Disease
    • Stroke


“Why Is Diet So Important If You Have H Pylori?”


I’ll make a statement that could shock you:

“You Don’t Necessarily Need To Eradicate H Pylori To Recover From Your Symptoms. In Fact, Some of You Will Remove ALL Your Symptoms Simply By Altering Your Diet and That’s Why It’s So Important That You Do!”


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So…in The H Pylori Diet, you’ll also learn:

  • A complete 60-day anti-inflammatory nutrition programme that, on its own, may reduce your symptoms by at least 85% before you have even eradicated H pylori.
  • Which common foods to avoid to help you extinguish the fires in your intestines (clue: gluten, cow’s milk and soy can DESTROY your digestion and it’s super-important that you avoid them).
  • How to replace these foods with convenient and far healthier alternatives.
  • Healthy meal planning and recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Exactly why gluten in bread, pasta and cakes, etc. is a problem that is TEN TIMES WORSE than H pylori.
  • The simple supermarket foods that have been shown in research to inhibit H pylori.
  • Why eating the right fats and oils can help you inhibit H pylori, heal your stomach and boost your immune system.
  • How to use probiotics to reduce the side effects of Triple Therapy, should you want to use medical treatment alongside The H Pylori Diet.
  • How to rebuild your immune system by eating a healthy, varied and complete diet.
  • Why dehydration can make you more susceptible to developing gastritis, stomach pain and ulcers and what to do about it!
  • Which products to use to ensure that you don’t develop rebound yeast and fungal overgrowth after your H pylori treatment, whether it’s natural or medical.

You cannot find all this information presented in one place anywhere else on the Internet!

And there is much more:


Getting Rid Of H Pylori Is One Thing, But What If H Pylori Is NOT The Main Cause Of Your Symptoms?


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned when dealing with H pylori is that you can clear the bacteria from your system, but symptoms DON’T necessarily go away.

There are several reasons for this and The H Pylori Diet also teaches you:

  • How common foods can cause all the same symptoms as H pylori and how to eliminate them from your diet (see above) and why continuing to eat these foods can prevent you from feeling better, even when H pylori has gone.
  • The scientific studies showing that antacid/PPI use as well as Triple Therapy antibiotics can lead to Candida overgrowth.
  • How Candida overgrowth can cause the same symptoms as H pylori and why it can be hugely beneficial to run yeast cleanses after H pylori Treatment in order to resolve any lingering symptoms.
  • My shocking discovery that 52% of H pylori clients also had other bacterial infections and parasites, including:
    • Salmonella
    • E coli
    • Campylobacter
    • Vibrio
    • Klebsiella
    • Yersinia
    • Clostridium difficile
    • Blastocystis hominis
    • Giardia
    • Cryptosporidium
    • Hookworm
    • Candida
  • Why these other bacteria and parasites can cause the SAME symptoms as H pylori and how removing H pylori can actually make you feel WORSE if they’re sitting there in your intestine too.
  • Exactly how to access home stool testing to find out whether any of these other “bugs” are a problem for you (for at least 50% of you, they definitely are).


“The H Pylori Diet Is Your Complete H Pylori Solution And It’s RISK FREE”


Because I’m not a medical doctor, I know that some of you may be a little skeptical and that’s understandable.

However, I can assure you that The H Pylori Diet leaves no stone unturned and, by the time you have finished reading it, you will know ten times more about H pylori than the majority of doctors who are currently practicing on the NHS.


I Know How You Feel, From Experience & It’s My Duty To Help You Overcome These Challenges!


Remember that I had H pylori not once, but twice and I am simply teaching you the techniques I’ve used to help literally thousands of people around the world who have had difficulty eradicating the bacteria.

My Mother also died aged only 66 from septicaemia caused by severe damage to her digestive system in the form of bleeding gastritis and duodenitis.

The point is that this work is my LIFE and it’s my genuine, heartfelt goal to help you make a full recovery from whatever symptoms you have right now.

My Cast Iron 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Once you have read The H Pylori Diet and begun implementing the recommendations inside, you are going to start feeling MUCH better.

However, should you be unhappy or dissatisfied with the book in any way, please email or phone our office within 30-days of your order and we’ll provide a prompt and courteous refund AND you get to keep the book.

We only ask that you provide some feedback for us so that we can improve our service to others.

**Special H Pylori Diet Bonus**


Waiting for a book to be delivered can be frustrating so I’ve put together a special BONUS package for you to make sure that you can start your recover IMMEDIATELY.

If you order The H Pylori Diet paperback today, I’ll throw in the complete PDF download of the book , which in its own right sells at is valued at $7.97, so that you can begin putting the plan into action RIGHT NOW.


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PS. Remember that the H Pylori Diet book is the only book that is dedicated to helping you fully understand H pylori, its symptoms and how to effectively eradicate it using EITHER antibiotics OR a natural programme (or BOTH!). It comes with my cast iron 30-day money back guarantee so go ahead and try it at MY risk.