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The Chronic Stress Crisis by Dr. W.G. Timmins

The late Dr. Timmins was an indirect mentor to me (he taught hundreds of doctors how to deliver functional medicine), and his book, The Chronic Stress Crisis is one of my favourite health books. CSC

It’s full of outstanding, inspiring and easy to read information about what causes symptoms and illness in the modern world, as well as the basic steps needed to rejuvenate your wellness.

Download The Chronic Stress Crisis here.

15 tasty recipes that didn’t make it into The H Pylori Diet Recipe & Cookbook

I’ll shortly be releasing a new recipe book to help folk improve digestive health, energy levels, skin and more. The H. Pylori Diet Recipe and Cookbook

Despite being super-delicious, some of my favourite recipes didn’t quite make it into the book because I didn’t have space.

So please be my guest and have these recipes on me!

Download your mini-recipe book here and enjoy!

The Tricky Task of Valuing Your Health by David Hompes

Are you sitting on the fence when it comes to taking action to overcome your symptoms and rejuvenate your vitality?

If so, this e-book might just help.

As you know, back in 2007 I had a lot of anxiety, low libido, fatigue, skin problems difficulty sleeping and digestive symptoms.

The biggest challenge I had at that time was placing enough value on my health to take action. VH

I’d already waited nearly four years since my initial symptoms, and I now kick myself because I could have recovered much faster and seized my life back sooner.

But I didn’t want to spend money on my health because I felt the medical system “owed me” something.

What a mistake!

If you’re “umming” and “aaaring” about whether to invest in your health, this short e-book will help you see the importance of becoming self-empowered and grabbing your health by the scruff of the neck so you can lead an inspired and fulfilled life.

Download the Valuing Your Health e-book here.

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