The best at home H-pylori test available today means you’ll never have to worry about H-pylori again

Finally, a home H-pylori test for all the family that checks for:

  • The quantity of H-pylori in your stomach
  • Which H-pylori strain you have
  • Whether your H-pylori infection is resistant to antibiotics

Since I started working in the field of H-pylori and digestive wellness I’ve used a number of home stool tests for H-pylori but nothing compares to this test.

This home stool test not only checks for H-pylori, but also whether you have one of the most dangerous strains, and whether the strain you have is resistant to antibiotics.

To my knowledge there is no other test on the market that is able to provide this information, let alone one you can do at home.

Who can this test help?

This is a great test if you are in any of the following situations:

  • You have digestive symptoms and other ailments linked to H-pylori and you quickly want to get tested.
  • Your doctor doesn’t want to run a test for you.
  • You don’t want to wait for a test.
  • You would like to get your family tested to avoid passing H-pylori round or getting re-infected.
  • You want to check for antibiotic resistance before you take antibiotics.
  • You want to get re-tested after completing H-pylori treatment.

If you are in any of these situations, the at home H-pylori test can help solve your problem.

Simple Home Lab Test

As well as scientific accuracy, I choose all my labs for ease of use. This means we can mail out a test kit in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, or anywhere else.

You can usually complete your H-Pylori Stool Test and send it back to the lab in the very same week.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions:

You simply provide a stool sample in the test tube provided. Then, you just mail it back in a prepaid envelope. The whole collection process takes less than 5 minutes.

The results take 2-3 weeks after you’ve mailed your test kit. At that time you will receive a full PDF of your results.

Why is antibiotic resistance so important?

It’s a great idea to know whether antibiotics are going to be effective before using them – it can save a lot of hassle and unnecessary risks and side effects.

As you may know, H-pylori treatment is not always effective. In fact, according to the latest medical reports, it fails more than 30% of the time.

This means that at least 3 out of 10 people fail in their attempt to eradicate H-pylori, and in the process might suffer some nasty side-effects from taking the antibiotics.

Given that antibiotics can trigger other problems such as Candida overgrowth, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and Clostridium difficile infection, it’s good to know whether antibiotics will actually be effective before risking these problems.

The main reason for declining treatment success in the last decade is antibiotic resistance, especially to Clarithromycin, one of the antibiotics used in standard triple therapy.

Unfortunately, except in isolated cases, conventional tests do not check for antibiotic resistant H-pylori strains.

But you don’t have to worry about antibiotic resistance any longer as this simple stool test is able to identify whether you have a strain of H-pylori that is resistant to antibiotics.

Why is your H-pylori strain important?

H-pylori bacteria are not all created as equals and some are more harmful than others.

Just like us humans, H-pylori bacteria have quite a wide variety of characteristics, and some of these increase its ability to cause harm.

Two genetic H-pylori types that are particularly problematic are CagA and VacA.

Research shows that these two H-pylori strains are most strongly associated with severe symptoms.

You will see a lot of information about these two H-pylori strains in the scientific literature. For example, see the blue highlight, below:

Why are CagA and VacA dangerous?

CagA and VacA are the H-pylori types that are most associated with stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.

CagA in particular has also been associated with high cholesterol, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, dementia, infertility, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions.

It is generally agreed that the inflammation caused by H-pylori in the stomach leads to changes elsewhere in the body, but don’t worry: by using this test, you will be able to completely take charge of your long-term health.

The fancy diagram shows you how the CagA and VacA work. You don’t need to know this but I wanted to show you that the information is fully researched and scientifically backed.


CagA or VacA must be treated and re-retested

Because these two H-pylori strains are, as far as we know, the most dangerous, you must get treated for them when they are detected.

This ensures that you eliminate risk of H-pylori leading to problems later on in your life.

Furthermore, you must get re-tested after treatment. Don’t take any chances if you have been diagnosed with CagA or VacA H-pylori!

How can the lab do all this for you?

You may be wondering how the lab is able to detect different H-pylori strains and antibiotic resistance when doctors don’t seem to bother, or even worry about it.

It’s a great question and hinges completely on the type of technology being used to assess the stool sample.

If you have an endoscopy and biopsy, H-pylori genetic strains can be identified.

The trouble with this is that a) the endoscopy is invasive and unpleasant, b) you might have to wait a long time to have one done and c) it may be very expensive if done privately (into the thousands).

Standard H-pylori stool antigen testing, breath testing and blood testing cannot detect the H-pylori strain, or antibiotic resistance.

The test you are reading about right now uses a different technology called PCR that is able to detect H-pylori DNA.

It is this DNA analysis that enables the lab to perform such a detailed assessment of your H-pylori status.

Is DNA testing scientifically backed?

Most of the research being done in microbiology – that’s tens of thousands of studies each year – is done using PCR/DNA analysis.

Initially, 10-15 years ago when it was being developed, PCR analysis had some problems. But it has been fine-tuned to be extremely accurate.

The technology used in this stool test is based on technology called Luminex, which is an FDA-approved method.

The NHS in England has also trialed the technology in hospital setting for the detection of things like E. coli and Salmonella, and has reported it to be superior to “old stool” technology in terms of accuracy and quick results.

You and your family are in safe hands with this H-pylori PCR stool testing, but in case you are still in doubt, here are two comments from a study titled “Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori: What should be the gold standard?”

[World J Gastroenterol 2014 September 28; 20(36): 12847-12859]

Sample Report

You can see from my client’s report, below, that the lab detected a high level of H-pylori.

You can also see that this person was also positive for the CagA and VacA H-pylori strains.

Finally, H-pylori in this case is resistant to Clarithromycin, meaning that a different combination of antibiotics would be needed.

Can you see how priceless this information is?

It shows that H-pylori in this case must be treated, because CagA and VacA are present, and it provides exquisite guidance on which drugs not to use, thus saving a lot of time and potentially avoiding unnecessary side effects.

A Healthier and Happier Life is Easily Within Reach

Functional medicine lab tests put the power back in your hands by helping you discover the underlying reasons you are not feeling well.

The H-Pylori DNA Stool Test is a brilliant tool for helping you quickly find out whether you and your family have H-pylori, or whether you have successfully eradicated it following treatment.

The unique H-pylori strain identification system helps you determine whether treatment is necessary, and which treatments to use.

This information helps to safeguard the future wellness of you and your loved ones.

Your H-Pylori DNA Stool Test Package

As with all our services, I want to make sure you get the most you possibly can from working with my team.

Your wellness is important to me, which is why I include a 15 minute results consultation to discuss your stool test result.

This ensures you understand your test results in the context of your situation, and helps us communicate the simple action steps that will help you feel and look great again.

Your personalised home stool test package includes:

  • DNA stool test as described here
  • 15min Phone or Skype consultation.
  • Recommendations based on your test result.

Family Packages Now Available

I understand you might be concerned about your family, so my team has created some discounted two, three and four packs for your convenience.

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