I am now in my late 70’s but feel much younger and able at last to enjoy a more energetic lifestyle and go walking regularly.

Family and friends have all noted how much better I look.

After all these years of slow painful decline and concern it is so gratifying to feel back in the control seat and feel and look better“.

– Barbara, U.K.

A former nurse in the U.K. National Health Service, Barbara contacted us because she was getting frustrated with the healthcare system.

Now in her late 70’s she was frustrated having struggled with a plethora of health challenges over the years, including:

  • Nausea – feeling dizzy
  • Pain and discomfort in her digestive system
  • Severe tummy bloating and abdominal gas
  • Frequent mouth ulcers
  • Food Sensitivities – difficulty tolerating a selection of foods
  • Migraine headaches
  • Disrupted sleep
  • A burning sensation in her arms and legs
  • A “lazy” gall bladder and difficulty eating fatty food
  • Non-alcohol fatty liver disease
  • Skin conditions
  • Chronic colds and flu-like symptoms

This was a problem for the docs

The challenge faced by people like Barbara, and perhaps you, is that when all these different symptoms are present at the same time, mainstream doctors don’t know what to prescribe.

Do they give a drug for EVERY symptom?

Something for nausea, gas, belching, pain, sleep problems, skin rashes, burning arms and legs, and so on?

NO! Otherwise you’d end up rattling like a bottle of pills and risk side effects and drug interaction problems.

So how did we help Barbara restore her wellness?

We began, as we always do, by working on Barbara’s nutrition and lifestyle.

We gradually helped her optimize her food intake, meal times, blood sugar levels and eating habits.

We then ran a home stool test to check Barbara’s digestive health.

The test result immediately identified some areas worthy of attention.

Barbara had a yeast and fungal overgrowth in her GI tract, as you can see below:




She also had low levels of some important beneficial bacteria that needed to be higher.

For example, her Bifidobacter levels were way too low relative to her E. coli levels.

This was really important because “dysbiosis” or imbalanced bacteria in the gut can trigger symptoms.




We could also see that Barbara had lower than ideal elastase I levels, which indicate pancreatic enzyme production (we like to see a value of 500+, and hers was 334).

Furthermore, elevated triglycerides and moderately elevated LCFA, total fat and cholesterol in her stool showed she wasn’t digesting dietary fat properly.




90-days and a new life!

Remarkably, it took just 90-days of clinical support for Barbara to reach her desired level of health.

She did a fantastic job of altering her diet and eating habits.

Then, by following a structured series of herbal protocols to remove her yeast and fungal overgrowth and improve her digestive capacity, Barbara was able to make a “quantum leap” in her wellbeing.

She reported:

  • Much better energy levels
  • Sleeping through the night without waking (first time in 8 yrs)
  • No longer having migraines
  • Feeling slimmer and less bloated
  • Friends and family were commenting on how good she looked
  • Reduced itching sensations
  • No burning in her arms and a significant reduction in her legs

And with the knowledge she gained during her 90-day programme, she’s been able to maintain her vitality long after her support programme was completed.

Indeed, a year after Barbara had finished her 90-Day support package she sent the following email:

I am still progressing well with careful diet control and my energy levels are good with sleep pattern much improved.  I wish you a Happy Christmas and good consulting in 2014”. I am extremely grateful to Jack, Dave and the team for their advice, help and encouragement.”

Can we assist you and your health?

Barbara’s results are far from unique – many people experience improvements in their symptoms once they know why they’re not feeling well and take action to fix it.

I will be 100% honest with you: we can’t guarantee the same level of health improvement for everyone and in some folk it may take a little longer than 90-days before a desired level of health is achieved.

But what we can guarantee is a major improvement in symptoms over a 90-day period, even if those symptoms don’t disappear completely.

In order to achieve those improvements, the first step is to figure out what’s going on in your gut.

If it’s not working properly, your gut can be, and often is, the root of all other symptoms because it’s designed to allow “good stuff” into your body, whilst blocking “bad stuff” and keeping it out.

If you get too much bad stuff (bad foods, bad bugs and bad toxins) and you don’t have enough good stuff in your gut (good food, good bugs and good nutrients), you probably won’t feel well.

All we do is help you find out what your individual situation looks like, so we can tailor a powerful and empowering support package for your needs.

Then, we hold your hand through the process of reaching your goals.

The process starts with a comprehensive stool test to check for bad bugs and digestive function.

And don’t forget, the tests are done in the privacy of your home – you just send off a sample in the packaging provided.

What’s more, if it comes back blank, we’ll refund you in full.

You can find out more about a stool test, or arrange one, here.



PS. We use an even better stool test now than the one that brought Barbara her anti-aging effects and health freedom.