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How Carol beat fatigue and bloating

58-year old Carol, from the UK was feeling very unwell, but amazingly she was able to turn her health around in just 60-days with the help of Jack, one of my Hompes Method practitioners.

“In early 2012 I was afraid to eat or even have a glass of water because of constant burping. I also had low energy, pain in the gut, feeling sick, wind, mood swings, often felt tearful and had poor quality sleep.

In just a few months of working with Jack these symptoms were gone. We ran stool tests and other tests to eradicate several digestive infections, balance nutritional status and improve energy production.

One year later I feel symptom free and to think that initially I was concerned I might be wasting my time and money (I am naturally suspicious by nature)! Jack has put me my life back on track and you can’t put a price on that.” – Carol Morgan (Carol Morgan Hairdressing Salon)
Newcastle, UK.

It all started when Carol contacted us experiencing the following symptoms:

Digestive discomfort, even when she drunk plain old water
Poor quality sleep (which was one reason she likely felt tired)
Muscle and Joint Pain
Mood swings
Felt Tearful

Carol’s initial stool test revealed that she had an awful lot of “trouble” in her digestive system:

H. pylori
Blastocystis hominis parasite
Cryptosporidium parasite


It wasn’t surprising Carol felt unwell with these three major nuisance-causing bad bugs living in her digestive tract.

To make matters worse, Carol was not digesting fats and oils very well when she ate them. It’s no wonder her digestive system had become so sensitive.

But by following Jack’s healthy eating and lifestyle recommendations, Carol was able to begin seeing some improvements in her symptoms.

By the time she had followed a supplement protocol to help clear her H. pylori, and a separate protocol to help lesson her gut parasite burden, she felt like a new person!

Carol’s stool retest result is shown below, and you can see that her H. pylori, Blastocystis and Cryptosporidium are all gone.


Interestingly, you can see another parasite showing up – Dientameba fragilis – showing up.

This may have been incidental and is a parasite that may not cause problems in some people – given that Carol’s symptoms had cleared-up we suspected the D. fragilis wasn’t cause for concern.

Well done, Carol!

In Carol’s case, a combination of simple, yet powerful nutrition and lifestyle changes, along with the stool test, were needed to make sure she achieved her desperately desired outcome.

Carol did an outstanding job in following our nutrition recommendations, and an even better job in sticking to her guns with the supplement protocols.

Her reward was a truly life-changing improvement in more than half-a-dozen annoying and debilitating symptoms.

Remember her symptoms were:

Digestive discomfort, even when she drunk plain old water
Poor quality sleep (which was one reason she likely felt tired)
Muscle and Joint Pain
Mood swings
Felt Tearful

You may think it’s far fetched that someone can experience a turnaround in health like this within just a couple of months, but we see it all the time.

We cannot guarantee you, or anyone else, will improve to the same degree as Carol did in 60-days – some people naturally take longer to heal than others – but we can guarantee that your diligence, combined with our expertise, will get you to where you’d like to go in terms of your health.

The first step is to get a stool test done so we can see exactly what’s going on in your digestive system.

Your gut affects energy, mood, skin, sleep and when it’s not working properly it can also lead to achiness and pains in your body.

On the back of a stool test, we’re not treating these symptoms, we’re simply helping you optimize one of the most important functions in your body.

I left it 4 years before I got tested, and it’s something I regret.

We understand why you might be skeptical, just like Carol was, but it’s a risk free option for you – if the test doesn’t find anything, we’ll refund every cent or penny.

And don’t forget, the tests are done in the privacy of your own home – you just send off a sample in the packaging provided.

You can find out more about them, or arrange one, here.