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How Isabelle beat years of illness

Isabelle from Toronto had played in streams and lakes as a kid and had always had a few minor digestive symptoms.

Recently, though, she’d started feeling much worse and was struggling to sleep, feeling down and depressed, tired, and having a hard time keeping food down.

In fact, her diet was so limited that she could only eat five or six different foods. She was losing weight, and the doctors were at a loss as to why.

We ran a stool test – here’s what we found.

Isabelle had H. pylori, as well as Blastocystis hominis, an unidentified parasite and a very nasty fungal overgrowth.

As always I recommended, some natural cleanses to help eradicate these bad bugs, and after 90-days we ran a retest to check on Isabelle’s progress and, as you can see, all her bad bugs had gone away!

But I’ve chosen this case study for an important reason.

Despite Isabelle getting rid of her bad bugs she didn’t feel better.

In fact, she was feeling worse by the day.

I knew something else was causing Isabelle’s symptoms, so I recommended the family get their home tested for environmental toxins.

They did this and the results were staggering.

In Isabelle’s bedroom, there was some wall insulation, and it was spewing our formaldehyde gas.

Formaldehyde is a potent toxin. It causes cancer and all manner of nasty symptoms.

Part of my job is to know when someone else can help a patient more than I can.

I immediately referred the family to a detox center in the US to get some serious medical detox help for Isabelle’s condition.

After her treatment, Isabelle’s Mum wrote me this message:

“Isabelle is doing fine.  I do not understand what happened but she does not have any of the prior symptoms that she was experiencing the past two years.  We will never forget you.”

The point of this case study is:

1. Some cases are beyond my skill level and I’ll always refer out to get the best result for my client.

2. Getting rid of all Isabelle’s digestive bugs without her feeling better was the “trigger” for me to recommend toxin testing. We may never have gotten to that point without that stool test. Who knows what would have happened then…

If you don’t have a healthy digestive system, your body can’t work properly.

If you have digestive trouble and you don’t know why, getting the right test is the only way you’ll be able to create a roadmap to recovery.

You can get your own stool test, in the comfort of your own home, here.

It really is an investment in your health: if it comes back ‘blank’, I’ll refund you in full.