How Ivy overcame more than 20 symptoms and a host of medical conditions…

“I strongly urge those seeking to boost their immune system to work with Jack. He saved my life.”

Jack’s final support call with Ivy was done on her return from a wonderful holiday. It had been the first vacation she’d been able to take for a long time.

It had actually been three years since 63-year old Ivy had felt “well”. She had previously battled to overcome lymphoma and a range of other disease conditions.

Prior to engaging our support, in her own words she was “at death’s door and just surviving”.

Ivy’s Doctor said he “wouldn’t give her 5 cents for her life“.

She had spent thousands of dollars over last two years in an attempt to regain her wellness, but to no avail.

Because of its complexity, Ivy’s case isn’t the type we would usually take on, but as you’ll see, she’s a truly remarkable lady and showed a keen willingness to heal her body.

And if Ivy was able to optimize her wellness, then I’m certain you can, too.

From the beginning…

Ivy had been very underweight as a child. Her Dr’s advice at the time was to eat lots of junk food to gain weight.

This advice was probably not ideal and may have been a factor in her later developing a number of significant medical problem.

Ivy had previously been diagnosed with:

  • Lymphoma (cancer in white blood cells)
  • Chronic ITP (very low platelets in the blood)
  • Pancreatic insufficiency, which had been drug-induced
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Myelodysplasia (poorly formed blood cells), which had been due to taking antacid medications
  • Liver problems
  • Underactive thyroid

Initially, this looks like a really complex set of health problems, and that’s because it was!

When people have had complex health challenges like these, it’s “touch and go” whether we can help them. Thankfully things turned out perfectly.

Ivy’s previous medical conditions had been resolved to some extent, and were being managed by medications and a ton of nutritional supplements.

However she was still struggling with a whole gamut of additional symptoms, which she listed as:

  • Recurring digestive infections
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Belching after meals
  • Loose stools
  • Abdominal pain
  • Food allergies
  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue
  • Fluctuating blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Finger calluses
  • Knee pain
  • Night sweats
  • Hallucinations with music constantly playing in her head
  • Weight loss and difficulty gaining weight
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Often “feels the cold” due to thyroid problems
  • No sex drive whatsoever
  • Vaginal soreness
  • Vaginal discharge

Through sheer determination and trust in Jack’s support, and continued work with her doctor and chiropractor, Ivy was able to make huge inroads into these symptoms.

She completely overcame some of them, while improving others significantly.

Getting started…

To begin with, Jack noticed that Ivy was taking 23 different supplements, which he explained might be too much.

When people take this many supplements, it can cause more problems than it solves.

Ivy experienced improvements when she cut her supplements. She felt less tired after eating meals and her loose stools and nausea improved.

She also noticed that her “song hallucinations” or constant music in her head reduced.

Ivy’s lab tests

During the course of their working relationship, Jack and Ivy ran several different tests. We’ll just focus on a couple here.

In February 2013, Ivy had tested positive for H. pylori. Before finding our work, she had attempted to treat the infection.

When she re-tested in January 2015 using our stool test, the H. pylori was still there.

Furthermore, it was the CagA H. pylori strain, which is one of the more aggressive strains, being associated with a higher incidence of ulcers, stomach cancer and even cardiovascular disease.

You can also see from Ivy’s stool test that her sIgA1 and sIgA2 levels were very low indeed, indicating a weakened immune system in her digestive tract.

Finally, the occult blood was positive, revealing some bleeding in her digestive system, which might have been due to ulcers caused by H. pylori.


Ivy’s next action steps…

Working patiently with Jack, Ivy gradually adapted her diet and followed a series of very careful supplement protocols to address her digestive test results.

Obviously the key issue was to remove H. pylori. Thereafter, improvements in Ivy’s immune system were needed.

Jack prescribed a series of protocols to address H. pylori and rebuild Ivy’s digestive system.

With Ivy’s complex health history it was important to take things slowly and gently.

The last thing anyone wanted was an aggressive program that made the situation worse, particularly as some symptoms had been induced by over judiciously prescribed medications in the past.

Retest results

Ivy ran a follow-up stool test in March 2016, around a year after she and Jack began their project. As you can see below, the H. pylori had been eradicated (<dl means below detection limit).

Although Ivy’s sIgA level was still too low, it had improved significantly (from 36 to 286. No blood was found in the stool, which was great news.

Ivy’s elevated anti-gliadin IgA indicated that she needed to be very strict with her gluten-free diet.

Other improvements

In addition to the stool test results, Ivy’s blood and hair test markers improved. I haven’t included these here because it would make the article too long.

Her white blood cell count, immune system, iron and calcium level, protein level and other important markers had all improved.

How was Ivy feeling?

As I’ve said before, it’s all very well improving your lab test scores (they give you peace of mind to some extent), but it’s how you feel that gives quality of life.

Here’s how Ivy had progressed in the 2 years she and Jack worked together:

  • Recurring digestive infections – steadily improving
  • Nausea – completely alleviated
  • Belch after meals – improving gradually
  • Loose stools – completely alleviated
  • Abdominal pain – completely alleviated
  • Dehydration – Greatly improved
  • Food allergies – considerable improvement
  • Pancreas insufficiency – improved to a subjective rating of 90% (10% at the start of the programme!)
  • Blood pressure fluctuations – improving
  • Arthritis and hand and finger calluses – healing and greatly improved
  • Knee Pain – improving
  • Fatigue – gradually improving
  • Night Sweats – completely alleviated
  • Song hallucinations/constant music in head – improved
  • Weight loss and difficulty gaining weight – increased to a healthy weight (142lbs to 169lbs)
  • Poor sleep quality – greatly improved
  • Plantar fasciitis – completely alleviated lleviated with chiropractic intervention
  • Often feels the cold – not needing gloves, even in colder weather
  • Zero Libido – sex drive improving
  • Vaginal Soreness – completely alleviated
  • Vaginal Discharge, especially when consuming fruit – completely alleviated – a major breakthrough as this had been occurring for 20 years.

I’m sure you will agree that this was a wonderful improvement given Ivy’s health history and initial symptom list.

Ivy’s thank you letter

Ivy wrote a touching note to thank Jack for his assistance:

“When I began the program with Jack Walton, according to my hematologist-oncologist, I had a condition called ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura), a blood disorder that can lead to excessive bruising and bleeding because of the unusually low level of platelets – the cells that help blood to clot. The allopathic treatment for this condition is drugs to help suppress the immune system or in instances where the disease is severe or long term and chronic surgery, a splenectomy, to remove the pancreas is an option. Some people, according to Mayo Clinic, “find that the side effects of treatment are more burdensome than the effects of the disease itself.”

Through blood work, my hematologist-oncologist learned that my pancreas functioned at 10% or less because of a condition known as EPI (Exocrine Pancreas Insufficiency) which causes problems in how you digest food—your pancreas doesn’t make enough of the enzyme your body needs to break down and absorb nutrients. The net effect of this is that you slowly starve to death.

Thirdly, a stool test revealed that I had a number of parasitic infestations, one of which was H-Pylori. I had already done three separate rounds of H-Pylori antibiotic drug combinations to correct the problem to no avail. Full of parasites, periodically shaking like someone who had Parkinson disease it seemed that my fate hung in the balance as I danced around from doctors: allopathic, homeopathic, then to naturopathic with no relief in sight.

It was not until I got on my computer and did some searches that I met Jack Walton. Jack introduced me to something called functional medicine, where the patient is participatory in his health recovery. Under Jack’s tutelage, I learned how to take control of my health through the Recovery Plan set forth in the program. The knowledge I gleamed from the program is profound and I am happy to say that blood test and stool tests alike have shown that I no longer suffer from the above mentioned conditions. Conversation with Jack taught me to reach for that underlying cause of my health demise, not just respond to symptoms. Through his initiative, I have learned what areas I still need to work on to achieve my ultimate goal; none of which would be possible had I not embarked on this journey – I would not be around to tell this story. I feel that such a program should be standard for those seeking health recoveries. I strongly urge those seeking to boost their immune system to work with Jack. He saved my life.”

Ivy (St. Louis, Missouri)

There’s no stopping you, either…

Ivy was a very dedicated and patient client – she had to be given the nature of her symptoms.

Through her tenacity, she achieved steady results based on being patient and setting long-term goals as opposed to wanting a quick fix.

It was touch and go whether we were going to be able to assist Ivy, but it was her diligence and desire to get well that made the difference.

What Ivy’s case shows is that no matter where you’re starting from, you can improve and optimize your health.

It’s likely that your situation is not as complex as Ivy’s was. But even though her situation was complicated, Ivy begin feeling better quite quickly.

And I’m certain you can, too, if you’re willing to take the plunge and get started.

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