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How Maggie beat her digestive health problems

 After 3 months on Dave’s natural programme, I am delighted to tell the world, I feel fabulous!

These were the words of Maggie, a brave lady who overcame over six decades of ill health in just over 90-days.

But for some, a much more tailored approach is needed.

Like Maggie, for example, whose wonderful and heartwarming story will inspire you.

Maggie was was very frail and sounded very frightened when she left me a voicemail. message.

Here was a lady who was desperate for help.

We spoke first thing on a Monday morning.

Maggie was a very scared, tearful lady in her seventies, who as having a very tough time.

I booked Maggie in for a 60min initial consultation.

She told me she’d had digestive problems since she was five years old, after playing in a stream at the bottom of her garden.

Maggie said she’d been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and told there was nothing that could be done.

More recently, another problem had developed in which Maggie had been diagnosed with H pylori.

Astonishingly, this lady in her seventies had then been given three consecutive courses of triple therapy to treat her H pylori.

But each time she completed the treatment, she felt worse and worse to the point where she was suffering with very bad diarrhea.

Maggies digestive problems were preventing her from leaving the house.

Rather unsurprisingly, she also felt depressed and extremely tired.

What happened over the next 90-days was remarkable, and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to have worked with this courageous lady.

I asked Maggie to remove cow’s milk, gluten, soy and as much sugar as possible from her diet.

She began feeling a little better.

I also suggested Maggie run a stool test to check for “bad bugs”.

Here’s what her initial test found:

You can see that Maggie still had H pylori, despite three heavy-duty antibiotic treatments from her doctor.

She also had a yeast and fungal overgrowth along with TWO parasites (Blastocystis and Endolimax).

The course of action?

For the first 30-days, we focused on stomach cleansing to fight H pylori using Matula Herbal Formula and Gastromend-HP.

During the second 30-days, we attacked the parasites using a parasite cleanse protocol.

Then, in the third 30-days, change the protocol to fight Maggie’s yeast and fungal overgrowth.

…all whilst maintaining a healthy eating plan.

I spoke with Maggie every two weeks to hold her hand through the process, and after the protocols were complete, we ran a re-test.

You can see that Maggie’s H pylori, yeast overgrowth and Endolimax parasite had been eradicated.

The Blastocystis was still there (its tough to get rid of and sometimes).

She also had a “parasite present, taxonomy unavailable,” which we see a lot and doesn’t mean there’s a problem.

How did Maggie feel?


  • Her incapacitating diarrhea completely stopped
  • Her energy and low moods had lifted
  • She could get out of the house again and lead a normal social life
  • The “background symptoms” she’d experienced for more than seventy-years had also melted away.

Maggie sent me a lovely testimonial and it was a pleasure working with her.

After 3 months on Dave’s natural programme, I am delighted to tell the world, I feel fabulous! No more antidepressants! It hasn’t been easy, but I would advise anyone reading this to give Dave a try. His knowledge is extensive; go for it!

What were the secrets to Maggie’s success?

First, it was her willingness and tenacity to take action!

Second, there’s no way I’d have known how to help Maggie without the stool test.

The test results provided direction, enabling me to guide her through a structured plan.

We could have played guessing games, but that’s what she’d been doing for decades.

Would you like to take action?

If so, it all starts with a simple tool test.

They are done in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

And don’t forget my guarantee: if the test result comes back blank and doesn’t explain your symptoms, I’ll refund you in full.

Of course, I’m biased, but it could be the first step in transforming your health, just as Maggie did.

Two more important reasons why you should take a stool test


First, the chances are that if you have H pylori, you’ll have other bad bugs lurking in your intestine, too.

I was a classic case of this.

As well as H pylori, I had Blastocystis hominis, a microscopic parasite.

I also had an Aspergillus overgrowth (a mold organism that can overgrow like Candida).

And I didn’t clear all my symptoms until I rid myself of all three bad bugs.

While clearing H pylori has a good chance of getting you back to feeling yourself again, it’s not guaranteed.

Something else could be making you feel how you do.

Second, in my experience, a stool test is the quickest way to feel great again.

Comprehensive stool analysis gets to the underlying cause of your symptoms, so you can follow a tailored programme, laser-focused on your specific issues.

You get fast results because it removes all the guesswork.


The sad thing (for me) is I was able to get rid of my H pylori and Blastocystis in just over a month.

Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it.

Looking back, I would have paid any price for a stool test when I first started feeling ill.

But many people don’t – like myself – for many reasons.

Why most people delay taking stool tests (and why I hope that’s not you)

Okay, it’s not the most pleasant thought in the world.

But what most people don’t know is:

  • It’s done in the comfort of your own home
  • You send the sample off in the packaging provided
  • The report is emailed to you

So there’s no embarrassment.

No awkward trips to the doctor.

No uncomfortable questions.

It’s easy.

Over half of my clients have other bad bugs in their gut – as well as H pylori.

Some think they have H. pylori, but we find they have other bad bugs instead.

Helicobacter pylori is just one of many bacteria, parasites and fungal organisms that can inhabit your digestive tract.

And I can tell you now, they all make you feel truly awful by sapping your energy, causing digestive pain, heartburn, wind, bloating, gas, diarrhoea, constipation, headaches, skin problems, mood issues and food allergies.

Do you see now how a comprehensive stool test is worth every penny?

If Maggie can beat 70 years’ worth of symptoms, I’m certain you can reclaim your health, too.

If it’s something you’re keen on, you can learn more about the stool tests here.