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How Nic beat headaches, fatigue and stomach pain

Nic – from Canada – ran a stool test with us because he was experiencing some weird symptoms.

Stories like this always reinforce to me why I created my business, and why I’m so inspired to do this work.

Let me share you a shortened version of how we’ve helped Nic.

After training hard for his first triathlon, and having done a fair stint of flying multiple time-zones with his job, Nick’s body gave in.

He developed:

  • stomach pain
  • gurgling, “grumbly” tummy
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • weight loss.
  • disturbed sleep

He’d seen a number of therapists, who’d helped to a degree but never really hit managed to get Nic back on track.

His stool test results showed:

– Low levels of friendly bacteria
– A yeast and fungal overgrowth
– Poor digestion of protein

Contrary to most dietary approaches when dealing with yeast and fungal overgrowth, I recommended Nic ate more fruit and some root veggies.


Because when I carefully examined his food diary, he’d eliminated a lot of these foods to try and “starve” the yeast organisms (they’d originally been found in a previous test, with another doctor).

I explained this wasn’t the best way to go because sugar is needed by every cell of the body to make energy and anyway, yeast and fungal organisms can use protein for food if they’re starved of sugar.

Worryingly, they can also grow roots/filaments into the gut lining and become parasitic. They then become harder to deal with, and more damaging to your health!

Processed sugars and grains need to be eliminated, but natural sugars can generally by very helpful. After adding some fruit and root veggies into his diet, Nic immediately had more energy.

However, his tummy and headaches were still causing problems.

I suspected the reason for these ongoing symptoms was the fungal overgrowth. Nic had been taking three individual herbal supplements and I felt these weren’t strong/potent enough to effectively fight the overgrowth.

This is where my anti-fungal herb protocol came in. I recommended a stronger, more potent herbal protocol and after only 48 hours on this protocol, Nic felt a million times better.

His headaches decreased in severity and frequency, his digestion almost cleared up completely and the stomach pain disappeared. His sleep also improved markedly.

He’s diligently continued his eating plan, and will soon embark on a protocol to help rebalance his immune and hormone systems, whilst repairing his good bacteria levels.

It’s a pleasure to work with Nic because he trusts the process and follows my recommendations to the letter.

Here’s what he said about the program:

‘When we first started I was a victim of the medical system, I had lost 20 pounds, suffering from terrible gastric pain, and doctors telling me it was all in my head, because all of their tests came out negative.

Then Dave took on my case with patience, compassion, and scientific expertise.  We conducted several tests: stool test, hormone test, hair test and urine test to get a full picture of what was going on. 

This is the main difference between working with Dave and other practitioners of alternative medicine, he only recommends a course of action once he has scientific data and has run the appropriate test. 

We found that I had a complex infection of H. Pylori, yeast and other various gastric intruders. 

We set a course of action and stuck to it.  It’s not easy, you need to stick with it and trust him – he knows what he is doing! Now I am feeling better than ever and happy to feel alive again!’

Nic – Montreal

My biggest frustration

My only frustration is that we aren’t helping more people like Nic – it’s a very real frustration because I know we can help change your life.

You have my personal guarantee that should you order a stool test that doesn’t reveal the main reasons you’re experiencing symptoms – whether digestive, energy, sleep, hormone, skin or mood-related – we’ll refund every penny.

You have nothing to lose – it’s risk-free.

And don’t forget, the test is done in the privacy of your own home. You just send off a sample in the packaging provided.

You can arrange a stool test, or find out more about one, here.