Home Recovery Plan – Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Home Recovery and Digestive Reset Plan!

Following on from morning routine and breakfasts last week, this week’s materials focus on helping you improve and optimise your lunches and afternoon snacks, as well as giving you an explanation of the Traffic Light coloured food list you received last week.

With each lesson you will find an Executive Summary Document, which summarises the aims of each video presentation, and an Action Guide, which provide simple practical recommendations.

You will also find some additional Handouts with simple tips, recipe and snack ideas and anything else I think will be helpful for you.

Please ensure you bookmark this page (or save the email) so you can re-access these lessons whenever you need them.

Optimising Your Lunches:

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Lesson 2 Resources:

Click on the links below to download your Executive Summary and Action Guide:

Lesson 2 Executive Summary

Lesson 2 Action Guide

Afternoon Snack Executive Summary

Afternoon Snacks Action Guide

Lesson 2 Handouts:

Some Lunch Recipes to Get Started

Some tasty Salad Recipes to add variety

Suppliers and Additional Resources for Lessons 2:



Intro Materials, Vault and Herb Garden

Don’t forget that you can access stacks of helpful information in the Introductory Area, The Vault (everything you ever wanted to know about digestive problems) and The Herb Garden (supplement protocols)

Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@hompesmethod.com should you have any queries, or any issues with accessing the material provided on this page.