Welcome to the H. Pylori Home Recovery Plan!

Hello! I’m so pleased you made it onto this program and I’m looking forward to guiding you through the process of beating H. pylori, healing your digestion and skyrocketing your vitality.

Your first week of the H. Pylori home recovery membership focuses on removing gluten from your diet.

I have found over the last eight years that removing problem-causing foods like gluten often brings greater health benefits than removing H. pylori.

I have also found it much easier to get rid of H. pylori once people have avoided the key foods you will learn about on this program.

There are three gluten lessons this week, and you will find your Week One Action Guide and your Home Recovery Plan Food List beneath the videos.

Video #1 – Gluten Background Presentation

Video #2 – Gluten Sensitivity Testing Presentation

Video #3 – How to Implement a Gluten Free Diet

Now that you have a great understanding of the background of gluten sensitivity and your testing options, it’s time to apply this knowledge and get your personal, gut healing gluten free diet started.

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