Cow’s Milk – The # 1 Allergy Food?

Hey and welcome to week two of the home recovery plan.

This week we dive straight into the cow’s milk conundrum.

Cow’s milk can be well tolerated for some people, but when folk are struggling with digestive problems, allergies, skin issues and even low energy and moods, cow’s milk may be playing a role.

I’ve seen some remarkable health turnarounds when people eliminated cow’s milk from their diet for 1-2 weeks.

Again, some of the health turnarounds have been so powerful that I consider it just as important to run a 60-day trial of cow’s milk avoidance as to remove H. pylori.

If cow’s milk is a problem for you and you don’t remove it, you can end up spending a lot of time and money on fancy herbs and medications that simply won’t work!

Putting it simply, even if you eradicate H. pylori, your symptoms are not likely to go away if you have trouble with cow’s milk.

Enjoy the session!

Why Cow’s Milk is A Problem & What to Use Instead

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