H. Pylori Home Recovery Plan

Week Three – Soy…The ‘Health Food’ Turned Bad!

Well hello!

It’s week three of the home recovery plan – time flies!

This week we’re talking about ‘soy’ and all the foods that contain processed soy.

Now soy has been touted as being ‘health food’ for many years, but this is really just marketing hype.

Soy is a major allergy-causing food, and independent of gluten and milk it can cause major digestive issues.

In fact, soy is my arch nemesis: when I eat it, I get bloated, windy and have smelly diarrhoea.

Having read dozens of articles and several books on soy, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a health food at all and that it’s best avoided.

After watching this session, I think you’ll agree!


Week Three Resources

Here is your week three action guide:


In addition to this presentation, I also recommend you take some time to read an article called “The Ploy of Soy“, which was written as far back as 1995.

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