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Jack Walton

My Story:

Back in 2010 I was just getting my teeth into Functional Medicine and finding it absolutely fascinating. It was great to be adding this work to my practitioner toolbox along with nutrition, bodywork and corrective exercise, but for my own health it was also going to prove priceless too!

Looking back I can see that I took my eye off the ball. Whilst I considered myself fit and healthy and was enjoying training and challenging activities like fell running and climbing, there were some symptoms and areas of my health that were niggling away and becoming a concern.

On three occasions a few months apart that year I had been experiencing some discomfort in the right side of my abdomen, around my liver. Although infrequent it would always start in the middle of the afternoon as a slight discomfort and gradually build to a dull ache in the evening and without fail lead to a poor quality and uncomfortable night’s sleep.

The following day I’d be shattered and far from my best in clinic, unable to concentrate, feeling a little drained and needing an early night. However, this next day the sensation would always be gone, which left me a little perplexed.

Although not at the same time as the abdominal discomfort, I was also having some night sweats for a succession of 2 to 3 nights, which also seemed to come and go. My body temperature was soaring at night, even when I was sleeping soundly I could wake up feeling like someone had poured a bucket of water over me!

I wondered whether everything was linked and if there was a common cause and I looked for patterns in my nutrition and lifestyle, but could not find an obvious answer. I followed up with my GP and after some prodding of my abdomen, a stool test and liver tests there were still no answers, but I knew that there was either something in my gut that shouldn’t be there or something missing that should be there. I wasn’t going to give up that easily!

I took this opportunity to look even further back into my health history and recalled that I had actually suffered from similar symptoms between the age of 10 and 12. I remember being told it was just ‘trapped wind’ and that it would keep me up during the night and be ok the next day, only to reoccur a few months later.

Back to 2010/11 and I had already planned to run a comprehensive GI Effects Stool Test from Metametrix. During the previous few weeks of attending GP appointments and awaiting results I had experienced another night of discomfort, so the sooner I got the test done the better.

I was actually quite pleased when the stool test results identified a parasite called Entamoeba, a parasitic worm called Enterobius vermicularis (pinworm) and another unknown potential parasite, along with quite low levels of beneficial bacteria. Although unsure of which specific species of Entamoeba, this particular micro-organism has been know to cause a whole host of digestive issues and even migrate to the liver where it can cause inflammation and dysfunction.

This was truly a humbling moment for me regarding my health and as a practitioner. I considered myself healthy and was always learning about holistic principles of health, but I had all this going on in my digestive system. Furthermore, regardless of the specific bugs that I had in my gut, I realized that the fact that I had any bugs at all meant that my immune system was not strong enough in the first place.

Finding this kind of information out actually excites me and so equipped with this new insight I set to following a natural anti-parasitic cleanse and follow up gut health protocols. Within 30 the first days my night sweats had completely stopped and as of the time of writing in 2013 I have not experienced the abdominal discomfort either.

Whilst alleviating these symptoms was clearly important, the most empowering part of this particular journey for me was the ability to get valuable insight and put some preventative steps in place. I really wonder whether this has been going on since I was 10 years old and it feels great to have eventually got to the bottom of it.

I enjoy sharing this story with my clients especially because it highlights how much of a learning process building health really is. Some even think its quite amusing that their tests have come back with less digestive infections than mine did!

Jack’s testimonials:

“I started having low energy, pain in the gut, feeling sick, burping, wind, mood swings, feeling tearful and poor quality sleep. I was afraid to eat or even have a glass of water because of the constant burping.

My Doctor sent me for an endoscopy, which identified H Pylori and I was prescribed the usual antibiotics to eradicate it. After this I felt no better and the symptoms continued.

I decided to buy the book The H Pylori Diet by David Hompes and in July 2012 made contact with the team. I am suspicious by nature and was concerned I might be wasting my time and money.

When Jack Walton contacted me it put my mind at ease as by pure coincidence we had worked together before for an injury sustained at work. In that instance we were using bodywork and corrective exercise, which he was brilliant and I trusted him whole heartedly. I knew then how genuine this information would be as I know Jack is professional and genuine.

Jack recommended I had stool testing, which showed Blastocystis hominis, yeast overgrowth and another potential parasite. There were also markers of a low immune system, other digestive problems and a high sensitivity to Gluten.

I followed step-by-step nutrition and lifestyle advice and took different herbs and protocols given by Jack to get my health as good as possible.

The second test indicated a successful control of the yeast overgrowth, stronger immune system and improved digestive capacity. I felt much better too. I had alleviated all my digestive symptoms (burping, gut pain, sickness) including regaining my previous energy levels.

Interestingly they did show that H Pylori was present and that Blastocystis was still there and Cryptosporidium had now shown up. I admit I was a little disappointed initially and a bit confused at these results because I was feeling so much better. However, I was beginning to understand much more about how the digestive system worked and felt that this was part of the process of healing and building my health. I truly think that in my case I needed to improve my health in order to get rid of the bugs.

I continued to work with Jack and much to my relief on the next retest the H pylori, Blastocystis and Cryptosporidium had all been eradicated.

One year later I feel symptom free. Jack has put me my life back on track and you can’t put a price on that. I hope to work with the team again in the future to continue to have the best health possible.”

Carol Morgan
Newcastle, UK

“The sheer ease and affordability of the home testing kits is a great benefit to working with Jack and the Hompes Method Team. Although I considered myself in good health I started to notice a drop in my energy levels and I wanted to be preventative in my health. Through comprehensive testing and follow-up phone consultations with Jack, I was impressed by precise information and answers to my many questions. Even the protocols designed for me were easy to source and I did not have to leave my home and that is very valuable for me these days. I have achieved my goal of increased energy, with simple dietary changes, careful supplementation and an understanding of how to sustain it.

Maxine Taupin”
Retired, California, USA

“For many years my health issues were ongoing and getting more serious – continuing abdominal distention – liver disorder (Non alcholic fatty liver disease) – gastro intestinal disorders – weight increase – low energy – sleep disorders – low morale – aching muscles and joints.

I have a medical background so have noted all these symptoms and have sought help and treatment from NHS:Naturopaths: Acupuncturist: Homeopaths over the years. It has been a long procedure with some short periods showing improvement. Finally in 2012 I felt so poorly – exhausted and in a lot of discomfort. Through my GP I had intensive tests carried out early 2012 – blood tests for Liver dysfunction – Gastroscopy for a second time – colonoscopy for a second time. Seen by Consultants – diagnosed with antral gastritis – non functioning gall bladder and increased signs of diverticula. Outcome inconclusive!

Early August I researched on internet and found to my relief HPExperts. I purchased the book H.Pylori and followed recommendations by Dr. David Hompe and in July commenced a Gluten Free diet – Goats milk – yoghourt and cheese. In September 2012 I registered with HP Experts for a three month Maintenance programme.

I was assigned to Mr Jack Walton for the programme. I had kept a rigid file of my ongoing symptoms over the years and copies of these were forwarded to Jack and all ongoing advice was strictly adhered to as he guided me through the protocols over the weeks. I found his advice via telephone or emails very reassuring and by January 2013 my maintenance course I concluded and will sustain this pattern of nutrition – probably for the rest of my life. The introduction of support medication was essential and this pattern will continue.

I now at last am able to sleep naturally – first time in 7-8 years. Energy levels are very good and muscle tone and aching joints have subsided. Abdominal distention minimised extensively but NAFLD and non functioning gall bladder do give some occasional uncomfortable symptoms.

Family and friends have all noted how much better I look and less haggard. I am now in my late 70’s but feel much younger and able at last to enjoy a more energetic lifestyle and walking regularly.

I am extremely grateful to Jack for all his advice, help and encouragement. I would not hesitate to re-contact the company if symptoms deteriorated. Think positively and you can achieve.”

Barbara Ivall, UK

“Jack Walton / The Hompes Method has done wonders for me! People have been amazed at the amount of weight I have lost and have all commented on how good I look, especially my skin. Despite my initial skepticism, it’s very clear that behind my “2lbs a week weight-loss” there’s a lot of science and expertise. It’s a programme like no other I’ve ever experienced.”

Richard Bosworth