Why We Eat Food – Part 1

A neighbour recently asked me whether food could be making her feel tired – she didn’t realise her diet could impact  energy levels.

I informed her that every part of her body is influenced by what she eats – digestion, bones, brain function, liver, ovaries… and she was surprised.

At school we’re not taught about the true impact of food on the body, yet it’s one of the most important factors that influences health.

The power of food to improve digestive health, energy, mood, skin, sleep and every other area of health is profound.

I’m biased, but I feel it’s really important to know precisely why we need to eat food.

When you get it right, the improvements in the way you look and feel can be dramatic.

Why We Eat Food – How food builds your cells, organs… and body!

Video duration – 15:30

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Common sense isn’t always common!

It may seem obvious that food builds your body, but many people merely pay lip service to it.

Truly grasping that  your body is made from the food you eat is profound because it empowers you to make choices that can build wellness rather than destroying it.

Each mouthful can either improve your health or break it.

But here’s the problem…

With all the conflicting info out there on what we “should” and “shouldn’t” eat, the whole thing can be utterly confusing.

One expert says this and another says that, and it’s hard to know who’s right.

The truth is that they’re all right and wrong at the same time.

We’re all unique human beings who need different eating strategies that depend on genetics, lifestyle, stress levels and current level of health.

The advice of one expert may help person (a), but person by might need a different approach from a different expert.

What you need for optimal health may not be the same as what your partner, best friend or next door neighbour needs.

So what?

Knowing all this still doesn’t remove the confusion, which is why I created the Digestive Reset Plan.

It’s a simple online plan to help you seamlessly change, improve and optimise your nutrition and eating habits over time.

The Digestive Reset Plan begins with getting the basics right, then helps you personalise your own diet.

You’ll learn what it took me literally two decades consulting with clients to figure out.

We cover all the things that can disrupt digestion, like H. pylori, SIBO, Candida, parasites, low stomach acid and different “bad foods”.

I also provide lots of specific supplement protocols to help eliminate bad bugs from your gut, and then heal your digestive and immune systems.

We have weekly support calls on top of all the knowledge, recipes, and tips I teach you, and you get to mix and chat with like minded people in our community.

Believe it or not, the Digestive Reset Plan contains all the same information we teach to our private patients, at a tiny fraction of the cost.

I really believe it will be hugely beneficial for you.

You can learn more about the Digestive Reset Plan by clicking here.



The Digestive Reset Plan helps you reclaim your health, just like Lota did.

I can definitely say that I have my life back, 100%. Back pain is gone, palpitation is gone, bloating and sickness gone. Knowledge and education makes a huge difference. I will continue to stick to your advice.

Thanks again.