Genes vs. Environment (Nature vs. Nurture)

You are NOT a victim of your genes, and you can feel fantastic once again.

In 1953, Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA. This was fantastic for the human race, except for one thing: medicine told us that our health depends on our genes.

We were, and still are, told that if we have certain genes, we are doomed to disease and there’s nothing we can do about it.

But I’m here to tell you that this simply isn’t true. In fact, science now tells us that only about 5-10% of all disease is truly genetic.

This information came from the decade long human genome project, which finished shortly after the turn of the millennium.

It turns out that most of our symptoms and failing health are caused our environment, and our environment is food, water, infections, toxins and stress.

This is exciting news because it puts the control back in your hands.

You can take charge of your health by optimising your diet and lifestyle, and using state of the art tools available to you right now.

Watch the video and see what I mean.

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Here is the article on genes versus environment that I referred to:

cdc_gene-environment interaction fact sheet-1

Let’s talk about how you can overcome symptoms, feel great and reach your genetic potential.

Diet and Lifestyle

In many cases, we see huge improvements in the way people feel, look and perform, when they make simple changes to diet and lifestyle.

Sometimes, all symptoms go away when certain foods are removed, and this is something that’s completely overlooked by many doctors.

But it’s not easy to know what to do with all the conflicting information on the Internet and in a seemingly infinite number of self-help diet books.

That’s why I created the Digestive Reset Plan, which you can read about, below.

State of the art testing

Believe it or not, for around $150-200, you can have your genes tested at home using a saliva sample.

You can actually see which gene mutations you have that might explain family illness, and your symptoms.

I had mine tested a couple of years ago, and found that I had mutations

But before you look at genes, it’s much wiser to figure out what the current state of play is in your digestive system and metabolism.

You can’t improve gene function until you remove bad bugs and toxins, reduce inflammation and add good nutrients back in to your body.

Again, cutting edge at home testing is available through a functional medicine provider or nutritionist. It is always a good idea to start with your digestive system, as it affects everywhere else in your body.

Getting started and taking it step-by-step

It all seems really easy, doesn’t it. But changing elements of a busy lifestyle can be challenging and even I find it tough sometimes.

I’ve found that without doubt the gradual changes work best, starting with the most important “big bang” changes.

Here’s how:

1.   The first step is to become  part of our H-pylori and Digestive Rest Plan community:

  • Let me teach you, step-by-step, how to adjust your diet and lifestyle to optimise not only your digestion, but also your energy, mood and other areas.
  • Get weekly support calls and ask fellow members for help and assistance.
  • Access the very same supplement protocols I recommend to my private clients.

2. Some people like the idea of an online community, but you might prefer some fast-tracking… and we can help with this, too*

  • Home stool testing can find hidden symptoms triggers
  • Organic acids testing – a simple urine test – isn’t quite as comprehensive as a stool test, but can enlighten you as to why you’re not feeling like your usual self – it’s also a less expensive entry level lab
  • If you would prefer to speak with someone one-to-one for that little bit of extra support, you can book a phone or Skype consult, or a face to face meet if you’re in the UK.

* Members get great discounts on all tests and consults.

2.  To fast-track the process, book a consultation, or get an exclusive at home digestive health evaluation.

  • This state of the art, home assessment uses cutting edge technology that’s simple to use to enable you to find out exactly what is going on in your digestive system so that you can quickly take specific action steps to feel well again.

I hope this has been helpful.

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