How Maria overcame bad digestion, low energy and hormonal problems

Maria’s story highlights how simple digestive imbalances can take their toll on the entire body, and how a few simple steps can bring about a complete recovery, no matter how long you’ve been feeling under the weather.

Maria, 41 contacted us because she’d been feeling unwell for quite some time.

In fact, she was struggling to remember the last time she felt “well.”

In particular, her digestive system was causing a lot of bother, and she had been struggling with a growing number of food intolerances.

She’d been to see other practitioners and had become very frustrated with a diminishing list of foods she was “allowed” to eat.

All of these issues were tanking her energy levels and making her feel tired.

Specifically, her symptoms included:

  • Food repeating on her
  • Bad taste in her mouth
  • Trouble digesting certain foods
  • Abdominal discomfort, which eased after bowel movements (a classic symptoms of “IBS”)
  • Constipation
  • Forgetfulness
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Low energy
  • Dark rings under her eyes
  • Breast tenderness and swelling
  • Low sex drive

As you can see, this was quite a list and Maria’s quality of life was obviously suffering significantly.

Despite this long list of symptoms, I was confident in helping Maria improve her situation and feel much better again.

Maria’s stool test result

We started with a stool test and as you can see, an H. pylori infestation was detected, along with one of the genetic strains that tends to cause more aggressive symptoms.

Maria’s symptoms were almost certainly being caused or exacerbated by H. pylori.

Next, Maria’s stool test revealed a parasite called D. fragilis, as you can see below.

This parasite isn’t well known to doctors, but in the literature, it is very strongly connected to bowel symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and abdominal pain.

Next, the stool test showed that Maria’s gastrointestinal immune system was running on empty, as demonstrated by her low secretory IgA level.

Maria’s blood test

When people have digestive problems, there is almost always a knock on effect elsewhere in the body.

Digestive invaders like H. pylori tend to cause nutrient deficiencies because they compromise food digestion and nutrient absorption.

Maria’s blood test showed that her thyroid hormone levels were too low, and that her body had become depleted in several important nutrients, including:

  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Protein
  • Fat and cholesterol
  • Vitamin B6

Deficiencies in just one or two of these key nutrients would have made Maria feel unwell, so to have FIVE major deficiencies was hugely important.

It was impossible for her body to work properly without these nutrients, as they affect energy production, hormones, mood, immune function and more.

How Maria fixed her health

Because she was experiencing adverse reactions to a range of foods, Maria’s diet was quite limited.

I reassured her that once the “bad bugs” had been cleared from her digestive system, her ability to tolerate a range of foods would improve.

I recommended a series of herbal and nutritional protocols to rebalance Maria’s microbe levels and support her ability to digest food.

We used stomach acid support, digestive enzymes and liver/gallbladder support to ramp up her digestive power.

Sometimes, when the digestive system is healed, people don’t need nutritional supplements to improve their nutrient levels.

Even though Maria has deficiencies in protein, fats, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin B6, we held off these nutrients until we could gauge how she was progressing.

Interestingly, many of Maria’s symptoms improved or even disappeared simply by optimizing her digestion.

We did use support some of these nutrients through supplementation, but large doses were not required once Maria’s digestive system was working well.

Maria’s health improvements

Just by working on her digestive health, Maria was able to overcome nearly all her symptoms over the space of a few months.

Maria’s digestive system improved dramatically, and all the digestive symptoms went away apart from a little tummy gurgling on occasions.

Her energy level, mood and memory improved, and her hormonal symptoms (breast tenderness, in particular) disappeared.

Thankfully, Maria found herself able to eat a much wider variety of foods without adverse reactions, and this gave her much more freedom and enjoyment in her diet.

It wasn’t a magic wand “quick fix”, but patiently waiting a few months was a small price to pay considering she couldn’t remember the last time she felt well.

Poor digestion = poor everything else

The digestive system allows “good stuff” into your body and prevents “bad stuff” from getting in.

When it’s not working properly, too much bad stuff enters your body, and not enough good stuff can get in.

This is precisely what was happening with Maria.

All we did was identify which bad stuff needed to be removed, and which good stuff needed to be replaced – it’s dead simple.

Maria’s results are far from unique – anyone can achieve these results as long as they know the reasons why they’re not feeling well.

It’s different for each person.

Sometimes, it’s H. pylori; sometimes it’s Candida.

Sometimes it’s a parasite or bacterial overgrowth.

Usually, there’s some degree of disruption to the digestive process and immune system, too.

But the point is this: unless you test, it’s impossible to know what will work best for you.

Maria didn’t know why she was feeling under the weather, but she took the action steps to find out.

I am certain that a stool test will help if you are not feeling well – no matter how long, and no matter what your doc has said about your condition.

If you’re tired of your symptoms and just want to get your life back, I really do recommend you order a home stool test.

Yes, it’s not cheap, which is why I’ll gladly soften the blow with a money back guarantee.

If the stool test fails to detect meaningful information, I’ll refund every penny or cent for you.

So give it a shot – the results could astonish you.

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