How Marina fixed here energy, focus and menstrual cycle

Marina’s story shows how digestive problems can lead to seemingly unrelated symptoms elsewhere in the body.

In Marina’s case, she had been feeling very tired. In fact, she needed to nap regularly just to get through the day.

By around noon each day, she would have a foggy mind and struggle to think clearly.

These symptoms were bad enough on their own, but importantly, they were interfering with her ability to be a great Mom to son, Leo.

Finally, Marina was struggling each month with hormonal symptoms – premenstrual syndrome and breast tenderness, in particular.

But how could these symptoms be connected to Marina’s digestion?

Let’s take a look.

Marina’s stool test

The stool test revealed a number of important findings.

First, H. pylori was detected, as you can see below:

Next, Marina’s stool sample revealed three parasites and some fungal overgrowth.

The parasites were Blastocystis, Dientameba and Cyclospora, whereas the fungal organisms were Candida and Geotrichum.

Tellingly, Marina was also struggling to digest her food.

The low Elastase-I level you can see below indicates suppressed pancreatic enzyme levels.

Marina’s elevated steatocrit shows that fat is not being digested and absorbed properly.

Marina’s urine test

Marina also ran a urine test called organic acids. This test checks the urine for the “chemical footprints” left by bacteria and fungi in the gut.

The results confirmed Marina’s Candida overgrowth and also detected some mould overgrowth (note that when I was feeling crappy in 2007, I also had mould overgrowth in my GI tract).

So, what could be going on?

Energy and brain fog

Marina’s symptoms were low energy, brain fog, and hormonal symptoms.

Her stool test revealed H. pylori, fungal overgrowth, parasites and suppressed digestion.

Chronic digestive infections cause havoc with energy production in a number of ways.

First, if you are unable to digest food properly, you can’t get fuel into your cells for energy production. Naturally, this can cause low energy.

Next, some of the bad bugs produce chemicals that interfere with energy production.

Some of the fancy names for these toxins include endotoxin or lipopolysaccharides (LPS), acetaldehyde, arabinose and ammonia.

Third, ammonia, which can accumulate in the nervous system due to bacterial overgrowth, has a very strong ability to cause brain fog.

Fourth, these symptoms can develop simply from having inflammation in the GI tract, stemming from the bad microbes.

Thus, already we can begin to see why, from assessing digestive health, Marina was experiencing fatigue and cognitive problems.

Was there any evidence of these mechanisms?

In addition to assessing Marina’s digestive health, we ran a comprehensive blood test to uncover more information.

The blood test gave us excellent additional information.

  • Low creatinine, globulin and total protein indicated protein deficiency (due to poor digestion)
  • Low calcium suggested a deficiency in this mineral (lots of stomach acid is required for calcium absorption)
  • Low ALP indicates a possible zinc deficiency
  • Low Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase suggests vitamin B6 and glutathione depletion, which significantly impairs immune function and detoxification

  • Low RBC, hemoglobin and hematocrit indicate some form of anemia, which causes fatigue – in Marina’s case the anemia was due to B vitamin depletion, especially B6, folate and B12
  • Elevated eosinophils suggests parasites, which we found in the stool test
  • Elevated monocytes indicates some form of ongoing or recent infection, again, which we detected in other tests

What about Marina’s hormones?

I’ve worked with many ladies who found relief in hormone symptoms by healing their digestion.

It’s really important to consider that hormones are slaves to whatever else is going on in the body.

There isn’t enough space in this case study to explore all the reasons, but in Marina’s body, here’s what was probably happening.

Premenstrual symptoms are usually caused by an imbalance of oestrogen and progesterone. Testosterone is sometimes involved.

Hormones have to be made, used and degraded, with degradation occurring in the liver.

If the liver is overwhelmed, it can’t get rid of hormones properly, which potentially leads to hormonal symptoms.

What’s more, if nutrient depletion has taken place (zinc, B6, folate, B12, in Marina’s case), then hormone metabolism simply will not function properly.

How did Marina fix her symptoms?

The process was quite simple, but I must caution you that it was not a quick fix – there was no magic wand.

Over the course of a few short months, Marina focused on improving her diet. She concentrated on eating more protein and nutrient dense foods.

On top of the nutritional foundation, we worked through a series of specific supplement protocols with the aims of achieving the following:

  • Removing H. pylori, fungal organisms and parasites
  • Improving ability to digest food
  • Supporting liver and detoxification functions
  • Replacing low nutrients
  • Finally, once the above had been done, we used some targeted hormonal support to fine tune Marina’s menstrual cycle

What was the outcome?

There were a couple of ups and downs along the way, but Marina made fantastic progress. Here’s what she said:

I remember a time I used to have to sleep for 2 hours in the afternoon otherwise I couldn’t get through the day.

I would wake up and 2 hours later I would feel exhausted again. I find myself not needing to do that anymore as I have energy throughout the day.

On waking sometimes it would feel like I had been hit by a bus. And now I wake with energy!

By about 12pm I would feel clouded and it was like I couldn’t think. Lots of confusion. Now I don’t feel like that anymore and am able to be with leo and have the energy to play with him.

Every month I would get really bad PMT and this month is the first month I haven’t had any symptoms.

As it turns out gut health is at the heart of this self care experiment

We found parasites, mould, fungus and bacteria that were not only playing havoc with my energy levels as my digestive system, detox system and hormonal system were out of whack because of my gut.

I now have energy to give, Be with my son as I have the energy to do so (which has been the biggest blessing) and just enjoy my life.

What I have loved the most about this journey is to discover I live in a body! I don’t know how many years I walked around thinking that my body was an inconvenience and something that I could trash without consequence! Doh!

You can achieve the same results

When I wasn’t feeling very well back in 2007, a wise man said to me, “Nobody is forcing anyone else to be unhealthy and that goes for you, too.”

He was right.

Even though I’d known for several years about the kinds of testing described above, it took my more than three years to actually take the plunge and do them.

It was silly, really, as within 90-days I felt great again. It was a big lesson.

Marina didn’t know about these tests until her friend mentioned she make contact and, sadly, many other people remain unaware just how helpful they are.

I am certain that a stool test will help if you are not feeling well – no matter how long, and no matter what your doc has said about your condition.

If you’re tired of your symptoms and just want to get your life back, I really do recommend you order a home stool test.

Yes, it’s not cheap, which is why I’ll gladly soften the blow with a money back guarantee.

If the stool test fails to detect meaningful information, I’ll refund every penny or cent for you.

So give it a shot – the results could astonish you.

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