Please read this letter from top to bottom before you spend another penny or cent on herbal or nutritional supplements…

“Rolls Royce” Urine Test Reveals 46 Ways Your Body Might Be Out Of Balance & Shows You Which Nutrients Will Help You Feel Better, Fast!”

  • Are your energy levels and mood lower than you’d like?

  • Are you feeling anxious, on edge, or “tired but wired?”

  • Are you bloating and getting “IBS” even though you eat a healthy diet?

  • Do your muscles and joints ache?

  • Do have a cupboard full of supplements that don’t seem to help?

  • Are you pissed about wasting money only to get nowhere?

Like many of our clients, you’re probably frustrated with your symptoms, and a lack of answers about why you don’t feel well.

We’d love to help.

A urinary “Organic Acids” test is a simple, convenient and evidence-based way to uncover WHY you don’t feel well if your doctor, nutritionist or naturopath can’t find the answer.

The Organic Acids test provides more information about how your body is working than any other home lab test I know – it’s the “Rolls Royce” or metabolic testing.

It saves you time and money, gives you peace of mind and a clear direction on what to do in order to restore optimal health and vitality.

Organic Acids Can Provide the “Missing Link”

A single finding on an organic acids test can provide the missing link and the underlying reason for your symptoms.

Perhaps you don’t feel well because of…

  • A stealth digestive problem that a stool test can’t find
  • Hidden or “silent” inflammation in your body
  • A single nutrient deficiency like vitamin B12 or carnitine
  • Low energy production in your cells
  • Stress overload on your body
  • Low levels of “feel good” chemicals like serotonin and dopamine
  • Overwhelmed in your liver and kidneys
  • Exposure to toxins

Learn more about this incredibly helpful lab test by watching this video:

What Are These Strange “Organic Acids” & Why Should You Even Care?

Organic acids are substances that show up in your urine as part of normal metabolism.

In moderate amounts they indicate a healthy metabolism.

But when organic acids are excessively high or low they can indicate areas where your metabolism is out of balance – either over or underactive.

Once you know where these imbalances are, you can take simple, laser-focused steps to get your metabolism back into balance.

What Problems & Imbalances Can An Organic Acids Test Identify For You?

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth:

“SIBO” can’t be found on a stool test but it causes irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, GERD, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and is linked with fatigue, mood and memory problems, arthritis and other body-wide problems.

Candida Overgrowth:

Organic acids can reveal small intestinal Candida overgrowth that a stool test may miss; Candida causes irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, GERD, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, dandruff, athlete’s foot, vaginal infections and is linked with mood and memory problems, foggy thinking and chronic pain such as arthritis.

Fatty Acid Metabolism:

When you’re not burning fat properly to make energy, you’ll feel tired, down and have difficulty burning fat / losing weight; if your fat metabolism is out of balance you need carnitine and vitamin B2 to get it kick started.

Sugar and Carbohydrate Metabolism:

Inefficient sugar metabolism causes fatigue, mood swings, sweet cravings, energy dips and leads insulin resistance and possibly even diabetes; if you’re imbalanced in this area you’ll need to pay special attention to your diet and stress levels and may need  lipoic acid and vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5 supplements.

Energy Production in your Cells:

Each cell has to make energy; if this doesn’t happen properly you’ll have low energy levels and possibly chronic fatigue often accompanied by low moods, constipation, poor memory and concentration; lots of nutrients are involved and imbalances can indicate protein deficiency, B-vitamin deficiency, coenzyme-Q10 deficiency and mineral deficiencies, especially copper, iron, magnesium and manganese.

B-Vitamin Status:

Deficiencies in B-vitamins can cause low energy levels, mood problems, detoxification problems, altered brain chemistry, headaches and even serious neurological symptoms; organic acids testing tells you about your  B1, B2, B3, B4 (biotin), B5, B6, B9 (folic acid) and B12 status; an Organic Acids test tells you which B-vitamins will benefit you as an individual.

Stress Hormone Metabolism (Adrenaline and Noradrenaline):

High stress hormone levels indicate excessive stress in and on your body; they cause anxiety and hyperactivity – sometimes ADD in children; low levels indicate “adrenal burnout” and can lead to very flat energy levels, altered memory, concentration and mood; when levels are high, it’s important to find out why your body is under stress.

Serotonin and Dopamine Metabolism (Feel Good Brain Chemicals):

Certain organic acids provide information about brain chemistry; high levels indicate stress and may cause diarrhea, anxiety, insomnia and a “tired but wired” feeling; low levels indicate “burnout” and can cause fatigue and depression; both high and low levels can be caused by digestive problems and stress; when these chemicals are out of balance you can be low on confidence and self esteem, or be more prone to cravings and addictive patterns (alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.)

Ammonia Toxicity:

Ammonia is produced by your body, and by microbes in your gut; it’s very toxic and has to be detoxified by your kidneys; high levels can reduce energy, brain and nerve function, causing changes in your mood, memory and cognition; ammonia toxicity may require arginine supplementation or other measures to support your kidneys and liver.

Exposure to Xylene (a Potent Environmental Toxin):

Xylene is a common solvent; solvents are prevalent in your indoor environment from air fresheners, cleaning liquids, personal care products; they increase inflammation, toxicity and oxidative stress in your body, which is a risk factor for many serious diseases (see “oxidative stress”, below); when there’s evidence of xylene exposire we need to find the source of the exposure and reduce it, whilst support your body’s ability to detoxify using supplements such as glycine.

Liver Detoxification Capacity:

When certain organic acid are high in your urine it indicates liver overload and problems with your ability to detoxify; symptoms include allergies, tiredness, mood and focus problems, skin symptoms, headaches, chronic pain, body odour and bad breath; when these processes in your body are out of balance, you’ll need to heal your gut and support your liver and kidneys using very specific nutritional supplement protocols that include milk thistle, taurine, methionine and others.


Inflammation is caused when your body is under chronic psychological stress, when you have food allergies, and when you’re fighting toxins and chronic infections; inflammation underpins virtually all symptoms and diseases and it’s really important to reduce its level if you want to feel better; certain herbs, vitamins and dietary changes can reduce inflammation very effectively.

Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Levels (vitamins C and E):

Oxidative stress goes hand in hand with inflammation; it’s a known risk factor for autoimmune disease, cancer and heart disease; in fact, it’s the process underpinning these diseases; detecting oxidative stress is therefore very important and the organic acids test is a great way to do it without needing a blood test; if oxidative stress levels are high, it’s prudent to find out why, and to supplement with the appropriate antioxidants in the right doses.

Tons of Information with Massive Benefit and Practical Application In Your Life

I’m sure you’ll agree, an organic acids test provides a substantial amount of info about how your body is working.

This information has helped me unravel health mysteries for hundreds of my clients.

Sometimes, all it takes is one specific supplement – say carnitine, vitamin B6 or Coenzyme-Q10 and BOOM, a person feels better within 48 hours.

In other cases, it takes longer because more things have to be considered.

But by doing an organic acids test, you’re no longer in the dark about why you’re not feeling well, and you finally get some scientific guidance on how to actually begin restoring your vitality.

Laser Focused Supplement Protocols

I know first hand that nutritional and herbal supplements can be hugely beneficial, but how do you know which ones you need as an individual and how do you know you’re not wasting money and valuable time taking the wrong ones?

We’ve worked with so many people who were really frustrated about having a cupboard full of supplements that didn’t make any difference to how they felt and were now just gathering dust and taking up cupboard space.

It can also be DANGEROUS to take too much of a supplement if you don’t need it.

For example, research now shows that too much folic acid is toxic to your body!

An organic acids test helps you fine tine and focus your supplement regimen with pinpoint accuracy, giving you peace of mind that you’re not wasting your money and that every penny you spend is helping you reach your health goals.

Remember, an organic acids test provides information about 46 possible metabolic imbalances and the relevant supplement options for you as a unique individual.

Discover more about Organic Acids testing by watching a 15min video review in which I interpret a real life sample report

How You Do An Organic Acids Test?

It couldn’t be simpler to do an organic acids test, in fact it’s easier to do than a stool test (and not as smelly!):

  1. Order and receive your test kit
  2. Read the instructions carefully
  3. Collect a urine sample first thing in the morning
  4. Freeze the sample
  5. Return your urine sample to the lab
  6. It takes about 10 working days for the lab to complete its analysis and release your results
  7. You receive your detailed results on a 7-page colour PDF document
  8. You can keep your results with your medical records

It’s such an easy process – I wish more people knew about it!

Getting the Most Out of Your 7-Page Organic Acids Test Report

An organic acids test is NOT the easiest test to interpret! In fact, the test report is a whopping 7-pages long.

There are lots of long words that are hard to pronounce, for example “alpha-hydroxybutyrate” and “8-hydroxy 2-deoxyguanosine”.

It’s not exactly cocktail party talk!

Along with lots of coloured charts, it can be tough to know what your result is telling you, and wouldn’t you agree that without knowing what your results mean it’s really tough to take meaningful action.

That’s why we include a case review and 60-minute phone or Skype consultation to help you find meaning in the numbers and long words and to take the stress away from the process for you.

We’ll tell you what each specific result means, along with how the test fits in with your symptoms, health history and any other lab tests you might have done.

Planning a Course of Action to Help You Beat Your Symptoms & Feel Great

During your consultation, we’ll arecommend a course of action for you to help bring back into balance all the results that are too high or too low.

This course of action may include:

  • Advice on nutrition and eating habits
  • Recommendations on breathing, movement and physical activity
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Specific supplements such as vitamins, minerals and herbs
  • Recommendations for other tests that we feel may be relevant and important in your case

The Organic Acids Test at A Glance

  • Reveals reasons for many common symptoms
  • Single urine sample done at home
  • Takes around 7-10 working days for your results
  • You receive a 7-page PDF document with your results
  • 46 different metabolic markers
  • Fat and sugar metabolism
  • Energy production
  • B-vitamin deficiencies
  • Stress levels and adrenal burnout
  • Brain chemistry metabolism
  • Ammonia toxicity and kidney function
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Detoxification capacity
  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Candida overgrowth
  • 60min case review and results interpretation consultation

My “Better Than Money Back” Guarantee

In eight years, not a single person has requested a refund for this test.


Because it’s incredibly accurate and reveals hidden reasons for symptoms that other tests cannot find, and that most medical doctors won’t even considered.


If for any reason this test does NOT uncover the reasons you’re not feeling well, I’ll refund every penny for you.Guaranty Ribbon

What’s more I’ll give you my entire digital product library absolutely FREE (all my e-books and DVD footage at a value of more than $150).

We’ll also honour your 60min consultation and make sure you receive a thorough and in depth case review and consultation.

That’s how confident I am that we can help you.

How to Order Your Organic Acids Test & Personalised Case Review

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