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Jonathan Wright on Stomach Acid

It’s common belief that heartburn and acid reflux are caused by too much stomach acid.

This makes sense, right?

Logically, acid and burning symptoms simply have to be caused by excess acid.


The majority of people with heartburn and reflux actually have low stomach acid levels.

In fact, many of our clients experience improvements in heartburn and acid reflux when they use hydrochloric acid supplements with their meals.

Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD has a great video on this topic – have a watch of it below.

What can you do if you have heartburn and acid reflux symptoms?

If you have heartburn and reflux, I’m not saying you should stop taking antacids.

BUT, it is my experience that these meds are often not needed if you take the appropriate steps to uncover the underlying reasons for your acid and heartburn symptoms.

FIRST, consider your foods and follow the simple nutrition guidelines outlined in The H. Pylori Diet.

Sometimes, just changing your foods can resolve heartburn.

Oh, and remember to chew your food thoroughly, as doing so will ease a lot of strain on your digestive system.

SECOND, I strongly recommend that you run the right tests to uncover why your levels are low.

Candida, SIBO, parasites, food allergies and other factors can cause heartburn, and so can things like hiatal hernias and nutritional deficiencies.

In my opinion, the best starting point would be a comprehensive stool test which will tell you if you’re digesting food properly.

It’s also going to show you if you have bad bugs living in your tummy.

Remember: a stool test like this isn’t just going to help you with heartburn – if you have IBS, bloating, constipation, gas, abdominal pain and other digestive symptoms, it’ll help uncover the reasons for those, too.

Watch out for future articles on home tests you can do for stomach acid levels – they’ll be coming soon.

For now, Click here to learn more about the comprehensive stool tests.