Banish Bad Bugs to Beat Your Symptoms – Video 1

 Hi and a very warm welcome to this special mini-class, covering the topic of parasite symptoms, testing and treatment.

This video teaches you:

  • Why parasites are western medicine’s best kept secret
  • Why parasites are definitely NOT just a tropical problem
  • Where parasite live in your body
  • How I beat my own parasites in 2007
  • The FOUR main parasite types that might be lurking in your body

I highly recommend you watch the videos in this series so you get to see the slides as well as listen to the audio.

If you’d rather download the MP3 file and listen to the audio on your media player / in your car, please go ahead and do so.

You’ll also find a short bonus document called “What Is Functional Medicine?” beneath the video window – it’s a very quick and easy read, introducing you to the exciting new discipline that I believe is the future of medicine.

(“To watch the video, hover your mouse cursor over the video window and click on the little play arrow in the bottom left corner. Allow a few seconds for the video to load, and ensure your volume is turned up”)

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Download your special bonus document “What Is Functional Medicine?”

If you would like to learn how to find parasites in your own body, without leaving the comfort of your home, then click here.