Banish Bad Bugs to Beat Your Symptoms – Video 3

Hi and a very warm welcome to the third special mini-class video, covering the topic of parasite symptoms, testing and treatment. In this video you will learn:

  • Which foods to avoid when you have parasites
  • My proven 5-STEP PROCESS for removing them from your body


I hope you find the video helpful!

(“To watch the video, hover your mouse cursor over the video window and click on the little play arrow in the bottom left corner. Allow a few seconds for the video to load, and ensure your volume is turned up”)

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Parasite Questionnaire

Click here download and complete the parasite questionnaire

Of course, a questionnaire only lets you know whether you MAY have parasites – the only way to find out whether your symptoms are being caused by parasites, bacteria, or Candida is to run a test.


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Want more information on the parasite and digestive health tests?

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