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PMS and period pains

Much of my time is spent treating PMS, period pains and all the other symptoms that go along with a “faulty” menstrual cycle.

It’s not just these symptoms that cause misery – they also put a huge burden on relationships, work and being a good mum.

But in each and every case I have treated, symptoms improved – or went away completely – simply by healing their digestion.

It sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well here are two cases that I’d like to share with you, and one, as you’ll read, is extremely personal to me.

Way back in 2002, I worked with a young lady who was experiencing excruciating period pains each month.

We found out that when she avoided gluten, her period pain went away, but if she ate it, the symptoms came back.

The fix was that simple: all she need do was avoid gluten (if you’ve read my book you’ll see why).


Now take a look at this couple.

Perhaps to you, the girl looks like a picture of health. But all was not well.

The picture is of me and my ex-fiance, Anna, who experienced mood swings, oily skin, acne and menstrual cramps for 8 years.

The period pains were so bad she was taken to hospital several times.

She also felt so depressed thoughts of suicide passed through her mind.

She’d seen 4 doctors and none of them could resolve the symptoms, despite the contraceptive pill and antidepressants.

Yet I was able to help her resolve these 8 years of symptoms inside 60-days by altering her diet and running a stool test, which  found H pylori and Candida overgrowth, which were then dealt with appropriately.

I have a long list of cases like these where working on digestion caused “hormonal” symptoms to vanish.

The truth is, it’s impossible to have healthy hormones if the gut’s not working properly.

PMS symptoms like bloating, water retention, severe mood swings, spots and other symptoms are debilitating.

And as you will know, menstrual and menopausal symptoms can be horrible, affect relationships, work and many other aspects of life.

But I can guarantee you these symptoms will go away once you figure out WHY they’re happening, and the first place to look is ALWAYS your gut.

That’s why I’m a strong advocate of stool tests. They don’t treat symptoms – but they do tell you what’s causing them. And when you know that, a few simple changes to your lifestyle could bounce you right back to good health.

Sometimes, the changes are no more than avoiding certain foods. Sometimes natural herbs are needed to flush any bad bugs out from your gut. And sometimes we need to do a little more.

But until you get a stool test, you won’t know what needs to be done.

Don’t forget, they are done in the comfort of your own home, you just send a sample off.

And there’s also a money back guarantee – if it comes back blank and there is nothing to treat, you get a full refund.

Seeing as you’ve read this far, I guess I’ve struck a chord somewhere, so I really, really urge you to get a test done.

Don’t do what I did – I battled ill health for four years before I took one. Leaving it so long was the biggest mistake of my life.

Click here to find out more about a test, or to arrange one right now.