Too much fear around H pylori and stomach cancer?

H pylori can lead to stomach cancer, but it won’t happen overnight and won’t happen at all if you get rid of it.

Please don’t stress. Please don’t be fearful.

Watch the video and then take the appropriate actions!

Just click on the little triangle at the bottom left of the video window, and make sure your sound is on.

Whether you take antibiotics or follow my natural programme (or both!) it’s critically important to make sure you get retested.

If your doc refuses to do this for you, either find another doc or drop us a line.

We can test for H pylori and its most important sub-types (VacA and CagA – the ones associated with ulcers, cancer, heart disease and so on).

As always, I’m here to help so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send an email.



PS, here’s some technical babble with the stats and emphasis that it’s your individual relationship with H. pylori that determines the outcome.

Among infected individuals, approximately 10% develop severe gastric lesions such as peptic ulcer disease, 1%-­3% progresses to gastric cancer. The outcomes of H. pylori infection are determined by bacterial virulence, genetic polymorphism of hosts as well as environmental factors.”

It’s your job to deal with your situation and not compare yourself with other people, no matter what your doctor says.


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