Join us on New H. Pylori Home Recovery Plan & Learn How to Resolve Your Symptoms in Less Time

This is a time-tested and proven program I’ve fine-tuned for more than half a decade. It’s the exact same program I use for my one-to-one coaching – but for a fraction of the investment, thanks to weekly teleclinics like the one you have just watched.

What is it?

The H-Pylori Home Recovery Plan is a 12-week, step-by-step program that’s easy to follow. It’ll help you beat H pylori and its symptoms fast – as well as showing you how to stay H-pylori-free and healthy.

What Results Can You Expect?

Of course, I can’t promise miracles, but people who follow the advice in this program nearly always:

  • Quickly overcome digestive symptoms
  • Improve their energy levels
  • Experience improvements in mood
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Experience less pain
  • Eliminate unwanted “bad bugs” from their system

(Don’t just take my word for it – read the testimonials at the bottom of the page)

You see, this program is not just about eliminating H. pylori – it’s about showing you how what you do on a daily basis, in terms of diet and lifestyle, impacts your wellbeing.

Once you implement the recommendations presented in this program, your body will thank you forever because you’re removing the root cause of dozens of symptoms and illnesses.

How is it Delivered?

  • The H. Pylori Home Recovery Plan is delivered live in a series of weekly
  • Just ONE LESSON each week, with a set of quick and easy ACTION STEPS
    for you to do during the week.
  • Each new action step builds upon the last, giving you a long-term strategy to
    remain symptom-free.

In order for you to get the information in a format that suits your needs, you receive:

  • The video presentation of each lesson.
  • A downloadable PDF of that lesson on which you can make notes.
  • An Action Guide for each lesson, again as a PDF.
  • The MP3 recording of each lesson for audio consumption on your phone, or in
    your car.


  • All the H. Pylori Home Recovery Plan Lessons are recorded and placed on the
    private-access section of my website.
  • As such, you get LIFETIME access to the entire program. When I say lifetime,
    I mean LIFETIME.
  • This means you can dip in to the program any time you want and if you’re
    unable to attend the live sessions, you can access and follow the program at
    your own pace.

What You’ll Learn…

  • Which commonly eaten foods damage your gut and may prevent you feeling better, even if you eliminate H. pylori.
  • How to avoid these foods, and precisely why I believe they ought to be avoided (knowing why to avoid them helps you take action).
  • Which foods knock out energy production in your body, leaving you feeling tired and lethargic.
  • Delicious alternative foods to replace of the ones you avoid.
  • Precisely how to remove H. pylori using specific botanical protocols.
  • How to minimize the risk of yeast and fungal overgrowth during and after your H pylori treatment protocol, whether it’s with herbs or antibiotics.
  • How to use nutrition to heal your stomach and intestinal lining faster.
  • How to ensure you digest and absorb nutrients properly from your brand new eating plan so that you give your body everything it needs to heal itself.
  • How to restore your “good” bacteria levels using food and/or supplements.
  • How to identify whether you have specific food allergies that may interfere with your recovery, and how to avoid them.
  • How to tell if you have other bad bugs in your digestive system that may alsoprevent your recovery and how to eliminate them safely.
  • How to use food to optimize energy production in your body.
  • Why chronic digestive infections like H pylori can disrupt sleep and mood and the simple steps you can take to improve these aspects of your health.
  • How to use food to get a perfect night’s sleep and wake feeling fully refreshed.
  • How this improved energy production will build for you a bulletproof immune system that keeps you healthy for years to come.

…and much more.

Ongoing Email Access & Support

To help seamlessly implement the advice into your daily routine, you’ll also receive:

  • Private email access to both me and Jack, so you can ask questions about your program and have them answered personally, within 24 hours.
  • (This service is usually only given to our private coaching clients)
  • Ask questions for our weekly Q&A calls.

How Do I know the H. Pylori Home Recovery Plan Will Help You?

Because it’s a time-tested and proven program that I’ve fine-tuned over eight years of experience to help my clients achieve success in their health-related goals.

In other words, it’s NOT some fad approach that’s here today, gone tomorrow and it’s NOT something I’m blindly testing out on you – I have more than a half-decade of success using the techniques I’ll be teaching you in the program.

If you don’t believe me, here are some of the testimonials we’ve received:

“I am delighted that I decided not to take antibiotics and tried your approach instead. I’m very grateful to have found your website. Thank you!”

~ Marilyn Thomson, Canada.

“I felt compelled to make contact with you after following your advice on diet. I have had several doses of antibiotics for H pylori. I have my energy back, I have no pain, no nausea I feel more confident. I just cannot believe it. I am eternally grateful to you for the well-researched advice. You have given me my life back.”

~ Anne, Glasgow, UK.

“The Hompes Method has done wonders for me! People have been amazed at the amount of weight I have lost and have all commented on how good I look, especially my skin. Despite my initial skepticism, it’s very clear that behind my “2lbs a week weight-loss” there’s a lot of science and expertise. It’s a programme like no other I’ve ever experienced.”

~ Richard Bosworth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

“I am now able to sleep naturally for the first time in 7-8 years! My energy levels are very good and my aching joints have subsided. My abdominal bloating is drastically reduced and family & friends have all noted how much better I look. I am now in my late 70’s but feel much younger and able at last to enjoy a more energetic lifestyle!

~ Barbara Ivall, UK.

My energy levels had dipped significantly over recent months, but after running some simple and affordable home laboratory tests, and following Jack’s timely and precise dietary advice & supplement program, I am delighted to have my energy levels back!”

~Maxine Taupin, Beverley Hill, Los Angeles.

When Does The Program Start?

The H. pylori Home Recovery Plan Lesson will take place on Tuesday 28th May and will continue each Tuesday until 6th
August, inclusive.

Remember, all lessons are recorded and the program can be taken at your own pace. If you miss a session, it does not matter, as recordings will be placed on the website no later than 48 hours after the live event.

Only 40 Spaces Available

Because of limitations on our email support time, Jack and I can only take 40 participants on this inaugural program. We’d love to take more, but we can’t support more than 40 people.

Once the 40 places are filled, the program is full and will close for registration until the next program, in just over three months’ time (one program per quarter).

Special Inaugural Program Bonuses

If you enroll on the 12-week H. Pylori Home Recovery Plan, you’ll also receive more than $82.80 in FREE bonus gifts:

  • What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Parasites PDF e-book (worth $14.95)
  • H. Pylori Diet PDF e-book (worth $14.95)
  • The H. Pylori Diet Recipe and Cookbook (valued at $24.95)
  • H. Pylori Secrets DVD (online access – worth $27.95)
  • Digest Ease Recipe and Cookbook PDF e-book (worth $24.95)
  • A 25% discount on all future publications, DVDs and online programs, via your special VIP access code.

The First 20 Registrants Will be Entered in Our Special Prize Draw!

The first 20 registrants on the inaugural H. pylori Home Recovery Plan will be entered into a prize draw to receive a GI Effects 2105 stool test and personalized consultation, valued at $380.00.

Register For The First H. Pylori Home Recovery Plan!

Yes please, Dave, I’d like to join you on the very first LIVE H. Pylori Home Recovery Plan at the special “teleclinic” rate of $197.00.

I also understand you’ll offer me a 25% discount on all your future product and service releases as well as sending me access to your product bundle, valued at more
than $82.80:

  • H. Pylori Diet PDF e-book
  • The H. Pylori Diet Recipe and Cookbook
  • H. Pylori Secrets DVD Recording
  • Interview with Dr. Dan Kalish on his 15 years experience dealing with H. pylori
  • What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Parasites PDF e-book
  • Digest-Ease Recipe and Cookbook



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