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Thank you for these testimonials…

Some people ask me why I go on about stool tests so much.
The simple answer is when I took one, it transformed my life.The same goes for my diet too.But please don’t just take my word for it – have a look at the emails below.It’s nice to get them, but I know for every person that mails in with a ‘thank-you’ there are many more who are just happy to have their health back and move on. And that’s fine – we’re all busy.

Perhaps that’s another reason why so the stool tests are so effective: there’s no booking an appointment, taking time off work, waiting at the surgery, embarrassing conversations… and to make it worse, after all that, will the doctor be able to help?

But the stool tests are all done in the privacy of your own home. You just send a the sample off in the packaging provided. The results come back and you can start treating the cause – not just the symptoms.

And don’t forget, if your tests comes back, ‘blank’, you get a full refund, no questions asked.

Hopefully, you won’t just take my word for it: a big thank you to Donna, Monika, Kim, Audrey, Larisa and Blanchie for sharing their experiences.

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“Dear David,

As a testimonial to you , when I was in pain and had no where to turn I found someone namely you who seemed to understand the pain of H pylori, most certainly the Doctors did not, most doctors know barely anything about it, even though it causes such pain and damage.

I’ve actually had it three times, and One Doctor was actually intending to take away my gall bladder as he said I could not have H pylori again, the antibiotics dont always work and even now Im not sure that I will never get it again, it has weakened my stomach and I am now very prone to gastritis, where mine has been left undiagnosed for such long period. So anyone who is suffering now would do very well to listen to your expert advice as you are the no 1 expert as far as Im concerned and if I had known about you earlier I may not have been through so much pain and been so ignorant about this bacteria.

Thank you for your help kind regards


“Hi David,

“We don’t have stool testing for HP, just the breath test.  Have had HP since 2008, conventional meds not working.  Have followed your diet for HP & also taken 1 course of Helicox & Gut Bug formula both from my naturapath.  Had breath test early this month & for first time in years breath test came back negative for HP.



“Hi Dave,

I got your book and been suffering with hpylori for 10yrs…..I’ve been not only suffering stomache pain, but sleep problems, depression, fatigue, skin problems, etc……I have, since I received your book, have stopped diary and soy and gluten and feel so much better! I am no longer waking up with intestinal pain and burning in my stomache…I’m going to start my third triple round of antibotics again on Tuesday and pray with the help of this book too, to heal myself once and for all!



“I have been following your diet plan and I feel better when I eat the foods that I am on the diet. It is easy to follow it and I feel healthier then I ever did before. The first time I started this diet, I had lost 9 pounds in 8 days.


“Dear David!

I love your devotion to Hp patients, you are the only one in the world doing it! And I’m happy to know that many people did the stool test , because of you, and went trough the herbal treatment of yours. I did my stool test many years ago/ Nothing been found ( I had several a/b , herbal treatments at the time) , even I still had those symptoms of Hp presents.

I continue taking herbs currently ( stomach ease , of Yogi tea and plantain/ blackberyy fresh leaves daily + probiotics, chinese soure ( fungus) tea, blue cheese daily), feels much better, and I have stomach aches only in the morning.

My personal hope is for Hp vaccine. This is not normal to be a carrier of Hp for life. ( by the way- stool test will not show a cocci form of Hp, which is feature of the Hp carrier, so once you got the Hp you will have to suppress it whole your life, PCR stool test might be helpful on that, but who needs it – if you feel much better , taking herbs and oth. stuff daily- this is a style of life now for me)


“Hi Dave,

I just want to say  THANK YOU for helping me with all the problems I had when I found you on the internet about H-Pylori in 2010.

I am doing well.  Gained from 98 lbs. to 120 so happy.   Everyone tell  me how much better I look. If I had not found you when I did I don’t know where I would be today.

Thanks again for helping me eradicate the bacteria in my stomach and
the parasite in my intestine.



Click here to find out more about stool tests, or to arrange one.