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The Hompes Method

Attention: Nutritional Therapists, PTs, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Complementary Healthcare Providers…

“Become a leader in the health and wellbeing industry by achieving better client results, in less time, and with less wasted energy, while at the same time tapping into multiple income streams that can easily generate a six figure annual income for you within as little as eighteen months!”

Dear Practitioner,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it. My name is Dave Hompes, creator of The Hompes Method, a powerful nutrition and functional medicine system that helps people overcome chronic health complaints in what I call the Seven Areas of Health:

  • Digestion
  • Sex and reproduction
  • Energy
  • Aches and pains
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Skin, hair and nails

Six years ago, in mid-2007, I was experiencing chronic symptoms in six of these seven areas: my energy was low, I wasn’t sleeping properly, I had dry skin and dandruff, my libido was rock bottom, I felt anxious and irritable much the time and I had serious heartburn, occasional morning vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea.

As a so-called “fit and healthy” personal trainer and lifestyle coach at the time, this wasn’t a good situation.
Earlier that year I’d declared myself bankrupt due to a previous business not taking off and a bunch of misguided financial decisions. Soon after, my mother died suddenly, aged just 60. My stress levels were through the roof and my health was in the gutter.

Today, I’m eternally grateful for these events, and for my symptoms. Had it not been for this dire situation I probably wouldn’t be writing this letter; the result of my struggles was that I discovered a system of healthcare called Functional Medicine.

To cut a long story short, working with a Functional Medicine doctor in California, I discovered I was infected with a stomach bacterium called H. pylori, an intestinal parasite called Blastocystis hominis and I had a toxic mold overgrowth called Aspergillus.

Furthermore, I had a low testosterone level and my stress hormone cortisol was all over the place. No wonder I felt rubbish! However, 90-days later 80% of my symptoms had gone. I removed the H. pylori and other bad bugs from my gut, and rebalanced my hormones using a specific supplement programme.

Further tests showed I had low carnitine, magnesium, potassium and selenium levels as well as a vitamin B6 deficiency. Replenishing these nutrients brought me right back up to near 95% vitality.

I decided to learn and achieve mastery in this area of work, and over the last five years I’ve been able to consistently achieve similar results with my clients, whilst becoming a published author and at the same time growing my business – Health For The People Ltd – to a point where we earn in excess of £250,000 per year in revenue.

Now, I’m looking for inspired and committed people to help me continue to spread the word about Functional Medicine so we can help a whole load more people.

Learn to Deliver Hompes Method Functional Medicine Programmes to Your Patients and Clients

My Functional Medicine practice began with a glint in my eye and an idea that I’d like to help people who were struggling with H. pylori, just like had been.

Five years on, from a single website and book, I have a full client base and we’re so busy from the H. pylori work alone that I’ve mentored three more practitioners – Jack Walton, Steve Grant and Chris Salmon – to deliver the Hompes Method, with two more joining us in November 2013.

We now boast clients in Hollywood, the FA Premier League, professional golf and more and it’s my goal to create business opportunities for as many motivated and inspired practitioners as possible.

We’re growing quickly; whether you’d like to consider joining our team, or simply using Hompes Method to augment your own independent practice, I’d love the opportunity to teach you how to use my powerful method for maximum client health results and your business and financial success.



What Exactly is The Hompes Method?
The Seven Areas of Health

The Hompes Method is designed to help people overcome symptoms in what I’ve called the Seven Areas of Health. These are digestion, sex and reproduction, energy, aches and pains, mood, sleep, skin hair and nails.

As I’m sure you’re aware, these are the areas of health that the majority of people complain about most.

In fact, it’s reasonable to say that the majority of doctor visits around the world involve symptoms in one or more of these areas. Are you starting to see the opportunity that’s available?

The Vitality Scale

Symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health develop due to a gradual – or sudden – slide down what I call the Vitality Scale (something I’ve adapted from the teachings of Paul Chek).

Perfect health would be reflected as a “10” on the vitality scale. Symptoms in the Seven Areas tend to creep in at around a “7” and by the time people are at a “6” or “5”, their energy is low, they have nagging digestive symptoms, trouble sleeping, skin complaints and/or other common symptoms.


One of the reasons I’ve been successful is that I don’t work with people who are below a “4” on the scale. I leave these really tough cases to the medical system and practitioners who specialise in helping patients with serious diseases.

Bad Stuff versus Good Stuff

One of key principles of The Hompes Method is that declining vitality and increasing symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health are caused by a simple equation:

1. There is too much bad stuff in the body (bad food, bad bugs, bad toxins and bad hormones)

2. There isn’t enough good stuff in the body (good food, good bugs, good nutrients and good hormones)

The equation is shown in simple form, below:


Thus, in order to reclaim vitality and overcome symptoms in the Seven Areas, we simply need to remove the bad stuff and replace with the good stuff.

When we do this, we reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which are known to be primary causes of virtually all diseases, including heart disease, cancer and autoimmune conditions.

Thus, common sense tells us that The Hompes Method may help reduce disease risk factors as well as resolve chronic symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health.

It really is this simple, but you may have already spotted the problem: how do we know what bad stuff is there, and what good stuff is missing?

To find out, you’ll need to read on…

The Olympic Rings Health Analogy

The body is a cybernetic system; in other words, it’s one ‘grand’ system made up of lots of smaller systems.

The four body systems that tend to fall out of balance once there’s too much bad stuff in the body, and the good stuff has become depleted, are the hormone system, digestive system, detoxification system and immune system.

These systems are all linked together like a chain, so when one becomes dysfunctional, so do the others.

Symptoms in the structures of the body, such as skin, hair, nails, joints, muscles, bones and tendons don’t develop unless one or more of the other systems falls out of balance first.

This is explained in the Olympic Rings Health Analogy, below:


I use this diagram to explain to clients why their symptoms have developed, in addition to explaining the Vitality Scale and Bad vs. Good equation.

Resolving Health Issues Using The Hompes Method
The Hompes Method model is very simple:

  • Balance the Olympic Rings so the key systems – hormones, digestive, detoxification and immune – function in harmony with one another.…by
  • Removing bad stuff (foods, bugs, toxins, hormones) and replacing with good stuff (foods, bugs, nutrients, hormones).…which
  • Facilitates ascension of the Vitality Scale.…which
  • Resolves symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health.

How Do We Do It?
There are two distinct working levels in The Hompes Method:

1. Hompes Method Basics
2. Hompes Method Testing Toolkit

The Hompes Method Basics Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
Hompes Method Basics is a foundational nutrition and lifestyle programme to help clients remove bad foods and replace them with good ones. Without this foundation, the rest of The Hompes Method doesn’t work nearly as effectively.

You’ll learn to teach your clients the real big-bang nutrition and lifestyle strategies that bring the fastest results in the shortest period of time, whilst cutting through the vast sea of misleading information fed by the media.

***NOTE: Early bird registrants for the February 2014 Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training will receive a complimentary seat at the inaugural Hompes Method Basics Training weekend – read on for details***

Functional Laboratory Testing using the Hompes Method Testing Toolkit
On top of Hompes Method Basics foundational principles sits the Hompes Method Testing Toolkit, which is where the Hompes Method comes into its own.

The Testing Toolkit is comprised of what we call Functional Laboratory Tests, the majority of which can be done at home to help your clients determine:

1. Which bad stuff is in their body (bad bugs, bad toxins and bad hormones)


2. Which good stuff is inadequate (good bugs, good nutrients, good hormones)

Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can help your clients remove the bad stuff and replace the good stuff using clinically and scientifically proven supplement protocols that have been passed down and fine-tuned from some of the world’s finest doctors and practitioners.

What is Functional Medicine?
Functional Medicine is an exciting new discipline that’s interwoven into The Hompes Method. It employs the home-based laboratory testing described above to scientifically detect:

  • Bad things that have ended-up in the body.
  • Deficiencies of the good things that are needed for proper function.

As functional medicine practitioners, we do not treat specific symptoms or illnesses. This is the domain of medical doctors and we’re not allowed to make these diagnoses.

As such, our lab testing is designed to determine why people are unwell, not to label them with a “condition”.

Remember: The Hompes Method only asserts to correct symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health.

In other words, we don’t claim to help solve symptoms and illness, but we do help people improve digestion, improve energy levels, gain brighter skin and elevate their moods, etc.

As you’ve seen, in functional medicine we work on the basis that health challenges arise due to chronic imbalances in the body’s key systems – hormonal, digestive, detoxification and immune.

We’ve also seen that imbalances in these key systems generally develop because there’s too much bad stuff in the body and not enough good stuff.

It really is this simple in most cases and that’s exactly what functional medicine is all about – providing simple, common sense solutions to what can appear to be complex problems.

The easiest way to explain the differences between functional and conventional medicine is to use a simple table.

Functional Medicine Conventional Medicine
1. Views body as an interconnected system (Olympic Rings) 1. Mechanistic view of the body.
2. Identifies imbalances in physiology (Testing Toolkit) 2. Identifies and treats disease.
3. Resolves the underlying cause. 3. Treats symptoms.
4. Early predictor for dysfunction. 4. Later stage treatment of disease.
5. Health measured along a wellness spectrum (Vitality Scale) 5. Views health as absence of disease.
6. Identifies multiple therapeutic options (Food, Supplements, Exercise) 6. Provides few treatment options (drugs and surgery).

We don’t’ claim functional medicine is better or worse than conventional medicine. It’s simply a scientifically validated alternative that’s also clinically proven to work.

What are Functional Lab Tests?
Functional Lab tests give you, as a practitioner, the chance to determine the balance of good stuff and bad stuff in your clients’ bodies.

The tests can mostly be done in the comfort of your client’s home.

The test kits are sent to your client, then, on receipt of the test kit, a stool, urine, saliva, hair, or finger-prick blood sample is taken.

It’s then returned to the relevant lab for analysis.

That’s how simple it is, and your clients will love the ease and convenience.

The Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training
teaches you:

  • What specific functional lab tests are available for you and your clients
  • How and when to use them
  • How to interpret the results in the context of your client’s overall situation
  • Specific supplement protocols – including products, dosing, timing and fine-tuning – to address your client lab test results
  • How and when to re-test to ensure your client has made optimal progress

Customer Testimonials – Does The Hompes Method work?

The Hompes Method is effective in a wide range of situations where symptoms are experienced in the Seven Areas of Health. As long as we choose to work with clients who can truly benefit from the Method, it’s very rare we can’t help a client.

Here are a handful of testimonials from clients who have experienced excellent results working with me and other qualified Hompes Method practitioners:

“With a medical background I could not understand why my health issues had been deteriorating so much – abdominal bloating, digestive disorders, weight gain, low energy, sleep problems and aching muscles and joints, but I am now able to sleep naturally for the first time in 7-8 years! My energy levels are very good and my aching joints have subsided. My abdominal bloating is drastically reduced and family and friends have all noted how much better I look. I am now in my late 70’s but feel much younger and able at last to enjoy a more energetic lifestyle!”
Barba Ivall, UK

“My energy levels had dipped significantly over recent months, but after running some simple and affordable home laboratory tests, and following Jack’s timely and precise dietary advice and supplement programme, I am delighted to have my energy levels back!”
Maxine Taupin, Beverley Hill, Los Angeles

“The Hompes Method has done wonders for me! People have been amazed at the amount of weight I have lost and have all commented on how good I look, especially my skin. Despite my initial skepticism, it’s very clear that behind my “2lbs a week weight-loss” there’s a lot of science and expertise. It’s a programme like no other I’ve ever experienced.”
Richard Bosworth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

“When I contacted you, I felt as if there was no hope. After reading the information you shared with me, I began to see hope. I have now realised what we eat and the stressors we have in our life can affect our well being. I can now see and feel my dreams beginning to come true. I cannot begin to thank you for the help and enlightening information you gave me.”
Arlene Chavez, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“I have probably had stomach infections for 20 years unbeknown to me – that is certainly how long i have had my symptoms.  Dave helped me to clear it within 3 months using non-side effects herbs. Dave is the only person who has improved my bowel health in all this time.”
Joyce Dallimore, Wales.

“After some simple diet changes and a supplement programme to address adrenal fatigue and a C. difficile in my gut, I am almost back to my best. I was so impressed with my results that I’ve sent my entire family to see Dave Hompes.”
Pan Saladas, London.

“I have lost about 30 lbs and feel better at age 66 than I did when I was in my 40’s! The thing that I do not understand is that after all the years of GI problems I was having, not once did any of the physicians ever mention this.”
Tony Harrass, Caifornia.

“I wasn’t digesting food very well and then I ran a test that showed I had a parasite in my intestine. Within only a couple of weeks my symptoms had vastly improved and my cravings for sugar had gone! Great advice and it really works.”
Shane Hopper, Durham, UK (also a Hompes Method student)

“All the excess weight I was carrying has disappeared, my digestion is superb – and I am generally feeling energised and on top form.”
Laura Dempsey, Bath, UK.

“I can’t believe how much better I feel already. Besides much relief in gastro symptoms, I don’t have near as much joint pain.”
Lynn Dorr, Houston, Texas.

“With a few key supplements determined by some lab tests, alongside a gluten free diet, I am well on my way to a full recovery! I cannot thank you enough Dave for all of your help!”
John B, Los Angeles

“After three months on Dave’s natural programme, I am delighted to tell the world, I feel fabulous! No more antidepressants! With H. pylori and parasites, it hasn’t been easy, but I would advise anyone reading this to give Dave a try. His knowledge is extensive; go for it!”
Maggie Kernick, UK

“When I ran tests with Dave we found H pylori and another digestive infection. I can honestly say that I don’t have any chest pains and, at 31, I’ve felt better this pre-season than I’ve ever done in the past.”
Darren Ward, professional footballer, UK.

“I began working with David Hompes in late 2007, and he suspected that H. Pylori lay at the root of my problems. In April 2008 I carried out a stool antigen retest and was very happy to find my H. Pylori infection had been completely cleared. Dave also helped me deal with a Giardia infection that cropped up a little later.”
Cris Ramis, Southend-On-Sea, UK.

“I felt compelled to make contact with you after following your advice on diet. I have had several doses of antibiotics for H pylori. I have my energy back, I have no pain, no nausea and I feel more confident. I just cannot believe it. I am eternally grateful to you for the well-researched advice. You have given me my life back.”
Anne, Glasgow, UK.

“For the first time since May I’ve not had any pain or discomfort. I’d forgotten what that felt like! I even missed an Omeprazole tablet yesterday (something I wouldn’t normally dare do) and I’ve been ok!”
Mel Palmer, Lancaster, UK.

Functional Medicine – The Opportunity

Attitudes Towards Healthcare are Changing

There is no doubt that people’s attitude towards healthcare is changing as a result of the open sharing of information via the Internet and through independent media channels.

The public is becoming more and more aware that the current medical paradigm is not set up to adequately deal with chronic health challenges.

Sure, it can save your life if you’re struck down by a car, or serious infection, but chronic symptoms are simply suppressed with drugs and people are wise to it now.

The failing of western medicine in this regard is great news for you and I, for it provides a wonderful opportunity for us to help a lot of people.

Functional Medicine is a Scientific, Alternative Approach to Healthcare
Many people I speak to want to try alternative approaches to dealing with their health, but they’re scared by the media portrayal of disciplines such as homeopathy, reiki and others, which are often branded “unscientific”.

The Hompes Method Basics programme is backed by tens of thousands of scientific studies and hundreds of successful case histories.

The Hompes Method testing toolkit uses some of the most advanced laboratory technology available to detect excess bad stuff and inadequate good stuff in the body.

In other words, The Hompes Method is a solid, scientifically supported approach that’s backed by a lot of clinical experience and success.

That’s why people buy it – they LOVE the scientific nature of the testing and subsequent protocols.

Your Hompes Method Opportunity
There is no doubt whatsoever that Functional Medicine is going to grow rapidly as a mode of healthcare because of its scientific validity.

One of our goals in developing The Hompes Method and Hompes Method Training is to be leaders in the growth of this wonderful area of work.

It’s my opinion that inspired and motivated individuals – perhaps like yourself – have an exceptional career and business opportunity in Functional Medicine by being at the forefront of its growth.

My Observations of Other Courses and Programmes
I’ve practiced Functional Medicine for more than six years now, and during that time – and beforehand – I’ve studied countless Nutrition and Functional Medicine programmes.

Here are some of the shortcomings I’ve found in other training programmes I’ve taken.

To make it clear, these are just my observations and are not overt criticisms. I am very grateful to my teachers, without whom I would not be doing this work.

My point is merely that I’ve attempted to ensure Hompes Method Training does not have the same shortcomings as some of these other programmes.

  • Some programmes are really designed for one country or region and the teachings and methods are either hard to implement – or, indeed illegal – in other countries.
  • Programmes contain a lot of bias based on the experiences of the people teaching the course, and offer limited solutions, where several solutions may be better. I like to teach several solutions to the same “problem”.
  • Too many programmes and teachers claim to have “the answer”. I don’t believe you can apply the same, standardised approach to everyone, so I like to teach methods that offer flexibility.
  • Some programmes focus predominantly on theory/knowledge rather than offering practical solutions.
  • In my opinion, some programmes – especially university-backed programmes – are overpriced and ultimately, under-deliver. I aim to keep The Hompes Method prices affordable whilst delivering an exceptional standard of education.
  • Following on from the previous statement, I don’t believe I should need to rehabilitate fully qualified nutritional therapists, yet I’ve had to do this on numerous occasions. I wonder why the simple steps I take with these clients aren’t taught in courses that may cost many thousands of pounds and take 2-3 years to complete. I like to use BIG BANG techniques that work in 90% or more cases.
  • It shouldn’t take 2-3 years to train an intelligent person how to help other people. In my experience, an inspired and motivated Hompes Method student can begin working with clients (safely) in as little as 30-days after starting the training. This provides rapid return on investment.

11 Reasons why Hompes Method Practitioner Training is “Different”

  • The Hompes Method provides simple explanations to complex problems – you’ve seen some of them here in the Seven Areas of Health, Bad Stuff vs. Good Stuff, Vitality Scale and Olympic Rings. People can understand this information, which encourages them to seek help and become your client!
  • The Hompes Method Training teaches you theory that can be applied in a practical setting almost immediately, giving you a rapid return on investment.
  • The Hompes Method Training gives you the resources and confidence to work with clients in the real world, be teaching you how to communicate with and motivate them effectively.
  • The Hompes Method Training provides more than FIFTY pre-designed nutritional supplement protocols to deal with client findings from the Testing Toolkit. The protocol sheets can be edited and branded with your company logo, free from copyright (note this is the only time these will be included for free).
  • All Hompes Method students are able to register with the relevant laboratories in order to carry out functional lab testing.
  • The Hompes Method Training provides you with innumerable resources that can be branded with your logo, free from copyright.
  • The Hompes Method Training teaches you how to work within legal boundaries, by staying away from diagnosing and treating specific symptoms and conditions.
  • The Hompes Method is based on a new book, imaginatively titled – “The Hompes Method” – which is your main sales and marketing tool. Simply give your clients the book, and tell them you’re a qualified practitioner. The book will sell your service as a practitioner with little or no effort from you.
  • The Hompes Method Training helps you develop a marketing strategy for your business, and teaches you basic sales techniques to rapidly increase your client base.
  • The Hompes Method Training offers a continuing education track into different levels of competence and multiple areas of expertise such as sports performance and female hormonal health.
  • As a Hompes Method Practitioner, you are automatically given “Senior Affiliate” status to receive very generous commissions on all Hompes Method product sales and referrals.

How is The Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training Delivered?

  • The core Hompes Method Training Programme is three-months in duration, delivered via live webinar, twice weekly.(Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2000 GMT)
  • All webinars are recorded for easy consumption should you be unable to attend the live session.
  • Each lesson carries an MP4 presentation recording, MP3 audio recording, PDF of slides and resource sheets with references and further reading suggestions.
  • Case studies are provided at the appropriate times to illustrate key points and enhance learning.
  • * There is an optional upgrade to The Hompes Method Platinum, which includes two separate ‘in-person’ training weekends with me and my Master Practitioners in which we go through multiple case histories to cement your understanding of The Hompes Method principles.
  • At the end of each module, you are required to submit for assessment an open examination including multiple choice, short answers and case histories.

What You Will Learn in The Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training:
You’re going to develop a detailed understanding of how to use and interpret SEVEN key laboratory tests individually – and in combination – to build a picture of why your clients are feeling unwell.

These seven elements of The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit provide invaluable insights into Digestive Health, Detoxification Capacity, Toxin Levels, Nutrient Status, Metabolic Efficiency, Mitochondrial Function, Inflammation and more…

The Seven Key Hompes Method Functional Lab Tests

  • Parasitology Center, inc. Comprehensive Stool Test, which is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of digestive function testing and is able to check for bacterial balance, pathogenic bacteria such as H. pylori, Clostridium difficile and E coli, yeast and fungal overgrowth, parasites, inflammatory markers, digestion and absorption of proteins and fats.
    (You will also be introduced to the Biohealth 401H GI pathogen test, Metametrix GI Effects 2200 and Diagnostechs Comprehensive Digestive Panels, all of which offer value to clients in some circumstances).
  • Genova Diagnostics Organix (Organic Acids) Urine Test, which helps you gain insight into clients’ B-vitamin status, sugar and fat metabolism, ability to detoxify ammonia, solvents and other toxins, neurotransmitter balance, oxidative damage and intestinal microbial overgrowth. This test is my favourite functional testing because it can tell you so much about why clients are not feeling well.
  • Genova Diagnostics Allergix and Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Food Allergy Panels, which cover two different types of immune response to food antigens allowing you to customise your clients diet and nutrition programme and also give you an insight into whether or not they have a ‘leaky gut’…
  • Biohealth Diagnostics Adrenal Stress and Sex Hormones Panel, which enables you to determine your clients’ adrenal health and stress response. This is critical for clients who are fatigued, have energy slumps, pick up colds and infections all the time, can’t sleep or feel anxious and/or depressed…
  • Biohealth Diagnostics Month-Long Female Hormone Panel, which provides an ability to monitor hormone levels throughout an entire cycle, giving you the ability to determine whether hormone balances exist, whether your client has ovulated, and clues as to why fertility may be compromised.
  • ZRT Laboratory Comprehensive Thyroid and Vitamin D Panel, which provides the ability to assess thyroid function, including free T4, free T3, TSH and thyroid antibodies using a simple, finger prick blood test that can be performed by clients in the comfort of their own home. Vitamin D can be added to this flexible test.
  • Trace Elements Inc. Nutrient and Toxic Element Tests can be performed using urine, blood or hair analysis. These tests reveal information on clients’ mineral levels as well as whether they have accumulated heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium, which are the underlying causes of many symptoms in our modern, toxic world. Learning how to use these tests and rectify mineral imbalances is a critical tool in assisting clients back to optimal levels of wellbeing.

In addition to learning how to use and interpret these tests in detail, you will also be taught how to design protocols to rebalance abnormal test findings and track improvements in your clients.

We will also discuss heavy metal / toxic element testing, when to use it and how to interpret the results. This is a complex area of work in its own right, and The Hompes Method does not extend to heavy metal detoxification.

Finally, although not central to Hompes Method, other lab tests such as fatty acid, amino acid and fat-soluble vitamin tests, as well as methods to determine toxic burden of PCBs, plastics, pesticides and solvents, is covered.

Course Syllabus – What’s Included in your THIRTY Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training Lessons?
The Digestive System – ‘Bad Bugs’, ‘Good Bugs’ and More…
LESSONS 1-8 – You Can’t Have A Healthy Body Without Healthy Digestion!

  • An overview of how the digestive system works from start to finish
  • How parasites, bacteria and yeast/fungi affect health and a thorough discussion of the top ten bad bugs you’ll find
  • How to interpret the PCI comprehensive stool panel so that you can put together a picture of how a client/patient’s digestive system is functioning, from beneficial bacterial levels, inflammatory status to the digestion and absorption of fat and protein.
  • How to design programmes that address dysbiosis in the gut according to specific findings from the tests, including special botanical protocols to help with bacterial, fungal and parasitic organisms and how to implement probiotic and gut healing protocols for maximum effect.

LESSONS 9-10 – How To Identify and Correct Food Allergy and Intolerance

  • How to assess for food allergies and intolerances, both with and without the assistance of laboratory testing.
  • The main food allergy and intolerance symptoms.
  • How and why most food sensitivities occur in the first place.
  • The main differences between food allergies and food intolerances.
  • Understanding why people get confused about the terminology.
  • The four main types of food reaction and why you need to consider them all.
  • How to use a rotation diet or rare food diet to help desensitize your clients.
  • Why restoration of digestive, detoxification and hormonal function is so important to reducing and eliminating food reactions.

‘Bad Toxins’ and Supporting the Detoxification System
LESSONS 11-14 – How Bad Toxins Disrupt Metabolism, Block Healing and Cause Disease and How to Gently and Safely Support the Detox System

  • How toxins accumulate in the body and cause ill health.
  • Where these toxins come from.
  • How toxins can pass from the mother to her fetus.
  • The major classes of toxic compounds:
  • Heavy metals: mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminium
  • Pesticide residues (organophosphates and chlorinated)
  • Solvents
  • PCBs
  • Plastics (phthalates, bisphenol-A)
  • Parabens
  • Fluoride
  • The potentially damaging consequences of these toxins on health, including common, day-to-day symptoms as well as serious diseases.
  • Why toxins can prevent weight-loss and fat-burning.
  • How to assess toxin levels in your clients using The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit.
  • Why detoxification protocols must be done cautiously and managed properly.
  • How to gently support detoxification function to ensure your clients can detoxify their bodies safely.

Assessing and Correcting Nutrient Status (‘Good Nutrients’)
LESSONS 15- 24 – Organic Acids, Hair and Blood Testing for Mineral, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Energy Production, Fat Metabolism, B-Vitamins, Neurotransmitters, Liver Function, Oxidative Stress and Dysbiosis.

Urinary Organic Acid testing can provide invaluable insights into metabolic efficiency, including:

  • Cellular energy production (Kreb’s cycle)
  • Fatty acid metabolism
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • B-vitamin status
  • Oxidative damage
  • Neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Ammonia toxicity
  • Phase II liver detox pathways
  • Environmental solvent exposure
  • How to interpret the Organic Acids profile in depth to build an overall picture of client health (note: we will cover much more than the nutritional cofactors indicated within the test result). For example, how Organix markers can indicate chronic stress, inflammation and digestive problems.
  • How to structure and sequence programmes and protocols to address the findings of the Organix profile, from detoxification support to nutrient replacement for improved cellular energy production.

The Hormone System: ‘Good Hormones’ vs. ‘Bad Hormones’
LESSONS 25-30 – What is ‘Stress’? How Does It Affect Hormones and How Can We Balance its Effects?

  • How ‘Stress’ leads to health problems
  • The physiology of the stress response and the role of the adrenal glands in helping the body adapt to stress.
  • The three main causes of stress: inflammation, diet and mental – emotional -spiritual.
  • How to identify your clients’ main stressors so that you can coach them on how to adapt their diet and lifestyle to minimise stress.
  • The role of the stress hormones – cortisol and DHEA – and how imbalances in these hormones can lead to weight gain, depression, headaches, low sex drive, poor sleep and many other common symptoms.
  • How to assess your clients’ stress response and adrenal health using salivary hormone testing.
  • How to use herbal supplements and targeted vitamin and mineral supplements to restore adrenal balance and optimise hormonal health.
  • How to assess reproductive hormone balance – progesterone, estrogen and testosterone, using the same saliva testing, and how to rebalance these important hormones.
  • How to use simple finger-prick blood tests to evaluate thyroid hormone balance and how to interpret thyroid function in the context of adrenal and reproductive hormone balance.

Basic Principles of Business, Sales and Marketing
Whether We Like It or Not, We’re All In The Business Of Marketing Ourselves!

Bottom Line: no matter how good you are as a practitioner, if nobody knows about you, you’re broke. Many practitioners struggle because they don’t market themselves effectively. We’re going to cover these aspects in the last two weeks of the course.

  • Essential Online and Offline marketing strategies that could realistically help you double your client based and income inside three months.
  • The “Anatomy and Physiology” of a perfect website that not only looks good, but makes money for you.
  • How to create informational products such as e-books, CDs and e-courses to boost your profits while you’re asleep…and if you don’t have these products, how you can leverage other people’s products to earn “sleep-money” for you and give you freedom.
  • How to use Public Speaking and Tele-seminar events to make more money in 60-minutes than many practitioner do in 30-days.
  • Why Your Clients Will LOVE Functional Medicine and Why YOUR BUSINESS Will Grow Rapidly!
    Clients LOVE The Hompes Method, and Functional Medicine in general. Why?

    Well, it’s often the first time anyone has actually taken the time and to listen to them and attempt to truly understand their symptoms in detail.

    They fall over each other to run the lab work because at last, someone is getting to the bottom of WHY they don’t feel well!

    Once they see the results of their functional lab testing and realise how much is going on in their bodies, it motivates them to be compliant in their programmes, which means that you achieve better results. In turn, this grows your reputation.

    It’s not uncommon for our clients to refer one or even two and three new clients – often family members or friends – and this kind of word of mouth referral helps businesses to grow in double-quick time, and with minimal cost and investment on marketing.

    An Opportunity to be Part of Our Team
    The Hompes Method can be used independently, in your own practice, without any problem. In fact, it’s designed to be integrated with with your current way of working. There is usually a £500 ($800) franchise fee associated with this, but for those that sign-up to this training we will waive these)

    The other oppotunity available is to join our team, we’re always looking for the right kind of practitioner to work with clients in our internal projects.

    The Hompes Method Education Track
    The Hompes Method Education Track extends beyond the Functional Medicine Training Programme. The full Education Track moves through different levels and expertise:

    • Level I – Hompes Method Basics Functional Nutrition
    • Level II – Functional Medicine [the programme you are reading about]
    • Level III –Advanced Training modules – e.g. Female Health, Cardiovascular Health and Sports Performance
    • Level IV – Advanced Sales and Marketing for Practitioners, Consultants and Clinics
    • Level V – Functional Medicine GURU Blueprint

    Previous levels must be completed prior to commencing the next level. In other words it is a pre-requisite to have completed Level I before taking Level II, for example.

    Student Testimonials
    “Dave Hompes Functional Medicine training course is the single most useful course I have ever done and I’ve done a lot! It neatly wove together all the theory I’d ever learnt with the practical experience I had from working as a Biofeedback and Chinese Medicine Practitioner over 10 years. I also learnt so much new and invaluable information that Dave taught in a really down to earth way, sharing his own experiences freely which really helped to illustrate the work and bring it alive. I was able to use what I was learning immediately and apply this new knowledge to my work within a few weeks of starting the course. The Hompes Method has given me the most powerful tools possible to really support people in transforming their health. Thank you Dave!”
    Sara Bayley (Brighton, UK).

    “Hompes Method Functional Medicine has added fantastic value to my business – value in terms of the quality of service I can provide to my clients and the results they can achieve and also in terms of subtly changing the way I run, promote and market my services. The course has been the perfect first step for me into Functional Medicine and laboratory testing. The depth and range of topics is fantastic and compliments my current work with exercise, nutrition and structural integration. I can honestly say that each of my current clients would benefit from the tools I gained through Dave’s teaching, whether that is investigating stress and adrenal health, hormonal balance and female health or gut health and how to eliminate parasites. The key to all this is how Dave helps you to implement all this into your practice quickly and efficiently: these are not course notes that sit idly on your shelf. Thanks Dave.”
    Jack Walton, CHEK Level I, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Bowen Therapist, Poliquin Biosignature.

    “This course surpassed all my expectations. I have gained a vast amount of information and additional skills that I will and have been able to implement. Knowledge gained from this course and further discussions with Dave have not only improved my health 100% but also the health of my personal training and nutritional therapy clients. I am far more respected by my clients and I feel with my increased health and energy levels I am able to further my earning potential and increase the consistency of my results and thus increased my referrals. Dave’s teaching style has been great throughout and any questions asked by myself or anyone else in our group, he has been able to give honest, helpful and accurate answers. I will definitely be looking out for future courses!”
    Steve Grant (London, UK); CHEK Level I, Nutritional Therapist, Poliquin Biosignature.

    “I have worked with Dave with some of my clients so I was excited when he discussed his Functional Medicine course. I have not been disappointed. His teaching has been thorough, practical and most importantly applicable. I have already helped several clients and have seen my business start to grow in a new direction, which perfectly compliments what I already do. There are so many laboratories and different tests/protocols, it has been extremely beneficial to understand the benefits of each and how and when to use them successfully. Can’t wait until the next course!”
    Marc Faupel, London: CHEK Level I, Poliquin Biosignature.

    “I look forward to the teleseminars every week. My training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is almost at an end and I have found that Dave’s enthusiasm and passion has helped to piece the whole picture together. The knowledge that I have pained has given me the confidence to move forward and start my new business with a greater understanding of tests (and their interpretation), enabling me to offer my clients an invaluable service. Thanks Dave – when’s the next course?”
    Anne Mills, Essex, UK: Nutritional Therapist

    “Dave’s passion for functional medicine and knowledge of key hormones and digestive function was amazing. Something I aspire to! If you want to learn more about how to apply lab testing into your practice attend Dave’s course as you won’t be disappointed. All the sessions are even recorded so you can replay as often as you like and learn in layers like I did.”
    Tom Smith, London: Osteopathy student, NMT, CHEK Exercise Coach, HLC1

    “This course is a fantastic introduction to Functional Medicine and the benefits of using laboratory testing for a whole body approach to healing. David delivers the course in a relaxed, easy to understand format. Each session is packed full of great case histories, practical guidelines and thoroughly referenced scientific content. This course is much more than simply learning the facts, David has taken me on both a personal and professional journey to further discover how I can help and improve the health of not only my clients but also myself. I have been struggling with health challenges for the last 10 years and in spite of all my knowledge and experience in the fields of health and nutrition I was struggling. David taught me how to use the Functional Medicine testing on myself first and foremost, unlocking the doors to many health roadblocks. I can honestly say that I am in the best health of my life! I am deeply grateful for the opportunities the course and David have opened for me and can now see a practical way to grow my business financially whilst offering huge value and benefits for my clients. I would recommend this course to any holistic practitioner and urge you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.”
    Karen Maidment, Gloucs: CHEK Level I, author of “Meals That Heal”.

    What is Your Investment for Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training?
    Since 2003, I’ve paid around £20,000 ($32,500) and invested an immense amount of time to gain the knowledge that I’d like to share with you. I want to pass it on because, quite simply, people need your help! Furthermore, as our marketing efforts grow, we will need an army of practitioners to take on our own client load.

    Of course, I don’t want you to pay anywhere near that amount of money as it defeats the whole object of the exercise! I simply want to train more practitioners to help more people and for one or two of you to join us in our projects.

    I really want to make this programme as accessible as possible because I know that you’re going to get an amazing amount of benefit from it and some of you will move on to work even more closely with us and perhaps even create an entire Functional Medicine business, complete with a published book to your name!

    A Brutally Honest Programme Comparison
    There are several Functional Medicine training programmes that I am aware of. I’ve personally taken two of these programmes (a total of more than £7,000 ($11,000) investment).

    They are all GREAT programmes in their own rights, but in my opinion they do have shortcomings, listed a little earlier.
    Their fees for a three to six month programmes are in the region of $2,195 for “theory-only courses” – $5,000 (£1,375 – £3,150)

    I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fee I’m charging for the delivery of February 2014’s Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training.

    So let’s wrap this up…
    By Enrolling on the February 2014 Hompes Method Training Programme, You’ll Receive:

    • Access to the recorded materials from The Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training (over a 12-month period)
    • THIRTY 45-60min seminars delivered online complete with accompanying written and recorded resources
    • Information presented and downloadable in PDF, MP4 and MP3 format to facilitate optimal learning.
    • More than FIFTY different proven supplement protocols – complete with product names, dosing, timing and suppliers. (usually only available through the franchisee fee)
    • Complete guidance on how to manage clients’ detoxification and die-off reactions.
    • Full registration with relevant laboratories so that you can begin using the functional laboratory testing for yourself and for your clients immediately.
    • Hompes Method online discussion forum to share ideas and case histories.
    • Discounted subscription rates to the Hompes Method Membership site
    • Priority notification of, and access to, special offers and discounts on trainings and products
    • Ongoing peer support and continuing education call options once you have completed the programme.

    What Is Your Investment For This Programme?
    At my usual hourly rate of £160 ($240) per hour, thirty hours of Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training would be charged at £4,800 ($7,720).

    However, the money is not my main driver for wanting you to take this training.

    As a result, the tuition fee for the online webinar version of the entire three-month programme is only £1,350 ($2,180), excluding VAT for EU customers.

    Special Early Bird Offer
    Until Friday 6th December, FIFTEEN ‘early-bird’ places are available on The Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training programme that commences on Thursday 20th Feburary 2014, with a saving of more than a third at a special discounted rate of just £895.00 (approx. $1,450), excluding VAT.

    This special early bird offer is in place as a way of holding my word to people who have enquired about the programme over recent months and whom have been quoted a discounted price, but the fifteen early bird seats are going to be issued on a first-come, first-served basis, so please act quickly to book your heavily discounted seat early to avoid paying the full £1,350 ($2,180) tuition.

    Add Two ‘In-Person’ Clinical Round and Case Study Weekends!
    Your early bird tuition fee of £895 ($1,450), excluding VAT, includes the entire live webinar delivery consisting of thirty Functional Medicine lessons and bonus business, sales and marketing lessons, examinations, plus the special bonuses discussed, below.

    I will also be holding two live ‘in person’ training weekends on 12th-13th April and 31st May- 1st June to work through clinical case studies – including any cases you want to bring along – and answer literally any questions you may have about the programme.

    These ‘Clinical Round’ weekends are NOT included in the standard tuition price. If you’d like to take advantage of them, we’re again offering a special early bird rate on them, again until 6th December.

    The regular ‘bolt-on’ price for both Clinical Rounds training weekends – approximately 16 hours of training – is £645 ($970) (that’s a one-time price to attend both weekends).

    By enrolling on the training weekends before 6th December, you will save £145 ($235) and pay just £500 ($810), making a total early bird price of £1,395 ($2,260) excluding VAT – a saving of some £600 or approx. $970

    * Please note that the Clinical Rounds training weekend is by no means compulsory. (and if wish to take part but are unable to attend these in person please contact us to discuss alternative solutions)

    All Students Enrolling on the February 2014 Hompes Method Functional Medicine Programme will also receive a *FREE* Seat at the Inaugural “Hompes Method Basics” Functional Nutrition Training Weekend
    The inaugural Hompes Method Basics Functional Nutrition training weekend will also take place in early 2014 (5th-6th April in London, UK).

    All early-bird registrant to The Hompes Method Functional Medicine will be allowed to attend this programme free of charge, as it is a pre-requisite to qualify as a Hompes Method Functional Medicine Practitioner. (If you are unable to attend as you are not UK Based then you will receive a DVD of the weekend and access to all the materials so you can self-study for this level)

    On this training weekend, you will learn:

    • How to evaluate your client’s health history and symptom pattern using the Hompes Method initial assessment
    • How to assess food diaries to determine how dietary influences may be causing symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health.
    • How to identify possible food sensitivities without conducting lab testing
    • How to communicate with your client that eating habits and food choices need to be changed in order for them to get well.
    • How to effectively communicate why medical drugs and nutritional supplements won’t bring long-term well-being on their own.
    • How to identify key stressors such as excessive exercise, lack of sleep and emotional stress in your clients that are likely contributing to symptoms.
    • How to get your client to increase perceived value on his or her health within ten minutes
    • The key foods clients generally need to avoid in order to improve well-being and vitality
    • How to replace these foods with tasty alternatives
    • How to incorporate super-foods such as bone broths, gelatin and coconut oil into the diet
    • How to save time on cooking and meal preparation
    • How to negotiate pitfalls when eating out
    • How to ensure clients achieve stable blood sugar – a necessity in any health-building programme
    • Why eating red meat too frequently may inhibit healing
    • Why oily fish, nuts and seeds can block progress in some cases

    …and much more.

    This is a one-time offer, and carries a value of £695 ($1125); in other words, you’ll get an entire weekend’s training with me, valued at £695 ($1125), absolutely free of charge by enrolling on the February 2014 Functional Medicine training programme.

    Enroll in Full Before December 6th, 2013 and You’ll Also Receive These FREE Bonus Gifts, Worth £257 ($350)!

    • A FREE copy of my acclaimed 232-page H Pylori Diet paperback book and PDF e-book, worth £17.20 ($24.90).
    • A FREE copy of my 5 hour H Pylori Secrets DVD footage, worth £32.90 ($54.60).
    • A FREE copy of my 60-page What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Parasites PDF e-book, worth £9.95 ($10.60) .
    • FREE annual access to the online version of The Hompes Method Basics 90-day online programme, worth £197 ($260).

    How Many Places?
    Because I’m committed to giving each of you as much of my attention as possible, I must, unfortunately, limit the number of attendees on the programme to FORTY PEOPLE on a first-come, first-served basis.

    I already have more than a dozen people expressing interest in the February 2014 programme and can only offer FIFTEEN places on the programme at the early bird rate.

    What you need to know
    Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training commences in February 2014.

    It is a three-month course consisting of thirty online Functional Medicine lessons and eight basic business, marketing and sales lessons.

    The regular programme cost is £1,350 ($2,180) and there are fifteen early bird places up for grabs at £895 ($1,450).

    You have the option to upgrade to the two Clinical Rounds training weekends, again with an early bird discount, of just £500 ($810) to cover both weekends/

    All registrants receive a FREE place on the inaugural Hompes Method Basics weekend training in April 2014 worth £695 ($1125) as well access to more than fifty proven client protocols worth £500 ($810) and more than £250 ($350) worth of e-books, DVDs and online materials. The represents a saving of over £2,000 ($3000) from list price.

    How to book
    To reserve your “early bird” package, which includes…

    • One seat for the February 2014 Hompes Method Functional Medicine 90-Day Practitioner Training Programme valued at £1,350 ($2,180) – commencing Thursday 20th Feburary at 2000 GMT and then taking place twice weekly (Tuesday and Thursdays)
    • One seat at the inaugural Hompes Method Basics Nutrition Training weekend on 5th-6th April 2014 valued at £695 ($1125)
    • Access to fifty tried and proven client protocols valued at £500 ($810)
    • Special bonus book, e-book and DVD package valued at £257 ($350)

    …simply choose whether you would like to enrol on the webinar-only programme, or webinar programme plus Clinical Rounds weekends.

    Remember, only FIFTEEN early bird places are available for this programme and The Hompes Method Basics training weekend will most likely never be offered free of charge again.

    If you have any questions whatsoever about this programme – including enquiries about paying in installments – please contact is at