Upcoming Webinars and Events with Dave Hompes

Welcome! All my “don’t miss” webinars and seminars are designed to add huge value and give you tools and strategies that you can implement immediately to uncover a) why you’re feeling under the weather b) feel better, faster.

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Upcoming 2016 Events

Thursday 11th February – How to beat H pylori at home

This 60min webinar will teach you evidence-based, clinically-proven, yet simple strategies for getting rid of H pylori once and for all. Click here to learn more and register.

  • Why H pylori can sometimes be tough to beat
  • Why antibiotics only work 6 or 7 times out of 10 (and why your doctor may not know this)
  • What to do if you don’t want to use antibiotics and prefer a more natural approach
  • Which foods to avoid if you have H pylori
  • Which specific supplements to take if you’re having a hard time beating H pylori
  • Why eradicating H pylori may not improve the way you feel
  • How to make sure you feel better, faster using a more thorough and holistic approach
  • …and MUCH more

Sunday 21st February – How to beat heartburn and acid reflux naturally

In this 60min webinar, I’ll teach you how to quickly overcome heartburn and acid reflux by understanding what’s causing it in the first place. Click here to learn more and register.

  • The REAL reasons heartburn and acid reflux develop
  • The huge health risks associated with NOT dealing with it
  • Which common foods cause heartburn and reflux and how to avoid them
  • How your eating habits are likely causing heartburn
  • How to check for H pylori and other bad bugs that cause heartburn, and how to beat them
  • How low stomach acid causes heartburn and acid reflux
  • Why medical treatments for heartburn are inadequate and may increase future disease risk
  • Which foods and herbs can soothe and heal your stomach and esophagus
  • ….and MUCH more

Sunday 13th March – How to find and beat Candida overgrowth

Candida is the most common finding on our patients’ stool tests and it causes a lot of problems. This webinar teaches you how to find Candida, and then how to beat it. Click here to learn more and register.

  • What Candida is, why it’s so common and why you should take notice of it
  • Why doctors don’t consider Candida in your gut to be a problem
  • Common Candida symptoms
  • Simple tricks you can use to detect Candida at home
  • How to use lab testing to detect Candida overgrowth (and which labs to use)
  • Why a typical anti-Candida diet doesn’t work, and what to do instead
  • How to eradicate Candida once and for all using the “4R” gut repair protocol
  • …And MUCH more

September (Date TBC): The H. Pylori Secrets Seminar – London, U.K.

In this one day seminar, I’ll be unleashing everything I’ve come to know about H pylori over the last seven years.

I’ll also be releasing the 2016 edition of my first book, The H Pylori Diet, which will is fully updated with new research findings.

Don’t miss this seminar if you want to know more about H pylori, or if you’re a healthcare practitioner who’d like to develop greater skills in helping your patients overcome H pylori and all its symptoms.