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Wait – I have a great offer for you

Wait – I have a great offer for you!

I’d really like you to get the most from the H Pylori Diet ebook. So this means switching to a gluten-free diet, cutting out cow’s milk and soy-based foods.

It’s a simple concept – but not easy. That changes, however, with this fantastic recipe book.

Yes! Please add it to my order.
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No thanks – just the H Pylori book.

Add the recipe book and you save $12.93
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The Digest-Ease Recipe & Cookbook teaches you 60 easy-to-prepare meal & snack recipes, helping you implement the H Pylori Diet and take the stress out of healthy food preparation forever.

Expert Natural Food Chef Karen (who had H Pylori) shows you how to:

  • How to prepare healthy meals that a free from gluten, cow’s milk and soy (the three main foods that destroy digestion and cause pain)
  • How to eat healthy breakfasts that don’t take an age to prepare or set your stomach on fire!
  • How to make sure you eat healthy lunches that support digestion despite leading a busy lifestyle!
  • How to create tasty and versatile dinners that your family and friends will adore!
  • How to make irresistible desserts that don’t cause you to pile on the pounds!
  • How to use healthy snacks to banish your cravings and keep you energised and focused all day!

As A Result of Karen’s Mouth Watering Recipes & Meal Planners You Will:

  • Quickly reduce inflammation and pain in your digestive system!
  • Eliminate bloating, excess gas and wind!
  • Flatten your tummy!
  • Find it much easier to eradicate H pylori and other digestive invaders!
  • Experience huge improvements in energy levels!
  • Cut your cravings down to zero!
  • Have clearer mental focus, moods and concentration!
  • Improve your sleep patterns dramatically!
  • Save heaps of time on shopping and meal preparation
  • Be able to implement a gluten-free lifestyle in a stress and hassle-free way!
  • Improve the health of your whole family!
  • Reduce the risk of developing several major diseases!

…and best of all you’ll achieve all the above without numbing your taste buds or reducing your enjoyment of eating!

Possibly The Most Valuable (AND Delicious) Health Resource You Will Ever Have!

Experience has taught me that a “free-from” lifestyle is the single biggest step most of you will make for ensuring a healthy life. I strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to learn from Karen as she’s a real master of this work.

Like me, Karen has experienced the discomfort of digestive symptoms caused by H pylori, parasites, gluten and milk intolerance and it’s our joint goal to make sure that you get all the help and support you need and deserve!