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H Pylori Symptoms Webinar

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Everything You Need To Know About H Pylori Symptoms
& How To Conquer Them Once & For All

Hi, this is David Hompes and I’m so glad you visited this page because on Tuesday 21st August I’ll be holding a special webinar to answer all your questions on the topic of H pylori symptoms.

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H Pylori Topics We’ll Be Covering:

Here are some of the key topics we will cover, related to H pylori symptoms:

  • Three ways in which H pylori can cause annoying and uncomfortable stomach pain heartburn and bloating
  • How and why H pylori can be confused with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS
  • The two reasons why some people have no symptoms whatsoever even if they have H pylori in their stomachs!
  • How to recognize whether or not you have a stomach ulcer
  • How and why H pylori can sap your energy levels and leave you feeling exhausted
  • The three mechanisms by which H pylori can cause anxiety and depression
  • How H pylori may lead to menstrual problems in women and erectile dysfunction in men
  • Evidence that H pylori can cause arthritis and muscle pain
  • How H pylori causes skin conditions such as urticaria, rosacea and dermatitis and may even cause chronic ITP and Sjogrens syndrome
  • How eating common foods such as bread and pasta can cause the same symptoms as your H pylori infection
  • Three MAJOR reasons why eradicating H pylori may not make any difference to your symptoms whatsoever

The Art of Overcoming Your H Pylori Symptoms

Using The Hompes Method 4-Step Program

What’s more, during this webinar I will be teaching you how to go about relieving these common symptoms using The Hompes Method 4-Step Healing Protocol that I have now fine-tuned over more than a half-decade of research and clinical work with more than one thousand clients.

Note: this webinar WILL be recorded and posted onto our main website should you be unable to attend the event live.

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