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How to Skyrocket Your Energy Levels

  • Is your energy level flat?
  • Do you suffer an energy crash in the mid-late afternoon?
  • Are you energised at night, but then tired in the morning?

Low energy is the most frequently reported symptom by my clients. It’s also one of those symptoms that can’t be treated with a drug.

H. pylori and digestive health in general can dramatically affect your energy level.

When I had H. pylori, I felt tired in the morning when I should have been raring to go, and wide-awake at night when I should have been tired.

If you have ever had a common cold or flu-like illness, it’s likely you felt tired and may even have been bedridden for a day or two.

That’s because your body diverts a lot of energy to fighting whatever virus has gotten into your body.

Chronic digestive infections are no different – whether it’s H. pylori, parasites or Candida overgrowth, your body has to divert energy into protecting itself.

When it does, you have less energy for other physiological functions, leaving you feeling fatigued.

How A Compromised Digestive System Makes You Tired

Your immune system stealing energy to fight H. pylori and other bugs is not the only reason you might feel tired. Here are some others:

  • Food: energy production begins on your plate. The food you eat and the water you drink provide fuel from which your cells make energy to drive your metabolism. Eating inappropriate foods/combinations of foods, or eating at inappropriate times, your energy production will decline.
  • Digestion: once you’ve eaten your food, it has to be digested and absorbed through your gut wall. Anything that interferes with digestion and absorption can affect energy levels in your body. We know for sure that H. pylori can reduce your stomach acid levels, resulting in poor digestion.
  • Insulin: once in your bloodstream, fuels and supporting nutrients must get into your cells, but if you’re even mildly insulin resistant, the cells may not allow nutrients in. It’s been shown that H. pylori actually can increase insulin resistance in some people.
  • Nutrients: once in your cells, fuels and supporting nutrients must be shuttled into your cell engines and converted into energy. If key nutrients are inadequate, this process won’t work optimally. It’s been shown that H. pylori reduces iron and vitamin B12 levels. They are both important energy and mood nutrients. Vitamin C, folic acid and amino acids may also decrease in H. pylori infections.
  • Hormones: energy production in your cells won’t be switched on without adequate hormone levels, particularly the T3 thyroid hormone and progesterone. Excessive levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and estrogen can impair the function of the pro-energy hormones. H. pylori is associated with low thyroid hormones.

Increasing and Stabilising Your Energy Levels

In some folk, it’s really easy to revitalise energy levels. In others it can take a little longer.

My experience has taught me that optimising digestive health is a critically important first step if you want to improve your energy level.

Remove Bad Stuff

Remove bad foods such as gluten, cow’s milk, soy, sugar and vegetable oils. These foods can damage your gut and may even interfere with energy production.

Remove bad bugs that are using up energy as your immune system tries to fight them. Click here to discover how to run home-testing to uncover which bad bugs you might be harbouring.

Replace Good Stuff

Replace bad foods with good foods that contain lots of nutrients to help your body produce energy more effectively.

Support your digestive process by supplementing with digestive enzymes, liver and gallbladder support and, under supervision, betaine hydrochloride (supports your stomach acid levels and function).

Eating more good food and making sure you digest it effectively ensures greater delivery of energy-generating nutrients to your body.

It’s A Very Individual Process

Having been fortunate enough to work with some 2,000 clients from around the world, I can say with confidence that the journey towards optimal energy levels differs from person-to-person:

  • Some folk just need to tweak their eating habits
  • Some people need to remove bad bugs and heal their digestion
  • Some people need to boost their hormone levels
  • Some folk won’t be energised until they replace missing nutrients
  • Some people may even need to remove specific toxins from their body, including mercury, lead and arsenic.

Get Help Today

It’s virtually impossible not to vastly increase your energy levels if you take the appropriate steps.

I’ve developed a range of products and tools to help you quickly and easily rejuvenate your digestive health and skyrocket your energy.

Please browse the options below and choose the one that best fits your requirements.

The H. Pylori Diet (more than 15,000 copies sold in all formats)

This 250-page book is perfect if you know you already have H. pylori. In it, I outline:

The main problems associated with H. pylori

  • Why doctors don’t understand H. pylori in enough depth
  • How H. pylori is transmitted
  • How to test for H. pylori at home
  • Foods to avoid when you have H. pylori to help reduce common symptoms like bloating, gas, heartburn and IBS
  • Foods to eat when you have H. pylori
  • How to tell whether you have an antibiotic-resistant strain
  • How to get rid of H. pylori using a proven natural protocol
  • How to heal your stomach
  • How to prevent reinfection

Get your copy here

A Home Stool Test

Doing a home stool test changed my life – I’m not sure whether I would have found out why I felt unwell had I not done one. I wish I had done one a lot sooner as it would have saved a lot of toil and struggle!

Our H. pylori home stool test tells you whether you have H. pylori, which strain you have, and whether you have an antibiotic strain. It is a completely unique test and has extremely limited availability. Click here for details.

If you would like to check for parasites, Candida overgrowth, whether you are digesting your food and whether you have a damaged immune system, you can also do this from your own home. I recommend this test if you have digestive pain of any kind, as it is very comprehensive.

Click here for details about the comprehensive stool test.

Book A Consultation

I realise this information might be a little confusing and overwhelming, so please don’t worry.

There is no faster way to rejuvenate your health than to work with an expert who can help you negotiate the minefield of confusing information on TV, in the magazines and on the Internet.

Why not book an appointment to see me, Dave Hompes, at my London Clinic?

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Or, if you live overseas and can’t make it to London, why not schedule a consultation via phone or Skype with a qualified Hompes Method practitioner?

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It is my deepest hope that we can serve you, and help you rejuvenate your health in all seven areas:

  • Digestion
  • Reproduction and sex
  • Energy
  • Aches and pains
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Skin

With blessings,

Dave Hompes.