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The H Pylori Diet Book

The H Pylori Diet is the only book in the World specifically designed to help you understand H Pylori infection, its many symptoms & how to safely & effectively eradicate it using Antibiotics or a natural diet & supplement protocol.

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The H Pylori Diet eBook


The H Pylori Diet is a completely unique 117-page e-book that takes you through a step-by-step program to help you eradicate H pylori in 60-days or less.It is the same program I used to clear my H pylori four years ago, that I teach to my students, and that has helped more than 3,600 people achieve the same results.

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The H Pylori Secrets DVD

Everything you need to know about H Pylori symptoms, tests, diet & treatments & rradication in one convenient DVD.  I know firsthand how this common infection can play havoc with your health.

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What your Dr may not tell you about Parasites Ebook

An instant PDF download e-book to teach you how digestive Parasites may be causing your Heartburn, IBS, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression & Skin Problems & the steps ro resolve these issues once and for all.

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H. Pylori: From Heartburn to Heart Attacks

An Instant PDF Download of Dave’s newest e-book. Learn the twelve simple steps to dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease in 90 days…

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H Pylori Diet Recipe and Cookbook

The H. Pylori Diet Recipe and Cookbook

This cookbook is for everyone – it’s most certainly not just for people who have H-pylori. The recipes are designed to improve digestion in general, balance your blood sugar, give you more energy, sounder sleep, balanced moods and brighter skin… AND to help you remain at peak wellness for a lifetime. The fact that they help to fight H-pylori is a bonus!

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Digest-Ease Recipe & Cookbook


The Digest-Ease Recipe & Cookbook teaches you 60 easy-to-prepare meal & snack recipes that will help you implement The H Pylori Diet and take the stress out of healthy food preparation forever!

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Food Sensitivity Test

Testing your food allergies and sensitivities is quite simply the quickest way I know to improve these kinds of nagging symptoms and others like them

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Stool Tests

Discover the root cause of your digestive pain, Heartburn, Bloating & IBS without leaving the comfort of your Home using our home Stool Tests from DSL.

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Hompes Method Basics 

HM Initials
Learn all about nutrition and how to effect positive change yourself, with a 13 week online nutritional programme

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Hompes Method Practitioner Training 

HM Initials
If you’re a practitioner and would love to add Functional Medicine to your reportire, then check out the Hompes Method Practitioner Training

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60 Min Skype Consultation


Book a nutrition & digestive health phone or Skype Consultation with a Hompes Method Practitioner

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