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5 ways to beat heartburn

It was severe heartburn and acid reflux in 2007 that finally made me take action and do something about my health.

I was in a really bad way.

And I guess if you’re reading this article, chances are you have heartburn or acid reflux, too.

If that’s the case, you’re certainly not alone as it’s one of the most common digestive symptoms.

The fact that it’s so common creates a problem in that it’s taken for granted being a “normal” part of life.

But it is NOT normal to have frequent heartburn, and it’s dangerous – as well as uncomfortable – to let it go unchecked.

Any form of pain is not normal – it’s a sign that your body is under challenge or stress, usually because there’s too much bad stuff in there and not enough good stuff.

Having spent the last seven years helping people with heartburn, as well as all manner of other symptoms, I am pretty confident I know the major causes.

And once you know the cause, you know the “cure”. So don’t worry – help is here!

What Causes Heartburn?

In my clinical experience, the primary reasons people develop heartburn and acid reflux are:

1. Food
2. Eating on the go and in a rush
3. Low stomach acid levels (yes LOW stomach acid levels)
4. H. pylori infections (my heartburn went away when I eradicated H. pylori)
5. Other infections such as Candida and parasites
6. Hiatal hernias
7. A faulty “valve” between the esophagus and stomach (known as the lower esophageal sphincter
8. Potassium and possibly calcium deficiency

Note that I haven’t mentioned anything about heartburn and reflux being caused by an antacid or proton pump inhibitor deficiency.

If you address steps 1-8, in my experience it’s virtually impossible NOT to overcome heartburn for GOOD.

No need for the long-term use of antacids (which ends up costing a fortune over several years or even decades and no need to fear what you eat!

The 5 Best Ways to Overcome Heartburn

If you’re prepared to take the following steps, you’re going to have a wonderful chance of beating heartburn for good.

They’re simple steps, but they require you to take action.

1. Change your diet – take care to remove the following foods for 2-4 weeks and see how you get on. I’ve seen this strategy eliminate heartburn on its own:
a. Gluten, cow’s milk, soy, processed sugar, strong spices

2. Relax when eating and chew your food properly – bolting your food down places enormous stress on your stomach. Food sits in there too long, begins to putrefy and leads to acid reflux. Relaxing helps the digestive process.

3. Get a check-up with a chiropractor or manual therapist – I’ve sent countless patients to these practitioners and with a gentle manipulation of the diaphragm, they have been able to instantly resolve hiatal hernias that were causing reflux symptoms.

4. Try taking stomach-calming supplements – aloe vera juice, l-glutamine, slippery elm and other substances can have a very calming and soothing effect. They are great for short-term relief, but remember that your symptoms are not caused by supplement deficiencies!

5. Get a stool test done! – In some cases, taking steps 1-4 doesn’t work, and that’s usually because there are bad bugs lurking in your gut. Home-based stool testing is the number one tool we’ve used with our patients over the last 7 years to help them overcome not just heartburn, but all manner of other symptoms. The tests are able to find:
a. H. pylori
b. Parasites
c. Candida overgrowth
d. Friendly / good bacteria levels
e. Your ability to digest food properly
f. Intestinal damage
I’m sure you’ll agree – this is incredibly helpful info from a test you can do at home.

Get Smooth Pain-free Digestion

Once you know what’s living in your gut that shouldn’t be there, just like me you can begin taking powerful and proven action steps towards smooth, pain-free digestion.

Truth be told, each of you reading this article will likely need a slightly different combination of steps 1-5.

You might find relief when you remove certain foods, whereas your neighbor may need to have an adjustment from a manual therapist.

I needed a stool test and then needed to remove H. pylori.

It’s not just heartburn. If you have belching, bloating, gurgles, gas, constipation, loose stools, abdominal cramps and other symptoms.

They all tend to have the same or similar causes, all of which can usually be swiftly dealt with.

Personally, I suggest you work through all of steps 1-5 and in my experience, steps 1 and 5, specifically, are the most important.

Step 5 – the stool test – removes the guesswork. Once you know what’s going on in your gut, you can quickly take the action steps needed to resolve.

And that’s just it: healing from heartburn or reflux requires action steps.

You don’t have to live with digestive symptoms of any kind and we’ve proven this time and time again by helping people get off their long-term antacid medications for good.

In my world, because I’ve seen well over 2,000 stool test results in my career, I know for sure that it’s a priceless investment to get one done.

If it doesn’t find anything, we refund you money.

Don’t forget, the stool test is done in the privacy of your own home – you just send the sample off in the packaging provided. The lab emails results to you after its analysis, and then we can get to work with laser precision.

Of course, I’m biased, but when it comes to your health, it’s more than a sound investment: you’ll get your life back.

You can find out more about a stool test, here.