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Can Egg Yolk Antibodies Improve H pylori Treatment Success?

Egg yolk antibodies have been used in several anti-inflammatory formulations (e.g. Oramune Magna and Oramune IHF) but this is the first study I’ve seen regarding their potential use against Helicobacter pylori.

In a Japanese study, researchers developed two egg yolk antibodies (immunoglobulin Y, IgY) and an anti-urease or VacA IgY with the hope of controlling H. pylori. To note, VacA is a gene carried by some H pylori bacterial strains that causes inflammation.

Here is what the research team reported:

The anti-VacA IgY decreased VacA activities, vacuolation and apoptosis (cell death) thereby significantly raised their viability.

Inflammatory cytokines were suppressed.

As a result of the administration of anti-VacA IgY to H. pylori infected gerbils, the inflammation of stomach was improved.

In a human clinical study, the UBT (urea breath test) value significantly decreased in a group of people who ate anti-urease IgY yogurt, compared with a  control group that did not eat the yogurt.

The researchers concluded:

This study demonstrated the IgYs could effectively suppress H. pylori infection and inflammation. Therefore, IgY is a powerful food ingredient for suppression and prophylaxis against H. pylori.


Y. Yamashita et al. Egg yolk antibodies suppress H. pylori infection and gastritis. European Helicobacter Study Group. XXIII International Workshop on Helicobacter and Related Bacteria in Chronic Digestive Inflammation and Gastric Cancer. Rotterdam, September 16–18, 2010. P.339.

Dave Hompes’ Comments

This is an exciting report because the results clearly demonstrate beneficial effects of IgY egg-yolk antibodies on several levels and in several environments (lab dish, gerbils, humans).

It’s not clear, however, whether egg-yolk as a whole food would have the same effect as the specific IgY antibodies created and used in the Japanese studies against H pylori.

Having read this report, I am keen to check with several doctors regarding their experience in using IgY antibody formulae in H pylori patients.

Several commercially available products are available that may compliment our standard natural approach in assisting doctors and patients in their H pylori treatments. Two of these products are Oramune IHF and Oramune Magna.

It may benefit our clients to utilize these products to either act against H pylori, or to reduce gut inflammation by down regulating inflammatory cytokine activity.

Recommendations That May Help Improve Your H Pylori Treatment:


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In love and light,

Dave Hompes & The Hompes Method team


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